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Uploading the Conciousness Worm
DMT, LSD, Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis
Citation:   Reality Pixie. "Uploading the Conciousness Worm: An Experience with DMT, LSD, Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis (exp42167)". Jun 29, 2005.

50 mg smoked DMT (powder / crystals)
This is a trip report a friend from overseas sent me.

Entheogen intake: Cannabis>LSD>Nitrous>DMT

We are listening to a CD by Shulman in the loungeroom. Its about 2300 and most of the house visitors have gone home. Finally the stifling effect of different energetic vibrations is replaced by a reflective quiet as the soothing and evocative sounds issue forth from the stereo and we allow the space to be lit by the entheogens eaten hours earlier.

There are three of us. Myself, my girlfriend Rusty and my friend ZZZ. Rusty and I have eaten strong acid and my friend Z has had 2 grams of Psilocybe cubensis. There are definite benefits in smoking DMT in conjunctions with oral tryptamines such as Psilocybin and LSD. For me one can use much less DMT and still work it and get very good well, the DMT experience seems to linger longer when already the Psilocybin or Tryptamine is in the system.

As ZZZ and I talk random tripper talk Rusty walks into the loungeroom and quietly informs us that the CD by Shulman is her DMT music and I notice that she has her 'kit' for a DMT/Nitrous experience. As I watch, she has a mystical glow and I feel happy and safe in the knowledge that tonight she is bringing it through for the tribe, she is providing the space, the sacred healing energies. It is rare that rusty offers her magickal services and holds the space in a group sitting and Z and I are honoured to be experiencing it. The providing of the DMT experience and indeed for any sacred inebriant is an extremely powerful act. It can be an act of self empowerment and enlightenment for all involved or it can be a painful karmic burden and worse if it isn’t handled with respect.

R has loaded up a nitrous balloon for me and a cone of good smoke with a small pinch of DMT on it.

*** Most DMT I have seen varies between being a Dark Red Wax to Pure White Crystalline Shards. The more waxy and red the more miscellaneous alkaloids in the mix. This can make the smoke very thick and hard to smoke, but comes with the benefit of having more active smokeable tryptamines in the vapours. The less colour in the DMT the more pure it is. Crystalline White DMT can also turn yellow over time when exposed to air and heat; it is easier to smoke and a much cleaner experience as compared to the resiny waxy DMT.

Z will sit this experience out... Being tentative and relatively a newcomer to DMT having mostly smoked 'Changa' and will opt to just enter the space with nitrous.

** Nitrous is a Dissociative Tool. The use of nitrous in conjunction with tryptamines is beneficial for loosening the energetic body. The Nitrous is used to shunt the energetic body out of its fixed position and then with the tryptamine enhanced conscious thought the psychonaut can manoeuvre the energetic vehicle for soul flight.

I smoke the Laced Cone and as soon as I breathe out the smoke I begin inhaling the nitrous.

**I believe the secret to prolonging the effect of nitrous on the energetic body is through correct breathing techniques... Experimenting with regulating the amount of CO2, N20 and Air etc..

I experience a melting sensation as the combined tools work their magick and I descend into a cave of swirling psychedelic cartwheels...very much like the poster that moves through optical illusions. The experience is only what I call a Surface level experience.. I am experiencing vivid hallucinations with eyes closed and I am aware of myself being in an altered time/space environment where different laws of reality apply...however I am not fully engaged in the experience...and I am not THERE and you know when you get there.

As I am in the bulb space, I vaguely hear R smoke her DMT and start inhaling the nitrous. Energetically I feel a warmth emanating from where she is sitting and I notice her presence entering the bulb space.

I come to baseline fairly quickly though the lingering effects of spiritual cleansing are there.

Shortly after this experience I ask R if I could have a bigger dose. I start to pack myself a cone and Z pipes up and says that we have made him very curious and would like to try some. R smiles and says “of course” and I grab the vial of DMT and measure out the dose. Z looks at me wryly but with trust and says “Don't punish me to much” before adding “I don’t mean you” to me. I give him a good dose roughly 25-30 mg

***This should be all that is needed for an entry level dose from fairly pure DMT, with less pure Extraction the amount could be up to 100mg.

I watch Z smoke his cone and sink into the couch, I smile knowingly and start to prepare my cone. I haven’t been very comfortable in my relationship with DMT for a while it seems to me that with continued use, a psychonaut will undergo many transitions in their relationships with their Shamanic tools... Tonight, I think to myself, I’m going to make peace with the spirit molecule. I sprinkle a significant amount onto the cone piece... Roughly about 50mg. I smoke the DMT, eager to join Z in the tryptamine realms.

For this next part I will write in italics:

The DMT comes on very subtle... There is no body load at all... On a very clear feeling of lightness and radiation beginning to spread from my solar chakra. I move very quickly through the early stages of DMT ascension... The veils of various realities peeling back very much like the chrysanthemum which is so highly regarded in DMT literature... And then I am there.

Where is here???

