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Not So Mild
Skullcap (extract) & Cannabis
Citation:   passitbobbie. "Not So Mild: An Experience with Skullcap (extract) & Cannabis (exp39997)". Erowid.org. Jan 27, 2005. erowid.org/exp/39997

0.75 g smoked Skullcap (extract)
I was looking for something to mix up with the cannabis to reduce costs and find new experiences and so decided to buy an ounce of skullcap. I am not sure, neither is the vendor, whether this is the milder species of skullcap or the stronger. I tried smoking it straight up as plant matter a couple times and found that the smoke was thick, harsh but had a better flavor than cannabis. The effects of smoking 3 bowls of it was a mild sedation. At this point the smoke inhalation did not seem worth it so I ran an ethanol extraction, which is detailed below:

1.) I took the skullcap and dumped it into a blender.
2.) I then put enough Gem Clear (also sold as everclear) 190 proof grain alcohol to submerge the skullcap and blended them together for 3-5 minutes
3.) I took a cup and rubberbanded a coffee filter over it (though slightly 'in' the cup so it could hold the plant matter) then poured the blender mix into the cup
4.) after that had drained into the cup I used some ethanol to get the loose bits and peices off the blender and did the same thing again
5.) I then took the coffee filter off and squeezed it gently to get the remaining skullcap-enhanced ethanol into the cup (keep the skullcap inside the cofee filter as I've found that you can get some resin off of material that has already been used by repeating this process)
6.) Poured the cup into a brown flat pan but have since switched to white plates due to concerns about metal shaving and how much easier the plate is to work with
7.) Put the pan on my electric stove on low and checked on it till the ethanol evaporated (I do NOT reccommend this with a flame stovetop as open flames + ethanol is bad) I now reccommend setting up a house fan right next to the plate and it will dry fairly quickly leaving just resin (you want it very dry otherwise when you go to do step 8 you'll just smudge the stuff around)
8.) Use a butter knife or woodcarving tools to scrape the resin off the plate (you are using a plate right remember pans suck due to metal shavings ;0) and collect the resin together in a container.

Now that it's in resin form I'll tell you a bit about the resin. The resin is gooey, black and smells like a prairie even when smoked. The smoke from the resin is much less harsh than the plant matter.

The first time my gf and I took about .75 grams (skullcap extract) and mixed it with 1/2 bowl of good cannabis. On top of the cannabis effects I felt a very very nice sedation followed by warmth throughout my body. It synthesized quite nicely and made me much higher than a single bowl of cannabis between the two of us would. My girlfriend, who is also 70 pounds lighter than I am experienced much the same effects except that when we turned out the lights and put on some music she started getting CEVs (closed eye visuals) for about 30 minutes.

The next time we smoked it was when I was peaking on amanita muscaria mushrooms. I smoked a good bowl of cannabis plus the remainder of the skullcap extract between my gf and I. This time we both acheived CEVs (I was not getting CEVs on A. muscaria alone) although mine only lasted for 20 minutes.

Although this was only about 1.5 grams of 20ishX extract, for my gf and I this has become a favorite and it most certainly fulfills the role of something cheap to mix with cannabis that doesn't completely change the nature of the high.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 39997
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 27, 2005Views: 29,200
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