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Initial Exploration of 2C-T-7
Citation:   Aynav. "Initial Exploration of 2C-T-7: An Experience with 2C-T-7 (exp4186)". Erowid.org. Dec 25, 2001. erowid.org/exp/4186

11 mg insufflated 2C-T-7 (powder / crystals)
At 3:45pm we each snorted 2C-T-7. I took 11mg, Evaki took 6mg. I don't ordinarily use drugs which require snorting, this is the first I've ever injested in this way. To be fair, taking it orally is more common, and the method I intend to use next time. We decided to snort for the experience, because it's something we hadn't done.

At 4:00 we tried to play a game, but were distracted as a matter of course. So we took our water and cds upstairs to lay around and listen to music. We were beginning to feel, at this point, like we were in fast-forward. Throughout the trip I had the distinct impression that I was moving or cycling at a different speed than normal. It sort of like a strobe light and a camera shutter, only much faster.

At 4:20 we were laying in bed, listening to Cake (having first listened to a couple tracks of Mazzy Star: Among my Swan). My tummy began to feel slightly motion sick, but at right around the same time, the light on the ceiling began to dance. We became very weirded by the lights, constantly feeling the need to get up and turn them off or on, in different combinations. As I stared at the ceiling, the lights continued to dance and swirl, coming out in geometric lines from their sources. I followed them back to their sources and found bulbs to look incredibly intense, I hadn't realized my eyes could see such a contrast. I followed the lines of the lights and noticed when I got to the rooms corners that they weren't static.

That is, the ceiling and the walls appeared to be colliding with each other, like tetonic plates, which were somewhat fluid rather than solid. And no earthquakes. I looked next out the window where the whole big world outside looked picturesque and bright, I felt like I was seeing things out of band, like my visual range had been expanded, maybe like I was seeing through the eyes of some other creature (in my own head) rather than human eyes. It was starting to get dark, and the clouds were dark dark grey, while they sky was just clear, dim blue. The contrast between those colors was incredible and not one I think I can see with my eyes everyday.

Around 5:15 I began to feel slightly unbalanced from the speed shift I mentioned before. I tried to determine how to change this, or to figure out the exact source, and within a few moments it revealed itself to be nausea. I thought that was a feeling I was capable of dealing with, and aimed in the direction of the bathroom. I really vomitted for the first time in years, and it felt (strange as it is to say) sort of freeing. I was very fascinated with my biological function at this point, and I was amazed how much better my body felt after purging. It seemed natural and wonderful to me that my body had not only determined what would make it feel better, but had made it clear to me. I sometimes have a problem asking for what I want, I frequently have a problem pinpointing for myself what I want, and I felt like my body was setting a good example for me.

I felt like maybe it proved I had the instinct inside of me, to know what I want. I felt reminded of my short-comings, and encouraged. By vomitting. It was pretty bizarre. Evaki seemed to be experiencing some of the same things as me, and also had to throw up soon. We agreed that we felt significantly better and wanted to travel through the house some more. After much haranging with clothing (which we must've changed 5 or 6 times through the course of this trip) we started downstairs to explore.

We got to the basement, our little nest, it was around 5:30. I call it our nest because we spend a great deal of time here, under a lot of circumstances. We've gone through a lot of days and nights together here, in all sorts of weather, emotionally, experienced a lot of things here. It's a remarkably comfortable place for us to be. So we wrapped up in blankets and sat together, and flipped channels and listened to music. I think at this point we watched Pretty Woman, it seemed a lot more emotional than normal, I can't say that Julia Roberts usually pulls my chain. But I was in a Different Place than normal, in my mind, so it seemed Ok.
I had difficulty focusing on more than one task at once -- when I found Evaki's laser pointer and began using it, I stopped.. chewing the goldfish crackers I had been munching on. So I was singularly engrossed in Andy Kaufman, someone I think is absolutely a genuis. Creativity is easily my favorite quality in a person, making him really easy for me to like. (Ironic that I don't consider myself creative, though...) I seemed to be unable to restrain myself from doing some things or indulging some compulsions I ordinarily hide.

