Complete Happiness; Eye-opening 1st Trip
Citation:   Steve R.. "Complete Happiness; Eye-opening 1st Trip: An Experience with 4-Ho-DiPT (exp40747)". Jul 22, 2005.

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10 mg oral 4-HO-DiPT
  T+ 0:50 5.0 mg oral 4-HO-DiPT
This report describes two experiences, spaced two weeks apart. For the first, owing to a small but notable set of reports describing unpleasant adverse reactions to this substance, I elected to start with a small dosage of only ten milligrams in order to gauge my body's reaction. As some other users have reported associated nausea and diarrhea, I began shortly after waking on a Sunday, when my stomach would be completely empty.

At 1:50, I ingested the ten milligrams of 4-HO-DiPT (presently sold on various websites as '[name deleted]'). First signs of effect noticed at 2:10; slight lightheadedness. I begin performing random tasks around the house. By 2:30 there is a definite tingling, most pronounced in the legs. My body as a whole feels more aware of sensations. I am struck by an extreme case of the giggles. I laugh nearly hysterically at random thoughts. Mood is very positive. I decide to call a friend and chat; since I am home alone, I feel more secure knowing I can merely say the word and get some help in case anything should go wrong. I am able to converse coherently, though I continue to laugh a great deal. Nothing goes wrong. There are no visual effects, though I don't really expect them at this dosage. I feel very energized in mind and body. By 5:00 I feel the effects starting to ebb; only now does it occur to me to try listening to music. Even on the trailing end of the experience, the music seems to have a greater emotional aspect than normally. Another half hour and the effects are all but gone, though the positive mood brought about by the drug remains with me for the remainder of the day. It has been a very pleasant first experience.

I wait two weeks to try a higher dose, to see if there are any discernable aftereffects. There are none I can detect. My second experience begins almost identically to the first: I begin by taking 10 MG at 1:50 PM on a Sunday, with an empty stomach and colon. As some users have reported wide variations in the intensity of experiences even at the same dosage, I wait to see if there is any distinct difference in my reaction this time around. It plays out almost like clockwork: first alert at twenty minutes or so in, leg tingling becoming pronounced by 2:30. In all ways, it seems identical to the first time. With no ill effects by 2:40, I ingest another five milligrams. The difference in intensity takes a while for me to feel. At 3:00 I go out to do some clearing of fallen limbs from my backyard, as my house is rather dark inside and I cannot tell if there is any visual component this time.

I notice my legs feel slightly robotic in their motion, and seem heavy. Nevertheless, it isn't hard to walk, even carrying a somewhat heavy payload. I don't feel I could do anything requiring much coordination or speed, but walking is fine. As I drag off the deadwood to the nearest bit of woods I'm hit by the humourous thoughts and outbursts of laughing once again. I don't encounter anyone as I walk, but I feel as if I could carry on a clear and rational dialogue if necessary. By the time I'm walking back, the additional 5 MG is becoming detectable. There are still no visuals, either open or closed-eye, but there is a definite sense of displacement, while at the same time feeling much more aware. The trees and grassy lawns are fascinating to look at. I lean against my car as I reach my house and am struck by just how pleasing even this piece of hard metal feels to lean against. Tactile sensation is quite enhanced at this point. My body feels very floaty and aroused. Physical contact of almost any kind is extremely pleasurable. I take a shower: the sensation of the water pouring over me is so hypnotic I scarcely want to get out. Toweling off feels very stimulating. (I try to replicate this sensation when drying off after a shower the next morning, and find that it feels like nearly nothing at all.)

Between 4:00 and 5:00, I pick out songs that are very emotionally intense and sensuous in mood and listen to them while lying on the couch. The music seems to have a tangible presence; my mood reacts with the mood of the song as if it were a part of it. I am filled with an intense feeling of contentment and peace, as if the whole world had just calmed down and become a terribly simple place in which to live. Everything seems soft and warm to touch; I feel unmotivated love for nothing specific, and feel loved in return. My fingers play with the fringe on the quilt lying on my couch as if it were the most exciting thing in the world. Listening to the music and lying with my eyes closed, I feel like a well cared-for puppy sleeping in its master's lap, as if everything will somehow be all right. I am not spiritual and have no religious beliefs, so I know that this is all chemical in nature and not some brush with God, as some would claim, but that doesn't change the fact that the sense of innate joy was a powerful and valuable experience for me.

By 5:30 the effects are tapering off; I'm sorry to see it ending, though also glad in a way because I'm quite hungry by this time and will have to leave my unstocked house to get food. I call some friends I seem to rarely see and arrange to meet them later. The leg tingling is the last thing to go, much as it seems to be the first thing to arrive. At no point did I experience any hallucinations at all, and feel as though I would be disappointed by this were I not incapable of feeling anything but happiness at the time. By 6:30 I feel completely normal again and quite competent to drive.

For a long time I have felt estranged from this group of people, and have had difficulty in making conversation or drawing undue attention to myself in a group situation. In the immediate afterglow of the 4-HO-DiPT, however, I feel like all those barriers have been razed flat and I feel comfortable again. I make much conversation and act like a hyper goofball again without feeling out of place. The experience seems to have helped me get past some lingering emotional issues and feel happy again. Days later, the uplift still lingers. All the subsequent week I feel much more contented than I usually do, and feel like I have the ability to make my life better from this point on.

In the hours following my return to base, I felt the occasional aftershock, when the sense of euphoria would suddenly seem to reappear briefly. I also had a mild case of diarrhea that night, though considering that I also had it the two previous nights (in fact, I get diarrhea rather irritatingly often), there's nothing to indicate that it was a side effect of the drug.

I feel that this is a substance which deserves careful study and research, for determining its safe usage and overall effects on human physiology would be invaluable to others like me who could benefit from its mood-enhancing abilities. I'm an admitted amateur, but this is the best cure for depression I've ever found. Fun that it may be, though, I know I cannot use this substance but for very infrequent occasions, since its full effects are unknown and I do not wish to do myself any harm. At the same time, I don't feel an undue urge to take it again just yet, as it seems that happiness can be found in other places more easily than used to be the case for me. I hope that this drug can someday be used for the benefit of others, and not merely outlawed as so many others have been before their potential has been explored by competent study.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 40747
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 22, 2005Views: 18,540
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