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Cradled By Time
Salvia Divinorum (extract - 5x)
Citation:   Derewsna. "Cradled By Time: An Experience with Salvia Divinorum (extract - 5x) (exp40528)". Jul 26, 2005.

3 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)
For quite some time now I have been using herbs and LSD to try and unlock those seemingly unreachable parts of my mind. Marijuana and LSD have always held immense meaning in my spiritual world but I was beginning to feel like I was at a stand still with the both of them and all of my philosophies. Feeling determined I decided to try Salvia with my boyfriend Skyler, the person that I have grown spiritually with, the person that I trust with my life. Let it be known that I am a vegan and have respect for all living creatures and find that all hold immense meaning in the fabrication of creation. I also wish to not eat any vegetable that kills the plant such as root vegetables. Therefore coming into this I had limitless respect for this plant.

I loathe and detest organized religion because I believe it to be a tool of control politically, but believe there to be energies working together to weave a pattern of life. I have always loved psychology and learning how the human mind works but before trying Salvia I believed that the effects would not be only physiological but something with more meaning than chemical reactions. I am also into government conspiracies and believe highly that there is an Illuminati trying to control such herbs as Salvia for the purpose of not letting humans know there is something more than what they want us to. In case you are not familiar with the Illuminati, they are believed to be a council that secretly controls the world. But I have taken it a step further and believe that they are succeeding in the take over because they have unbalanced the pattern of life. I think it important for my beliefs to be known so you can understand my experience with Salvia more.

I would suggest that anyone taking Salvia prepare themselves over the course of the day. I spent the day doing my normal activities but I made sure that I was always in a calm state physically and mentally. Yoga is wonderful for these sorts of preparations. I would also suggest drinking green tea to help relax. And when taking any substance I am not familiar with, I make sure I am in a safe place that I feel comfortable in.

(11:03 P.M.) Of course, I asked Skyler to try Salvia first because I am a very petite human being and I was afraid that the Salvia might have a much larger effect on me causing the trip to hit me faster, heighten the effects and capture me for longer. Green tea was consumed not too long before the Salvia journey, so the setting was quite relaxed. The room was clean and simple. The lights were not too bright and the underground trance music was playing at a moderate level of sound. I sat across from my twin bed, which is against my wall vertically.

He was sitting comfortably in the corner of the bed and the wall propped up by pillows. Afraid of the possibility of having the extract sucked through the glass pipe, Skyler wrapped the extract in a Salvia leaf and firmly pushed the herb into the bowl with his thumb. As he took a hit I reminded him to make sure the herb was burning red and to hold in the smoke in as long as possible so the smoke would be almost completely absorbed.

By the time he exhaled there was no smoke to be seen. A minute went by and certain that it was safe to take another hit, he did exactly that. Another minute went by and still nothing except for a feeling he described as of being stuck and held down by weight. This must be the Salvia gravity I have read about. Deciding again that it would be safe to take another hit he loaded the bowl one more time and took an extremely large hit and held it in for twice as long as the last time. When he finally exhaled, a large amount of smoke bellowed out and his gaze changed and I instantly knew he was no longer present.

I studied him for a moment and noticed that the lighter he had in his left hand and the pipe in his right were being twirled lazily by his fingers. He was staring at the ground so I decided to swiftly take the pipe and lighter out of his hands so he did not hurt himself or spill the herb everywhere. I quietly took a few steps back and then his eyes shot over to me and laid an enraged gaze upon me proceeded by the yelling of the word “what”. I was so baffled by this reaction that I could not speak so instead I dropped my mouth open and raised my eyebrow.

My heart was beating at a rapid rate because I thought that he might get up and kill me. He then began to hyperventilate and shouted in a panic, “What did you say?” I told him that I had not said anything and again he angrily asked, “What?” I was so incredibly frightened that I slowly walked over to the bedroom door that led to the hallway as his gaze continued to follow me. I unlocked the door then quickly maneuvered around it, closed the door behind me, then cracked it and watched the experience he was having.

He started looking around with a lost look in his eyes as his shoulders began to move in simultaneous circles. Eventually the rapid circles started to slow and he leaned forward then collapsed just inches before his head would touch the bed. Knowing that I should not interfere I just watched hoping that the plant teacher would not harm him. A minute later he abruptly shot up and looked at me then started laughing hysterically. Puzzled but feeling safer, I decided to step into the room and close the door behind me. The sound of laughter and knowing that he was happy made me laugh and sigh a few times in relief. I wish I could relay everything that he told me but I will not slaughter his experience with trying to piece something so significant together. Instead I will continue with my experience.