For several hours it went on like this, switching between music and TV and cuddling and absorbing our surroundings. We smoked occasionally but were fairly distracted, so it usually didn't go on very long. I'd begun to adjust to my surroundings and was able to enjoy the fluidity of my environment without focusing on just it and thus becoming confused. The walls colliding with each other began to jive with my world-view.

At some point I began having memories of things I hadn't thought of in years, fleeting re-creations of situations I hadn't remembered since they happened. Nothing extreme, all normal and simple situations with very little conflict, but they all suggested something about me I don't usually think of. The memories would leave just as quickly, and I was pretty stunned to be having them. I'd catch myself mid-scene and think, 'WHAT am I thinking about?!' and be shocked. There seemed to be a lot of that, I was frequently suprised, I kept coming to conclusions without noticing at -all- how I got there. It felt like I was letting myself be free to associate, and to follow paths without analyzing each step, but I still felt like the kind of person who -did- analyze those steps. Noticing a tower in the sky with -no foundation- is a little shocking, and that's about how I felt.

This went on until about 1:30am when we finally went to sleep. I had come down for the most part by that point, but my body was a bit tense (apparently a common effect) so it took a bit for us to fall asleep. When I was laying in bed, shifting about and trying to become comfortable, I felt like there were spots inside of me which were glowing, sort of, with contentric circles of pulsating... light, or warmth coming out from those spots. I don't remember where the places were, now, but I remember that it seemed pretty normal to me at the time. Maybe this is yoga's influence? Only it wasn't aligned with any of the body-views yoga's lent me.

I'm not sure if this turned into such an introspective journey because that's the nature of the drug, or because of my environment, or simply becacuse we had no real aim during this trip, other than to explore the drug. I wanted to gauge it since I have a fair amount of it and will be giving it away to those I know and love, soon. I wanted to be able to describe my experience for them so they could decide if it's an adventure they'd like to take. I was really happy with how it turned out, though, I feel like I learned a lot about myself (corny) and somewhat more at ease or closer to being the person I think I really am inside.

The next time I do it I will try to minimize the possible bad effects, i.e. I'll eat -more- than 2 hours before I take the drug, and I'll take it orally to avoid provoking the impending nausea more than necessary (my nose and throat stung some and, I think contributed to my need to vomit). Looking back I still don't regret having thrown up, I feel sort of like it was on purpose, like the drug made me a little uncomfortable in order to shake me up and get a grip on me. It wasn't sure I'd let down my guards and fully accept this drug. I feel like it was very effective at this, it wore me down just a tad bit so it could reach me a little better.

Later in the trip, I had no problem snacking on some goldfish crackers and honeycombs (the cereal), but eating was still a bit strange. I could feel where my parts fit together, I could feel the way the front and back parts of my throat fit together, and my esophagus was the same way.. When I ate, it felt like the food was traversing me, it was a very interesting sensation.

I think maybe the reason I would arrive at conclusions without realizing how I got there was because the thoughts were taking different neural paths in my brain, causing different and perhaps less used synapses to fire. So maybe it was sort of out-of-band mentally, sort of like I was talking about contrast and the vividness of colors, earlier.

In any case, I look forward to doing the drug again, though I don't know that it'll be particularly soon. I feel like devoting a whole day to doing the drug was helpful in making my experience pleasant. I hope to do it someplace or sometime, too, when it's possible to go outside, because we often felt like we'd like to go outside, but it seemed like it would be unwise considering the temperature. We were also having some body temperature issues, besides, we weren't always sure if we were hot or cold. Anyway, I also hope to have an aim in mind next time. I enjoyed sort of wandering through my experience this time, but the -intensity- of this drug almost demands to be actively shaped.

I would recommend it with caution to others I feel are capable of taking care of themselves. I need to remember that it apparently takes significantly more time to come up when dosing orally. I also think one has to be prepared for the possibility of slight unpleasantness at first, but. I absolutely thought it was worth it.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 4186
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 25, 2001Views: 20,860
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2C-T-7 (54) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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