I see 4 blocks that have symbols inscribed on them...the blocks are made of a type of black gold. That is, it is black but also it is gold. The blocks are flaming and spinning in circular formation in an anti-clockwise direction. I watch as they all spin and click together in the form of a cross it forms a small rectangle opening in the middle which is black with gold running through it. Guarding the configuration i notice an eagle and a lion at two of the corners and I realise that they are 2 of the Elemental Archangels as talked about in western mysticism. When the blocks click together the back ground flames up and I feel like I have reached perfection. I realise this is the LOGOS that is so talked about in Gnostic and other paths. As I start to lose my objective view, the blocks begin to issue forth other blocks in complex spiralling emanations that vaguely resemble the merkabah and they fractal out in different patterns based on combinations of symbols. I try to stop the fractal of the LOGOS from spinning out of control and for a brief while I maintain the original 4 in perfect harmony. The intensity, however, is pushing me beyond this point and moves me down a spiral of coded blocks and I am then in a place.

I can still hear the psychedelic music in the background however it is now a tool of the tryptamine awareness. I am in a space which is made up of the spongy green/yellow energy that I mostly see under bulbs and DMT... It is a pliable background of tactile energy... And in this situation I sit back as a definite presence uses this tactile energetic interface to basically put on a show for me while it uses the energy of the psychedelic music coming from the stereo. After that the trip moves upward and outward and I am now suspended in the void and it feels like I am straddling the space. There is a thick cord of yellow/green energy which is inseparably plugged into what is usually the back of my head and there is also the sensation that I am plugged in at my back and where my arms and legs are. I feel like I have been here forever. There is a powerful, constant surge of highly concentrated energies being exchanged here. And a voice tells me that I am a hub, a focal point of consciousness energies and evolutionary force.... I notice in the distance that there are junction points which are blue balls...but I am unable to think of moving.... The site is to bizarre...the reality much to real and I have never seen this before... Maybe next time...

After seemingly being in the String suspension world for eternity... I begin the descent...and I am am spiralling down a Crystal Shaft and then I am back in my body.

I turn to my friend who looks at me and I say 'Did you see it??'

Thoughts on the Experience

While I have read my fair share about the Qaballah and its correlations it has never been a system to which I really devoted much time on. So it is interesting that I would have the experience described. After this experience I spoke to friends, one of them is studying an honours in theology and mysticism and they gave me the Golden Dawn and Enochian Magick books to look at.

The 4 blocks which are inscribed with symbols in the beginning (Probably what is called Angelic Language) Could be seen as what is know in the Qaballah as the “Tetragrammaton” or the 4 lettered word of God. YHVH. At the centre of the 4 is what is referred to by the Golden Dawn as the 'tomb of Christian Rosenkrutz' which really is an allusion to the Ark of the Covenant. When the 4 are put together it allows access to the Universal Mainframe. The Machine Code of All creation.

DMT and the Machine Code.

DMT is the backdoor programme, the interface between the living world and the machine. It is very much like the matrix and where they plug into a computer...the DMT is plugging us into the computer.

At the Centre of the Tetragrammaton is the Ark. The ark is the input device. After some thought on the matter..

The Machine Code and Enochian Magick.

If one takes a brief look at enochian magick we see that the principals act on the assumption that the Qaballah is the primary system. The universe is deconstructed into 4 Corners which is then divided into squares...each of the squares is inscribed. The symbols when arranged in different combinations are said to Invoke the Godform or Archetype associated with the rank of the deity or godform or Energetic Awareness. On the squares are godforms which seem to go in random directions over the tablet if the tablet is presented in 2D on paper view. However if one were to form the pieces in 3D space they would form spiral blocks.

My belief is that the LOGOS in the form of Tetragrammaton is the portal of the mainframe. The universal machine. The Qaballah allows us to understand the machine. The DMT gives us access to the machine. Hebrew and Sanskrit and Arabic are all obviously stylised from the Angelic Language that are inscribed in the firmament as Tetragrammaton.
The Ark of the covenant or the tomb of Christian Rosenkrutz is the Energetic Input Device through which we Enter Energetic Search Strings for Particular Machine Code in the Sum of Creation. Qaballah and Enochian Magic may reveal to us the Particular Search Strings that are required to be entered into the Ark so that particular feats of Magick Can be Accomplished.

The Experience in the Tactile Spongy green energetic space was “1 on 1” time between myself and the tryptamine awareness, a basic how’s it going and a performance... It danced with the spongy background and with the Shulman CD... It was the private personal lesson of the experience.

The Experience of being suspended in space is possibly really where I am and what I am made of. Floating truly in a sea of infinity...connected to my tactile world through connections with other people. The forces running through me are the forces that run through us all and bind us to this thread of existence... It is the matrix of creation and the very base level where we realise that it truly is an illusion. The Void.

The descent down the quartz crystal is new to me and seems to be a typical theme in many shamanic soul flight experiences... Particularly it seems the aboriginal beliefs of seqld and NNSW had a lot of mythology around Quartz crystals and Soul flight.

Thanks for reading.

Any comments appreciated. Any insights into deconstructing and properly utilising the machine code the, please feel free to contact me.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 42167
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 29, 2005Views: 34,165
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DMT (18), LSD (2), Nitrous Oxide (40), Cannabis (1) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3)

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