My Blueberries Hangover Cure
MDMA & Supplements
Citation:   Brian F.. "My Blueberries Hangover Cure: An Experience with MDMA & Supplements (exp42653)". Jul 10, 2021.

    oral Vitamins / Supplements (fresh)
Having read about the potential benefits of anti-oxidants in combating the neurotoxic effects and day-after hangover of MDMA, I took it upon myself to test the effectiveness of over-the-counter sources of these vitamins. On my first attempt I consumed about two grams of vitamin C along with multi-vitamins and vitamin E over the course of an MDMA experience as well as on the following day. The results were not in my favor as the anti-oxidants had absolutely no effect in preventing the all-day splitting headache that I suffered the day after I indulged in MDMA. Having heard that blueberries contain numerous anti-oxidants, some of which are many times more effective than vitamin C at scavenging free radicals, I managed to force myself to walk to the grocery store and purchase a bundle during a post MDMA hangover. Having almost vomited in the grocery store I was less than enthusiastic and not expecting dramatic results from eating a few fresh blueberries, I was wrong. Within an hour of eating the blueberries my headache was gone and other than feeling a bit drained I was back to my normal state of mind. On a subsequent experiment I purchased frozen blueberries prior to consuming a dose of MDMA. I ate a bowl of berries prior to, during, and after the MDMA experience, and am pleased to report that I suffered none of the usual day-after symptoms associated with MDMA usage (I even had a job interview the following morning and was feeling well rested and refreshed). I now wonít even consider taking MDMA unless I have blueberries in the freezer. Hell they should sell them at after-hours clubs and raves.

Brian F.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 42653
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 10, 2021Views: 788
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