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Extreme Psychadelic Nightmare
PMA (Sold as Ecstasy) & LSD
Citation:   Mr Incognito. "Extreme Psychadelic Nightmare: An Experience with PMA (Sold as Ecstasy) & LSD (exp42293)". Jul 26, 2008.

T+ 0:00
1 tablet oral PMA (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:30 4 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
[Erowid Note: Though the substance described in the report was sold as ecstasy, the effects and onset of symptoms are more consistent with PMA.]

About a year ago I'd organised a bunch of mates to come round to my place for an acid trip with some really strong tabs while I was going to candyflip with some 'white rabbit' pills I got the day before. The night came round and I decided to dump my pill before anyone arrived, about half an hour my friends came to the house and still an hour after that I had felt nothing from the pill and presumed it was a dud so I decided to take some of my tabs, I took 4 at once, now this was highly irresponsible with a possibly suspect pill still in my system, I had quite large doses of LSD before except never with tabs that strong so the trip itself was extremely intense.

But then shortly after the tabs really kicked in I felt a distinctly different feeling to the LSD, something like mild amphetamines and my heart started to race. Then about 3? hours after I'd taken the pill I started vomiting violently and feeling dizzy and hot and very sick, it didn't take long for my trip to go downhill rapidly and in addition to the strange things happening to my body from the pill I started to get really confused and delerius and worried that death was imminent. The trip just got worse and worse after the vomiting started to subside, extreme feelings of panic overwhelmed me and I became aggressive to my friends hitting some of them.

I eventually felt so bad and worried my friends so much they stopped trying to calm me down and called an ambulance, I ended up feeling like I was overheating so I took all my clothes off and ended up running outside to get to the ambulance, I must of looked completely drug fucked from their point of view so as I was running towards the ambulance the ambulance pulled away from me and started driving down the street, that's when it really started to feel like a nightmare and I wasn't sure whether I was in reality at all. The next part is a blur but one of my friends managed to get the ambos to try and help me but it somehow ended up with several cop cars and ambulances (4-5 emergency vehicles in my street) with me naked fighting a large group of police officers. I remember flashes of the fight but not the whole thing, then being subdeud and having a gun held in my face in some attempt to calm me down so they could sedate me, I didn't care about the gun at all at the time tho I was focused on the needle they were trying to shove in me, convinced they were planning to kill me.

Eventually they must of beaten me up and stuck enough needles in me to get me into the ambulance and I started going in and out of that kind of psychotic state and my bad trip asking for help and asking them if I was going to be alrite, eventually they got me in the ambulance when I was sedated and feeling less aggressive, but then again in the ambulance they strapped me down and took the needle out and then when I began to freak out the cop held me down hard (they'd shot me up with enough sedatives by then to knock someone out twice so I didn't have much strength to resist) while they gave me another injection I started howling before they did sure they were going to kill me right there. the rest I cant remember.

I woke up in hospital in the early morning, still heavily sedated and tripping a bit, the police came and interviewed me while I was still quite out of it and then when I eventually was able to get out of my hospital bed to go home, after being sectioned for a few hours due to what I did. The full extent of my injuries from the fight became clear, I had a badly broken left foot, bruising all over my body that looked like it was mostly from batons, a crack or two in my ribs and a few cuts, the foot took a few months to heal properly but its fine now. This experience was a complete nightmare, I stopped doing all chemical drugs for more than 6 months after that but I use LSD now again with no problems however I don't trust ectasy tablets anymore, irresponsibility caused the worst of that situation but I can't help but think it could still not of been a good experience with the pill alone.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 42293
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 26, 2008Views: 29,739
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