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by mikimous
Citation:   mikimous. "Superconductor: An Experience with caffeine (exp41635)". Feb 14, 2018.

  oral Caffeine (liquid)


This happened on a late night study session (probability theory), and I was drinking a lot of strong instant coffee (not so bad, once you stop thinking it is coffee). [Author reports consuming one pot of the substance over a two hour time frame.] When I sat down for a minute to watch some late night TV. About 5 minutes later I had one of the strangest experience of my life; everything had extreme meaning and importance. It didn't matter whether it was looking at a cup (of coffee) or a plant, my thoughts seemed to connect the subject to every plausible next mental subject at seemingly the same time, making it the center of the universe and therefore of extreme importance. TV was unbearable. It was like my brain was superconductive, relaying everything at the same time. While I didn't panick, it was very scary. I brough myself down by waiting and telling myself that the feeling was not me (and who was there to argue) and it would pass. This 'trip' took about 20 minutes.

A very strange, intense and scary experience.

(or maybe it was the probability theory)

Exp Year: 1998ExpID: 41635
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 14, 2018Views: 862
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Caffeine (11) : General (1), Difficult Experiences (5), Alone (16)

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