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Lines of Colour
Salvia divinorum (7x extract)
by Catfish Jake
Citation:   Catfish Jake. "Lines of Colour: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (7x extract) (exp40903)". Jul 7, 2007.

1 hit smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


I had tried salvia once before by smoking the raw leaf that me and my friend had bought at a local headshop. After about 5-8 straight bong hits apiece we got the giggles for about 5 mins and that was it. We were very dissapointed and for some reason never experimented with it again. After educating myself a little more and reading other peoples incredible experiences I decided to give it a second try.

I ordered 1 gram of 7x extract from a website and after waiting about 4 days got it in the mail. I placed two very small pinches of the extract into my bong. I would guess it was less than 1/10th of the contents of the baggy but its hard to guess with such small amounts. Either way it wasnít much. I held the lighter to it until the whole bowl pack was burnt and the chamber was full of white smoke. I pulled the piece and inhaled it all in one go and held it for about 20-30 sec I guess. When I exhaled there wasnít even any smoke that came out. As soon as I exhaled I could already feel a tingle in my brain that I always feel when somethingís getting ready to come on. I tried lighting it again to make sure I had burned it all but nothing would catch and it was all ash.

I looked over at my roomate and my whole field of vision changed. It was like I was looking thru the surface of a giant soap bubble that encompassed the entire room and that the outside surface of the bubble ended right in front of my eyes. Then the room began to gently rock up and down and side to side like the head of a bobble head doll. Then I felt the pressure on the right side of my head right above my ear. I had read about this phenomenon and expected it but didnít expect it to feel nearly as physically as it did. If my eyes hadnít been open I would have swore there was something or someone there physically pushing against my head with significant force. This was soon felt against the whole right side of my body and I had the sensation that I was slowly leaning to the left but I was sitting upright the entire time so far.

I looked straight ahead, away from my roomate, and the entire room was transformed. At this point Iím not sure if my eyes were open or closed but they felt like they were open. From the corner of the ceiling and the opposite wall down to the corner of the wall behind and the floor there were 7-8 bright coloured lines that looked like they had been drawn onto the air. In between each of these lines the air was hued a different shade of orange or yellow which I think was from the yellow kitchen light that was shining in the other room.

Each line was the same colour as the colour between it so it looked sorta like they were two colours at once, meaning, the first line was red with two feet of space and the second line was orange. In between the first and second line the air was shaded red and in between the second and third lines the air was shaded orange, but the lines seperating the red and orange was red and orange at the same time. While I was looking at this I had the impression that these were chutes to pour or send something down but before I had time to attempt to consider this something else happened.

After about 10-15 seconds of looking at this a large dark green ghostlike form swooped around the room and then flew straight into my eyes. Like as it got closer to me it shrunk in size until when right before it got to me it was small enough to fly directly into my pupils. The whole time so far, which was probably about 45 seconds to 1 min I had been laughing hysterically while all this was going on. When the ghost went into my eyes I started laughing even harder and started to kind of double over or fall over just from laughing so hard. I layed my head down on the couch and just kept laughing and laughing.

This whole time my roomate, who I didnít prep as well as I should have as to what to do while I was tripping, was talking and asking me questions and making general exclamations as to my current state. The whole time I was altered I was incredibly angry at him for disturbing me. Finally as it began to lessen in intensity I raised my head up from the couch and looked at him and yelled very loudly, 'They told me they want you to shut the fuck up!' He was very quiet after that.

After I came out of it and finally could stop laughing I sat up again and looked over and asked him how long it lasted. He said about 2 mins since I first inhaled it. To me it seemed like it lasted about 10 mins before I laid my head down and then it seemed like I had only had my head down for about 30 secs before I snapped out of it. For about 15-20 mins afterwards I felt slightly dizzy and lighthead and just the tiniest bit sick to my stomach. I think the sick feeling came from about half a beer I had drank before I went to check the mail and found my salvia as alcohol makes me sick when combined even in small quantities with every substance I've tried.

Overall it was an incredible experience that Iím glad I got to try while its still legal. Iím hoping that next time I might be not be so overwhelmed and be able to remember even better what exactly happens now that I have an idea of what might be coming.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 40903
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 7, 2007Views: 5,192
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