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Legal and Branded in New Zealand
Piperazines & Vitamins/Supplements
Citation:   Anonymous. "Legal and Branded in New Zealand: An Experience with Piperazines & Vitamins/Supplements (exp41951)". Nov 3, 2005.

1 capsl oral Piperazines
    oral Vitamins / Supplements
Thought you might find it interesting hearing about New Zealand's HUGE legal BZP pill market. They are sold over the counter in night clubs, at liquor stores and in convenience stores 24/7. Big brands all have two versions under each company: One is speedy (Just BZP usually) and the other is an attempt at mimmicking ecstasy (just loads more TFMPP with BZP). Names include: Charge, Jets, Frenzy, Jump and the spacier ones include: Euphoria, Rapture, Exodus.

However, there is now a NEW pill out called 'KANDI' which contains BZP, TFMPP AND TWO NEW substances ('Trysoine, Bitartrate blend' [Erowid Note: This is likely a misspelling of tyrosine]). My experience of this new pill is as follows, as New Zealand is teetering on the edge of making all these legal highs illegal.

Kandi is a bright pink gel cap that glows in the dark under UV light. Onset took about an hour, and was feeling quite bouncy as we were in a club at the time. We were listening to UK style hard house, which was really causing the adrenaline to pump through my system. Then, surrounded by good friends, I started to become TACTILE! Just like real ecstasy, but without the luvved up feeling. I was very comfortable talking to strangers and very social. Rubbing my hands on a female friend's fluffy collar felt quiter nice. After a bit the visuals kicked in. Grainy vision in the darker areas accompanied by tracers of light, very much like LSD. By now I was thinking the government surely can't allow this to stay legal.

It was all going great for a couple of hours until my energy started to disappear. Soon, I was a jelly-like mess and keeping any train of though became quite difficult.
The longer things went on, the more tired I felt. I ended up just sitting down, and started to feel like I was on an ecstasy come-down.

About eight hours after I ingested the Kandi, I was at home, coming don for real.
Boy, real ecstacy at least has an after-glow to accompany the come-down. This stuff just leaves me wide-eyed and headachey, despite the added vitamins to try and combat the come-down.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 41951
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 3, 2005Views: 6,249
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Vitamins / Supplements (231) : Club / Bar (25), Hangover / Days After (46), General (1)

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