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It Is Going to Be a Good Day
Smarts - Phenibut
Citation:   Jammersmurf. "It Is Going to Be a Good Day: An Experience with Smarts - Phenibut (exp40929)". Jun 19, 2006.

2.0 g oral Smarts - Phenibut (capsule)
Synthetic GABA I think is what this is. That's at least what I tell my friends when they ask what the new cap that I'm taking is and phenibut sounds like a goofy joke. I've been taking phenibut for about a month now on and off, mostly because I like trying new substances and seeing how they affect my consciousness. I've never heard of phenibut in the drug circles that I run with, it's legal as a supplement I'm pretty sure, has a good amount of evidentiary experiences in Russia as a sleep aid and anti-anxiety drug and although it doesn't feel like a benzo exactly, I would have to say I like it better than most of the benzo's I tried.

I took two grams this morning. I cap them myself. I woke up in a hotel -- been traveling for work and invited my girlfriend to stay with me for a week, so we've been staying up late and playing every night. Dragging myself out of bed is hard, late nights combined with substance use (non-phenibut) always makes 6:45am suck hard. I'm not a caffeine user, so normally Iím groggy for about 45 minutes before Iím functional, and then, normally, if I've had as little sleep as I've been going on lately, I can't wait for the end of the day so I can go home and pass out. Since starting the phenibut this has changed.

After about 25 minutes from taking it, I feel good. Not adulterated good, but just like, 'this is going to be a good day, I feel positive and that I'm going to be able to function well today.' Today is the same. I got out of bed and sat on the corner of the bed for a minute holding my head and trying to talk myself into being ready for my day. I then got up and took the phenibut and got dressed and drove to work. I was at work about 15 minutes after getting out of bed, so I'm still groggy at that point. I'm starting to notice the phenibut as others arrive and I ask them how they're doing and notice that I actually care.... normally without sleep I kinda hide away and don't engage people because I just feel all around icky.

I would say it's sublime. I like it.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 40929
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 19, 2006Views: 89,161
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Smarts - Phenibut (379) : Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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