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Social Bliss and Emotional Confrontation
Methadone & Cocaine
by Polygonal
Citation:   Polygonal. "Social Bliss and Emotional Confrontation: An Experience with Methadone & Cocaine (exp41732)". Jun 12, 2007.

T+ 0:00
15 mg oral Methadone (pill / tablet)
  T+ 3:00 1.5 g insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)


First, a small history of use. I'm usually a Cannabis user with the semi-annual psychedelic user for deep meditation and healing. I had tried MDMA at rave events 8-10 times, but stoped after I knew it was turning into an escape rather then a special occasion. I generally never did any substances with the exception of cannabis as a source of pleasure with out trying to get something deeper out of it. Upon the chance I tried Oxycodone, and dipped into opiates becouse I had been told it was a good self-reward on rare, earned, occasions. Well I let it get to me and used for 4 week ends straight, nothing long or to much, but decided it was far enough and didn't want to get into a habbit of abuse.

I stoped using for almost 6 months when I had an encounter with methadone, which I previously thought was simply a sub-par opiate only used for addiction treatment. I thought why not, I had been doing well in school and had sorted out alot of emotional problems in side. I purchased 15 mgs, 3 5mgs pills. That same day the friend offered cocaine, a drug I thought I would never touch. I hesitated to take it, but he offerd a mear 1.5 grams free and said it would be a good combination and asured that with my will power I could try it and never gone back to useing.

So 2 weeks later 6 pm on a Friday night after the end of a successfull trimester in school I decided I earned a night of reflection and pleaseure. I first toke the 3 Methadone with a mixture of vitamins and a few kiwi fruits, not to potinate the effects or anything of the sort, but to just have some added nutriton in my body in case the effects of the cocaine did not go over to well with me. Genreally any amphetamine/stimulants makes me ill, even light simple ones like caffine. After injesting the 3 pills I toke a long shower to prepair my self for the night. I put on very light clothes, sweat pants and a plain white t-shirt, attire I usually have for meditation and consious journeys. I began to feel a pleasent glow after rouhgly an hour and 30 mins, which began to rise into the familiar glow of Oxycodone/Hydrocodone.

After 2 and a half hours it hit a plain, not a peak or rush though, that seemed to never drift away. After 3 hours of this I knew I would not continue to climb in relaxation and euphoria so I toke out the cocaine and tryed it my first time. I was like I had just breathed for the first time out of my mothers womb, I was amazed this drug thats been portrayed as a crime ridden poverty mess was almost gentle and made me feel very easy and good about my self and clear minded. Over the next 4 hours the opiate euphoria of the Methdone didn't seem to fall and I continued to use the cocaine rouhgly untill 11:30 hopeing to fall asleep by 1 AM. It was to me like going on a vacation, maybe once every 2-3 years and that would be fine for me, I wouldn't need to touch it and if I never did agin it woudn't matter.

During this time I confronted my self and relized I needed to stop using cannabis as my sole tool for recreation and needed to rediscover what made me happy with out using it as a croutch. I began to use cannabis less and less untill I was able to use it 1-2 times a month and could appreciate it alot more and in turn the things I overlooked. I enjoyed alot more as well that night. That night a friend of my'n I had known since I was in elementry school talked to me and we had a very serious conversation. I was never able to fully open up to this individual out of fear of them looking at me diffrently, but I was able to fully explain how speacial they really where to me and that they shoudn't put them self down so much. I then began to talk to some old freinds that had drifted and cought up with them.

Overall Methadone was far better then I expected, I had read reports of people not having a reaction and having very negative effects from it. This left me almost anxious on the come up but once it came I knew I was going to enjoy it. If I ever do treat my self to opiates agin I may just stay with Oxycodone for its peak and stonger effects, but methadone was not bad in any way. Cocaine in the combination created an awake opiate high, something I had never felt, and was suprised that it felt just as euphirc as the nodding stage of the usual high. Some day I will try cocaine by it self alone to see if its as refreshing as it was that night, but fear the comedown I have herd alot about and was glad I used it in the middle of a methadone session so the come down was nothing more then feeling like I was beging to nod.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 41732
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 12, 2007Views: 35,071
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Methadone (166), Cocaine (13) : Combinations (3), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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