A Weird Batch of Meth
Citation:   Optimus Prime. "A Weird Batch of Meth: An Experience with Methamphetamines (exp42534)". Erowid.org. Aug 22, 2007. erowid.org/exp/42534

  repeated smoked Methamphetamine (powder / crystals)
I'll just start with a little background info. I am a 22-year old engineering student. As early as six months ago, I believed that all illegal drugs are evil. Then I tried some weed with my brother, and my life has been different ever since. Now, before I determine my opinions about substances, I think first, but I really do think before I do things and I always do sufficient research in order to protect myself and the people I love. Except the day I tried meth.

I was over at my friendís house just hanging out with a couple of his friends, getting nice and baked. Through the conversation, it became evident that one of his friends had some crystal, and we started talking about it. He eventually asked me if I wanted to try it, and I stated that I may want to later after I had a chance to research the downsides. I was then informed of the remarkably limited availability of the substance in my area, so I proceeded to purchase a quarter gram that I could try later.

Well, about an hour later, my friend and his wife decided to go to bed, and none of the rest of us had shit to do the next day, so the rest of us went to my apartment to kick it for a while. When we got there, the other two decided to fire up a light bulb. I was feeling pretty fucking left out after observing the incredible effects that it was having on them, so I decided that one time canít hurt. They taught me how to hit the bulb and eventually I had taken a few solid hits.

Meth is an incredible drug. I was fucked up out of my mind, but I was completely in control of myself. My mind would jump all over the place at 100 mph, so I found it difficult to hold a coherent thought for more than ten or so seconds. This also proved to be frustrating when other people would talk to me, because I would either completely lose track of what they were saying, or I would have to focus extremely hard. I know that other experiences state that they were able to concentrate better, but not me.

It actually kicked some ass, in a way. Because we were all tweaking hardcore, it didnít really matter if the other person was listening, because by the time they started to respond or interject, my mind had already forgotten what the fuck it was talking about. So basically this went on for about 8 hours, and during that time, I COULD NOT SHUT MY DAMN MOUTH. I had to keep talking and talking at a remarkable speed.

So I kept on speeding all through the night and into the next day. And so did the other two. We did a lot of shit, and while I was alone in my apartment, I cleaned like a motherfucker. Then around 2 pm or so, some extreme paranoia set in. Not the paranoia I expected, which was that people I saw in public would know I was tweaking or that I would think everyone was a cop. It was paranoia about real problems in my life such as some troubles I was having with my classes or my financial difficulties. I obsessed over these things until around 8 pm, at which point I smoked about three more bulbs in a row, with the help of my newfound friends, and I started to speed hardcore again, and I canít remember what happened from then until about 1 am the next day.

Now this is the point at which shit got weird and my ability to reason at all completely went out the window. I do not think that this is a normal experience, because at least one other person that used meth from the same batch had an uncharacteristic, fucked-up experience. Also, pretty much everyone was confused by what happened when we smoked it: it melted into a greenish, aqua pool instead of a clear pool. I have no idea what that would mean, but regardless, I donít think that the following events were normal.

At some point during our sporadic conversations, one of them said that they wanted the Lortabs I had, and I donít like them, so I gave them away. Then we smoked the rest of the crystal and then the other two went home. I was still tweaking pretty hard, so I decided to do some more cleaning. I began thinking about the Lortabs and the meth, and somehow my mind fucking fooled itself into thinking that someone had crushed up a Lortab onto one of our final bulbs, and that I had smoked it.

No, I have no idea how this would even make sense because itís not like the crushed up Lortab would have melted and then vaporized, but I guess my brain didnít care. Somehow that led into me thinking that the interactions between the two was probably toxic, and then I started to imagine that my heart was slowing down and skipping beats. After worrying about that for a couple of hours, I then imagined that my heart was stopping. Now get this: for some reason I thought that I could keep my heart from stopping (or restart it if it stopped) by running! That makes no fucking sense!!!

Anyways, I ended up running nearly continuously for about five hours from one side of my apartment to the other before I decided to call an ambulance. I know that sounds insane, but I seriously thought that I was dying. So when the ambulance got there, they pretty much reassured me that I wasnít going to die and that I was just tweaked out of my mind, and they convinced me to go to the hospital, which for some reason I thought was a good idea at the time. It was kind of good, though, because after not eating or drinking for over two days, I was pretty dehydrated, and IVs are faster and better than drinking water. Though mostly it sucked because I had to call a ride and now I owe the hospital well over $800 that I canít claim on my insurance because itís through my parentsí still. Lame.

I was released from the hospital around 2 pm on the third day that I was awake, and I was completely unable to fall asleep until around 8 pm. Then began the two days from hell. The comedown took two full days, and all I could really do was get up to force food down and watch TV whenever I wasnít passed out. It sucked balls. I ended up neglecting a number of things that I needed to do, and that wasnít good either.

Though most might say that my experience would convince them to never try it again, I am not so convinced. For one, there was something weird about the batch that I bought my quarter from. And second, just because doing it until your mind decides to freak out may be a bad idea, I still think that I would like to try it again over smaller periods of time, like maybe over two days instead of three. Meth is an incredible drug, and just because things got fucked up once doesnít mean that Iím not willing to give it a second, more limited chance.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 42534
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 22, 2007Views: 82,097
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