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Heaven On Earth
Citation:   one way track. "Heaven On Earth: An Experience with MDMA (exp41556)". Oct 19, 2017.

I was fairly new to the drug scene when I was first persuaded to try X. I had heard stories about how harmful it was, how dangerous it could be. I was scared out of my mind when they put that pill in my hand. I was doing it for the first time with three other newbies... All by ourselves in a big empty house on the beach. We'd heard plenty of stories and stalked up on the glowsticks and had plenty of fireworks.

I was the smallest of us four, and felt it first, after about a half hour time period of wondering if we had got bunk pills. We decided to head out to the deck and see if anything felt different. We were just messing around with glowsticks when someone waved one right infront of my face. My peak hit me all at once right then, and vision turned green. I giggled at everyone turning green, they reminded me of the incredible hulk.

Slowly it hit my friends one by one and we ran down to the beach to celebrate. I've never felt such a complete free feeling in my life.
I've never felt such a complete free feeling in my life.
I've never experienced the happy, dreamy state at such a high level since then. My boy friend and I dropped to the sand and rolled around in it, simply estatic that we could feel every grain of sand on our skin. Then I got the marvelous idea to go in the water. I ran head first into the freezing lake and felt my body hit a new high. I wish I could describe the amazing, comforting feeling my body had right then. It was as if I was home, and the water was completely enveloping me. I felt peace and excitement all at the same time. I had been warned that I would find Heaven On Earth while under the influence and although I was completely content to sit in the waves for hours I knew I had to find heaven. My group and I headed back up to the house and began to experiment. We were like children becoming aware of our senses for the very first time. Our eyes were opened to the world and we saw everything. Lights were brighter, people were nicer, even the dogs were softer. We really bonded in that house that night. We talked out our problems, really listened to each other. I loved that we took the time to actually care about each other. As I was sitting there, rubbing the couch because of how soft it was I realized that I had found my heaven. It wasn't just the sight or the feelings. It was that I was connecting with the other people with me. We were in the same room the entire night. If one person left, the other three would follow.

Since then I have experimented with several other drugs and with X a few more times. X is still my preference. How close I feel to other people, how I actually care about them and what they're saying. It's truely rewarding.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 41556
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 19, 2017Views: 2,637
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MDMA (3) : First Times (2), Glowing Experiences (4), Relationships (44), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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