Ten minutes went by and all the while time was ticking I was listening to his experience and at the same time asking myself if I should even experiment with such an amazing plant. Skyler encouraged me to give the plant a chance. I realized that this plant had much to offer and the feeling I had let me know that I would be safe on the journey I was about to embark on. The trance was still playing and lights down low but this time I was laying down on my bed with the blankets up to my bust for comfort. The two first hits I took reminded me of the first two Skyler took. I waited a minute and before I took my third hit I soaked in the feeling of being stuck in the reality I was used to and the place the plant wanted to take me to.

The light in the room started to fade from my vision and darkness settled in. I began to see a current and felt myself moved by it. The current started to sweep through my body horizontally. The key points of the current were felt at my feet, my waist and directly through my mouth. Something told me that I needed one more push before I could leave my current reality.

Gravity felt much more intense so I asked Skyler to fill the bowl again. The third hit that I took was amazing and as I held the hit in it felt like I was breathing even though I was not. I finally exhaled, concerned that I had held my breath for far too long. The room became even darker and a grid started to unfold around my room. The grid did not seem normal because it was arched. The lines on the grid took turns being the color black and the color pink but the melding of the objects in my room made the color pink. Skyler become a pink line and faded away into the now swaying grid. I was in a state of such ease that I decided to close my eyes and be swept away from everything I knew.

The bed was no more and I was being cradled by something that I could not see. I began to worry because I felt as though I was melded into something and I soon realized that I was. I tried to move and twitch but I could not, then a voice in my head (not the voice I hear when I think to myself) told me to relax, let myself go and that it would take care of me. Believing the entity with every essence of me, I relaxed and allowed myself to meld even more with what I later realized was the inside of a clock. I was moving and I was a part of time. I could feel the machine and myself rotate and travel within the clock.

My scene transformed slowly and then instantly I began to shoot forward into black space that was revealed to me as time and as I looked around I could see blue lines form and dash past me. The time travel lasted what seemed like an eternity to me and as I was traveling I could feel and hear the entity. This entity was neither male nor female and the voice held no connection to either gender. The entity was watching me and observing but telling me to let it cradle me. I obeyed and let myself be propelled through time with this strange but gentle being.

The color green came into my sight and so did the color gray. I soon realized the green was a vine on the color gray, which was one stone in a wall of hundreds of stones. As I traveled up the vine I noticed that I was in a gap in time. Pink energy was radiating from all around me and crackling without any sound. I then felt that I should focus on the wall and as I did I flew up the vine and into a window in the stonewall. Everything went black and then I realized I was being sucked into the vine and I became the vine and traveled through the makeup of the vine. But instead of everything being scientific all of the veins and particles in the vine were portals to other dimensions. Everything began to sway back and forth again and then I was told it was the wind pushing me. Heh, me the vine!

I smiled and let myself soak in every second of swaying in the wind. The energy of the wind was incredibly positive, letting me know that the place I was now a part of experienced no suffering. Everything the wind had touched had also touched me and I felt the world I was in. I was told to come back soon and before I could question these words I found myself shooting back through time and my eyes abruptly shot open. I tried to sit up and get a grasp on my surroundings but everything was so dark and heavy that I let myself collapse back on the pillows. I was again stuck between my new reality and the one I had always known. All the while I heard the voice telling me to let myself go again. I decided to obey this entity that I knew I should trust. My vision came back and my room was normal. The feeling of being stuck faded over a course of ten minutes and as soon as I felt let go from the other world everything that had just happened hit me as hard as a brick at high impact.

I would advise all future users to use the plant with much respect. I am not sure if someone disrespectful of the plant would be treated as well as I was. I believe the plant is symbolic and tells us what we need to hear not only through words but also through visions. I have always had a sense of connections with all living beings but I never had the sense that I could become the being and travel through what it has to offer. My philosophies are now seeing new light and following new paths. I must thank this plant for the time it spent with me. I know that for years to come I will further my companionship with this plant for I know I have much more to learn and I am eager.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 40528
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 26, 2005Views: 17,337
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