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Giant Painting of the Earth
Morning Glory (heavenly blues & pearly gates)
Citation:   Herbhead. "Giant Painting of the Earth: An Experience with Morning Glory (heavenly blues & pearly gates) (exp41918)". Jul 20, 2008.

250 seeds sublingual Morning Glory (ground / crushed)
I am writing this report just coming down so it is still fresh in my mind.

I took 250 organic untreated seeds, mostly heavenly blues, but also about 75 pearly gates. To prepare them I put them in a coffee blender. I ground the seeds into a fine dust. I noticed the dust collected at the top of the grinder, separating the germ from the hard shell coating. So I blended over and over, wiping the dust from the top of the blender with my finger into a cup after each 3 second spins of the blender. I did that about 50 times until mostly shell fragments were left in the blender. I mixed the fine powder dust of the germ with a small amount of soymilk to suspend it then quaffed it quickly. With the remainder left in the blender I held it in my mouth and swished it around for about 6-10 minutes then spit it out. I noticed effects begin to set in at 45 minutes. By 1hr I was definitely preparing myself for a trip.

Before I get into what I experienced and how I would compare it to LSD, I will explain past hallucinogenic doses I have experimented with. I have taken 10 hits of 200 microgram LSD. [Erowid Note: Claims of measured microgram dosages for LSD are usually unsupported. Quantitative measurements for LSD are very difficult to do and cannot be done casually. Without further detailed information about how the measurements were derived, it is reasonable to assume that most statements of microgram dosages of LSD on blotter or in microdots are either misinformed or overstated.] I have also taken 2 hit, 3 hit, 4 hit, 5 hit, and 8 hitter sessions. I have taken 1/5th of mushrooms caps dried. I have taken 1/8 of baby fresh mushroom caps. I have taken 1/4th of dried mushrooms in combination with 8 hits of LSD. I have also done 20X salvia divinorum until I couldn't hold the water pipe anymore. I've also done 20 grams of syrian rue. And finally 2 bottles of DXM maximum strength cough surup.

The first thing I noticed as I was coming up 45mins-1hr 30mins into the trip was how amazingly similar my mind and body began feeling as if I were on LSD, more so then any other drug I have ever tried, in fact I couldn't even tell the difference between a 2 hit trip. What I have heard is taking 100-300 seeds is like taking 200-500 micrograms of LSD. I would say that is a very accurate evaluation.

There is a strong 'body high' and all senses from sound, smell, taste, and touch become noticeably heightened. Closed eye visuals are possible as are open eyed visuals, and all very similar in intensity and the way the experience is felt to LSD. It felt like a very clean trip. In other words I felt only slight nausia on the onset which went away very quickly. The trip lasted 8hrs or longer.

I started my trip painting a giant painting of the earth. I listened to future sounds of london:life forms as I painted. I was surprised at how quickly and creatively I was able to work. I created something I felt was not even created by my hand, I did not know how I created it, as if a force of nature simply flowed through me, when I was done, layers of earth spiraled out of other layers into the sky and the sky back into other layers spiraling figures out of it, and figures sucking up the earth. It was somehow unified despite me never stepping back to look at it in it's whole, which is unusual in my works. I used colors in a way I had never used them before, as if I was finally inspired to take a risk and take chances with brighter, darker, and more variety of colors within colors, and the results were phenomenally psychadelic.

I then listened to some psychedelic music like shpongle, then decided to go outside. It was daytime and instantly a bird flew no more then 2ft above my head, so close I could hear its feathers ruffle. I looked at the patterns of the branches of the leafless tress, I could see how the reached for the sky, reached for life, and rooted in the earth, which also sustained their life, and them in turn sustaining our life, all connected. I went back inside and did some thinking. I went back outside and it was dark. I looked up at the stars and they formed a pattern, like a network of life, which extended from the sky and projected this pattern back into my energy/soul/essence whatever, connecting the universe in an abstract way my mind could understand at the time. I then walked into the middle of a large empty field and played with myself for a little, it was as if I was impregnating the earth, or earth was empregnating me, energy was pulsing and jolting out of the earth, in rhythm with my motions, but I never ejaculated, my thoughts were carried elsewhere as cars drove by.

I walked back to my trailer park. I heard multiple dogs crying and getting beat and this moved me greatly. My mind sunk into a self depriving, society hating mentality where I became disconnected from this network the stars had connected me to. I did not know what I could do. I did not want to snoop around the trailers for the fear of some beligerant hick shooting me in the back. Stuff like this just sucks the life out of a trip and makes me want to get out and do something seriously rebellious, something that will make people hear me, something to release the rage, release the pain. My artwork is my only release, so it may help people see things in another way, to respect life, and the earth which creates life, which created all of us and we are all connected to and so on, killing the earth is like killing us, and killing a ant is like killing our anscestors kin if you believe in evolution.

I walked back home with these thoughts in my mind. I walk by a garbage bin and I heard a rustle. Suddenly a cat jumped right over my shoulder and I just jumped like 5 feat in their air shouting at like 10pm 'OH MY GOD!!!' And then I noticed either 1 or 2 cats began following me as I walked back to my trailer. Weird shit only happens when I am tripping, or maybe I just become sensitive enough to actually notice and appreciate it.

I just noticed I have been listened to the same song on repeat over and over through writing this whole thing and it didn't bother me one bit, elephant man - blaze it up.
I REALLY wanted to smoke some herb to intensify this trip just a bit, as I usually like a stronger trip with more visuals so I can really get carried away to a totally changed realm of vision and consciousness.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 41918
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 20, 2008Views: 5,884
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