Legally Excellent
by ExisT
Citation:   ExisT. "Legally Excellent: An Experience with Kratom (exp41939)". Feb 3, 2014.

6 g oral Kratom (dried)


I ordered 12 grams of Super Kratom for about $20 with shipping. Received the product three days later via USPS Priority mail. The leaves are preground into a fine powder that closely resembles a small bag of dry dirt. I emptied half the product(6grams) into about one liter of boiling tea, and let it boil gently while stirring for approximately ten minutes. It boiled down to just enough for one coffee cup, which is sipped casually. Unfortunately most of the Kratom settled to the bottom, and it was quite intolerable to try to choke it down at this point. The taste wasnt bad, just very dry. It caused a definate cotton-mouth sensation and was difficult to swallow. So I put what was left into some gourmet coffee and stirred it well before drinking it with a swallow. Coffee seems to be a very good mixer, if you like coffee.

At first I experienced a very mild stimulation, which could have been primarily due to the caffeine intake. The effects of the Kratom were quite noticable after approximately one hour, and at this point I experienced a nice Vicodin like buzz. After a while it became much more intense, more closely resembling the effects of Oxycontin. Now, approximately 2 hours after ingestion, I've got the itchies that are a common side-effect from presciption narcotics. My brain and body are profoundly relaxed, and I feel the urge to just lay back and enjoy the ride. There are no, I repeat NO, visual hallucinations from this drug. I would presume that any reports suggesting hallucinations are drawn from other chemicals or just faulty reporting.

At first, before the full effects came on, I was tempted to consume more of the product. This would have been a bad idea. I'm feeling a slight nausea now, not overwhelming by any means, but I feel my dose was very good. There are many reports that say Kratom is a bad experience because the person got sick and puked. I feel this is a result of overdosing, just as taking to much of any painkiller will induce vomiting. If anything, start with a low dose. This will produce a very smooth and enjoyable experience.

In conclusion I would like to state that I have and am thoroughly enjoying my first experience with kratom. It's legal and it produces excellent results. This is a combination I would recommend to anyone looking for a natural, safe, and legal alternative to heroin or expensive and highly controlled pharmaceuticals.


Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 41939
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 3, 2014Views: 5,058
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