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The Collapse of the Universe, Pt2
Citation:   Kandy K. "The Collapse of the Universe, Pt2: An Experience with DXM (exp41319)". Nov 4, 2020.

700 mg oral DXM (pill / tablet)
This shit’s a LONG, INTENSE, DEEP, AND POTENTIALLY SCARY journey… only plan to do it if you’re prepared for a life-altering revelation!

DXM Trip Number 2:
This was not my first experience with the Robitussin Cough Gels. I had success with a happy and meaningful trip last time I mixed 300mg’s of the cough gels with 350mg’s of Robitussin Honey Cough Syrup. I have had out of body experiences before with 700-800mg’s+ of DXM, and this time I decided to increase the trip and go all out by increasing the dosage and decreasing the dosage time. I was grabbing handfuls of the gel caps and swallowing 10-20 pills in single mouthfuls. Due to the intensity of the dosage I immediately began to feel the effects within 20 minutes, something that has never occurred to me before with the regular cough syrup.

I was sitting on a couch with three of my friends watching some a TV show on DVD, but I have no recollection of anything beyond the first three episodes. How long I blacked out for I do not remember, but I presume the duration to have been at least a couple hours. I began remembering my trip a couple hours later, and it commenced with me visiting other parallel universes. I envisioned myself sleeping on my friend’s lap on a sofa, and then I would zoom out to another parallel universe, where I was in a hot air balloon with all my friends, and there were white sheets draped all around us. Each time I zoomed out I would simply go to a different reality in a microscopic universe, until I eventually zoomed out to where I was sitting down on the couch where this all started.

This was when I finally “woke up” and realized where I was. I immediately sat up, asking my friends if I had just woken up or if I was still asleep. My friends informed me that I had not slept or moved positions on the couch the entire time. As I took a look at my surroundings, I was unsure as to where I was. I thought I was on the third floor of some house; as I looked up at the ceiling, there was furniture hanging upside-down, the walls seemed to be made of flimsy cloth, a toy train was dashing around on the top shelf, and stairs seemed to be emerging from the entrance of the bathroom. For some reason this place looked oddly familiar, almost as if I had seen this exact setting in a previous dream of mine.

My vision was heavily dream-like, in fact, at this point I had forgotten that I had taken the DXM and believed that I had fallen asleep on the couch and was in fact dreaming. I had never experienced vision like this before on DXM or any hallucinogen for that matter. I became confused and became unable to tell if I had taken DXM at all, or if I had concocted this whole thing in a dream.

I asked my friends what drugs I had done just to be sure, and they told me that I snorted a drug called purple chalk. Though I hadn’t really, it was an attempt to make me trip harder. I wondered if that was the reason I was blacked out and couldn’t remember anything. As they spoke to me, I visualized us walking towards a car in a parking lot. This exact setting, in this car, with the purple chalk and what they had told me suddenly triggered the most intense feelings of déjà vu. As I tried to recall where I had heard this before, I remembered that I had foreseen it in one of my parallel universes earlier. I had envisioned the future.

I zoomed out to another parallel universe, where we were back in the hot air balloon. There were other balloons all around us, and we seemed to be in an auditorium of some sort, all the balloons hanging as ornaments. I looked around in the spacious hall and realized that this connection of hot air balloon decorations was the entire galaxy. I looked back at one of my friends and suddenly became frightened when what I saw was not him, but an alien boy. He was so frail, small, and thin, I was afraid that I had broken his legs by sitting on them, and immediately began to look for any wounds or broken bones. I put his hand up to mine, and as I observed his long spindly fingers, knew that he meant no harm. I thought about how ugly the human species was, and how closely we resemble alien figures. DXM seemed to bring out the inner alien-ness in everybody; no matter who I looked at, I saw a little bit of extraterrestrial life in all of them.

I stood up to the use the restroom, but in my attempt ended up falling on my friend’s lap. The moment he caught me was the exact moment I had just zoomed out to another parallel universe, so I distinctly believed that I fell out of the sky from one universe to the next. The couch transformed into a wooden bench to swing from, and it was hanging from space by three thin strings. A cloud generator appeared, and pink and blue clouds were created and floating in line formation. There were people from far distant galaxies trying to communicate with me by typing out messages on the clouds. I sipped the clouds through a straw and the clouds disappeared.
There were people from far distant galaxies trying to communicate with me by typing out messages on the clouds. I sipped the clouds through a straw and the clouds disappeared.

My friends decided to relocate to my house because the house we were in began to get crowded with people. The walk back to the car seemed infinite, and though I knew the car was a mere few feet away, it seemed as if I had walked through a maze to get there. As we were back in the car, I glanced at my friend sitting next to me. I distinctly heard music coming out of him, but his mouth was closed, so I concluded that the music was coming out of his eye sockets.

Back in my house, I felt myself entering the fourth plateau. As I lay down in my room and closed my eyes, I saw myself enter Paradise. Paradise was a dark green jungle, misted with a layer of fog. The jungle was also in the shape of a cube, and no matter what side of the cube you were on, you couldn’t fall off. The only inhabitants of this haven were all females with black hair. I saw my sister there and some other girls I did not recognize.

I opened my eyes and shared with my friends of this wonder I had visited. I closed my eyes in an attempt to re-visit this place, but found myself underwater drowning in a river. As I drowned, a part of my id, my ego, was torn from my brain. When I snapped out of it, I noticed that there was an incredibly empty feeling in my head, as if something important was absent. My brain physically felt hollow, and I knew that I had lost that portion of my personality forever in another dimension. Apparently I suffered a mild case of hysteria, because my friends told me later that I had woken up out of my trip screaming.

I visited many fantasies that day--every time I closed my eyes it was a new adventure. All I can say is that I’ve never experienced a trip so visually powerful before; Robitussin cough gels are definitely the way to go!

My conclusion from this is that I have completely rejected the physical work. I truly believe that DXM taps into that extrasensory portion of my brain that communicates with the paranormal, which makes me able to experience supernatural phenomena that I normally wouldn't receive sober. I've heard stories of people getting ESP and having crazy occurrences happen to them after dropping DXM. There must be a reason why all spirits and aliens that we communicate with all exhibit similar behaviors, and why many of us in the fourth plateau have such surreal voyages. There must be a reason all who visit this other realm begin to reject physical life and desires of the flesh. Those who call me crazy have yet to open their eyes to the possibility of something beyond this realm. I'm not insane, just enlightened. Take me higher...

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 41319
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 4, 2020Views: 1,089
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DXM (22) : Glowing Experiences (4), Health Problems (27), General (1), Mystical Experiences (9), Entities / Beings (37), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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