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Chewing Flowers
Leonotis leonorus
by Unregistered
Citation:   Unregistered. "Chewing Flowers: An Experience with Leonotis leonorus (exp42103)". Aug 24, 2005.

0.5 g buccal Leonotis leonurus (flowers)


I bought some wild dagga leaves on a website. I didnt find it to be effective, and hard to smoke. Later, I bought a large amount of flowers at the wholesale price. I found out flowers to be effective, smoked in rather large amounts (1 or 2 big cigarettes of pure flowers), but far from being a 'marijuana substitute', and expensive. The taste is mild, but the smoke wears on the lungs, even if not harsh while smoked.

I had the possibility to buy a large amount of flowers at the wholesale price. As smoking dagga seems unfriendly to the lungs, I had the idea to try somme 'quid method'. Sublingual absorption works sometimes, like with LSA or Salvia. I chewed something like 0.5 g (or a little less) for 15 minutes, without swallowing the juice. The taste is stronger than expected, very close to the smell of the dagga leaves. It's a bit bitter, in a way which reminds me of Salvia, but with an unpleasing taste. The aftertaste is hard to wash. My tongue feels a bit numb first, but then a little burned. Dagga seems to be 'corrosive'.

The effects are definitely stronger than those produced by smoking the same amount. The onset is hard to notice. I'm rather happy. I feel sedated, but I'm able to work and I'm enjoying what I do. I feel a bit stupid, but my mind is producing the right words and concepts at a proper speed, simply, I'm not aware of my mental process. The effects are not strong but nice.

What makes me unhappy about dagga is the corrosive effect on the lungs if smoked, on the tongue if chewed. It reminds me of tobacco.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 42103
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 24, 2005Views: 24,974
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