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Kanna in pre-Blizzard NYC
Sceletium tortuosum
Citation:   Floyd. "Kanna in pre-Blizzard NYC: An Experience with Sceletium tortuosum (exp39940)". Erowid.org. Feb 7, 2005. erowid.org/exp/39940

  buccal Sceletium tortuosum (ground / crushed)
    oral Alcohol (liquid)
Setting: Friday evening. The end of a busy, but not too stressful week of work. The weather report calls for blizzard conditions in NYC tomorrow - an exciting time for a snow junkie with a new tobagon that he wants to use in Central Park.

I obtained the Kanna from an on-line supplier after reading a plethora of positive reactions, with few, if any, negatives. I'm no longer into the hard tripping with possible fear or palpitations - I just want to feel warm, cozy and friendly naturally. This is my third experience with Kanna. I ordered 5g of the powdered stuff and now realize that this amount should last me at least a year, perhaps less if I grow comfortable enough with the experience to share with wife and friends.

Here's the rub: please be careful with dosage. So far I have not taken more than a small pinch at a time. All times have been buccal/oral dosing, in between the cheek and gums for five minutes followed by swallowing. I mean a small pinch - often just licking the tip of my finger and putting it in the bag and taking whatever sticks to it. I do not know the effects of much higher dosages - but what I felt from these small dosages is real and powerful.

The initial time I tried it I took a little and then went to the gym. I felt good upon returning an hour later - but I always do after exercising. So I took a another pinch before showering. Some friends came over and we smoked a jay and had a couple of glasses of wine before heading out to dinner. Well, about 15 minutes before heading out to dinner, the kanna kicks in hard (an hour and a half after second dose, but about 5 minutes after smoking jay). It's difficult to explain exactly how I felt - but the story I was listening to was ever more difficult to follow, experiences came in waves - perhaps it was slightly similar to mescaline but sort of more mellow, kinda like muscle relaxants too, but not really exactly. At dinner, I had no appetite, so I mostly rearranged the food on my plate so no one would notice (my wife, nor our friends, knew I had experimented). I had a glass of wine at the meal as well, but not more than one, since I knew I was a bit overwhelmed having not expected such a strong experience. After dinner, the intensity mellowed and I just felt good and also relaxed.

The second experience was much more cautious because I did not know if the intensity of the first time was derived from the second pinch, or from the wine and ganja. So this time I took a very small pinch and did my Saturday chores walking around NYC. I felt good, a detectable effect, but very mild.

So now we are back to tonight. I write currently (during the experience), so as not to forget the feeling. I tried a small fingertip worth around 8:35pm (Friday evening). Within 10 minutes I had to drop a load at the lake (#2), which reminded me that this happened to me last couple of times too. Similar to when I used to try Coca products - right to the toilet. The initial feel is a slightly unusual buzz, with ever so slight agitation. Sort of more of a speedy up feeling than a chilled, relaxing feeling. But it is mild to the point where I cannot be sure how much is the Kanna, and how much is my typical anxious response to trying new herbs/pharmas with which I have not yet become totally familiar.

My wife and I walk in the frigid cold (10 degrees Fahrenheit) about 15 blocks to meet a friend at a bar. As we walk, the slight anxious note turns to 'feeling good.' A brisk walk is often a great remedy for mild anxiety on the upswing of an experience. At the bar, I'm feeling cozy and friendly (but not overly so) and enjoy a hot cider with rum and a glass of red wine. I realize I'm feeling quite good, and awake, yet very calm and relaxed at the same time --- just how I want to feel. My wife goes to a movie with her friend, and I opt out as I do not want to sit in a theater for three hours.

I walk home in the frigid cold, but the cold is not as harsh - most likely the alcohol, not the Kanna. Upon getting home, I start reading blizzard reports, as New York City in the snow is a totally fun experience. Will it really snow that much? I try not to get my hopes up, as the weatherman has let me down before. But blizzard warnings along the whole Northeast coast is a promising sign. I feel very warm, relaxed --- just a really good mood. But it clearly is not just Friday night, snow expectations happiness --- the Kanna is definitely boosting my mood. But what is it like? Well, it has some aspects of X ('e' as the younger generation calls it), but at the dose I took much mellower. I do not feel drugged, or strung out at all. It also has tones of an opiate mentally - but not as much body feel. The body feel is more light and up than opiates. I can't help but wonder what taking a little more would be like.

I've read where some folks had good experiences, but mentioned that it might have abuse potential due to the relatively quick onset and good vibes - I could see this. But at this low dose it is mellow enough that I am not craving more, as it seems to be lasting a decent length of time (it's now 11:30pm, about 3 hours after ingestion) and maintaining an even keel of intensity of feeling. There clearly is an empathogenic quality to it --- the music I'm listening to sounds wonderful and reminds me of past pleasant experiences. My mind is at ease and thinking positive ideas, and when I think of friends and family - I think of good times.

Overall, low doses of Kanna seem like what I'm looking for --- in control, at ease, warm, friendly and pleasant. I look forward to additional dabbling.

Before trying it, please research the substance, as I have read many, many websites about it before trying (unfortunately, many just replay the same Hottentot tribe blah blah). Many claim this herb is an SSRI of some sort, and thus, those on medication should refrain from sampling. Remember: just because an herb is not illegal, and called 'natural', it can still be very potent. And while my experiences so far have been good - each person reacts differently. Be cautious, be smart.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 39940
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 7, 2005Views: 84,261
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Sceletium tortuosum (179) : Various (28), General (1)

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