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Total Oblivion Trip
Citation:   LeeAlexander. "Total Oblivion Trip: An Experience with Diphenhydramine (exp42709)". Aug 26, 2008.

1.0 g oral Diphenhydramine (pill / tablet)
Ok let me start first by saying that after this trip I am going clean for a long time. No, it wasn't really that bad so to speak it was just so damn out there that I am a little cautious about doing drugs of any kind ever again. Because by god I didn't believe you could really halucinate from something as wholesome as Benadryl. Boy was I wrong. See the thing is this was my first time halucinating. I had had blurred vision distortion tracers and stuff like that, but until this whopping 20 capsule dosage I had never seen something that just wasn't really there.

Ok now this was my reasoning for this freaking insane little stunt. I have been trying to go clean, but itís been really hard with the myriad of drugs I was on and the tons that are around even in my own damn house. I want to point something out to you readers. Otc drugs like this and dxm seem to be very potent on me. Which btw finally kicked the syrup haven't gulped down a bottle in over a month. For awhile all I knew as far as otc drugs go was dxm, but then one of my good friend stoner buddies told me you could trip on a high dose of benadryl. Now I didn't have Benadryl, but I did have some unisom sleep aids that I use at night cause I have an insomnia problem (typing this at 1.00am on a schoolnight) so I figured sure I'll give it a trial. Iíll read up on it and maybe give it a shot. So read up on it and most experiences here say it is uncomfortable, but some said it made you halucinate...horseshit thought I.

So that night I popped a nice safe dose of 10 pills 500mg. Got damn tired, throat felt dry, got a slight headache, felt pretty relaxed, minor visual distortions, pretty noticable audio halucinating. Well I could see why it was called uncomfortable, but I kinda liked laughing in bed half asleep hearing shit that wasn't real so I did it again, and again, and again, and again.....and again.

Well long story short I wasn't getting any sleep because I was spending all my money on sleeping pills. Ironic isn't it. Plus me and my girlfriend had decided we were going to go clean together. So I had to think of a way to break this habit cause it was costing me a small fortune and endangering a relationship that was really important to me. So having read the experiences involving halucinations and people saying no NO never again I looked in my bottle. 20 exactly...well k then here is the plan I down 1000mg and use my iron willpower to stop abusing the last drug I haven't kicked or I get these so called frighting 'halucinations' and get scared shitless into making a mental restraining order real damn quick. Here is the timeless experience of just how wrong I was about our friend Diphenhydramine.

11.00pm Washed down twenty capsules with some grape soda thinking heh halucinations sure.

11.30pm Started feeling relaxed, more tired, calm like I was used to. Smoked a few cigarettes waiting for something to happen.

12.30am Extremely tired now, but steadfast in my resolve to stay concious. Noticing what was the climax of my previous dosages. Visual and audio distortion, extreme lethargy, muscles relaxed that sort of thing. Thought to myself hmmm well if I'm at the climax of my old trips already maybe there is a higher plateau.

1.30am So very tired I couldn't take it so I decided to finally turn in for the night. I looked up from my computer for the first time in at least half an hour and nearly shrieked all girly like. My entire walls were covered with millions of insects. I sat there filled with absolute terror for a good 5 minutes. Finally I got the courage to stand up and I picked up a magazine thinking somehow I could kill the small countryís population of bugs that had invaded my room. However, the funniest thing happened when I tried to hit them. The spot I hit was clear of insects but none were on the paper. On closing inspection I realized the closer I got to the wall the more they faded out and the further away I was the clearer they appeared. So I thought great well I'm crazy and have a vision problem. I was frightened, very frightened.

2.00am Made it somehow to my bed (Motor skills severely hindered, difficult to even stand and am moving very slow, remiscent of cannabis use) and upon getting there tried to just close my eyes and go to sleep, but it was the damndest thing I just couldn't seem to sleep with hallucinations going off everywhere. I tried to smoke, but I kept hallucinating I had a cigarette when I didn't, or that I could pick up a lighter that wasn't really there. This was all starting to really bother me. Little did I know this wasn't even near the climax of this trip. It had already been the most devastating mindfuck from drugs I had ever induced and next it would become the biggest mindfuck I had ever experienced.

2.30am I'd say this is when it really started to climax. I saw my mother come in and ask if I was hungry. Now this was unusually since it was 2.30am and she should not have even been close to conscious. I looked up to reply, but after I blinked a few times she dissapeared. Holy shit I thought this is really truly disturbing.

3.00am All the physical ailments like my dry throat and slight headache seemed to have gone aware. I wasn't even near tired anymore. My motor skills were still severely hindered though. I cannot account very well for this time because nearly everything began to turn into a blur of total hallucinations. I have never done acid, but something tells me this is what it would be like. Once I began to identify that the things I was seeing really weren't real it became actually rather pleasant.

I chased my little brother around the room while he shifted in and out of time. I talked to my girlfriend who was sitting beside me in bed. That is until we started to make-out and she dissapeared. She appeared alot I remember and we had quite a few conversations. I saw tons of my friends the came in from alot of wierd ways. Some crawled out from my bed, some floated through my door, and some just appeared there. The visual color hallucinations were quite intense. The room looked hazy like there was smoke everywhere, and dull colors seem to dance in the mist. I thought my strobelights were on alot of the time, but no I had turned all of my lights off when I started to freak. Most of this time I imagine was spent in my bed, but I do remember being up at times. This is the first time I had truly lost time while tripping. It was not time lapses it was just so damn disturbing and intense I can't remember alot of it.

5.00am At this point I was becoming kinda tired of people who weren't really there. I'd start talking to them now fully knowing they were hallucinations simply because it felt impolite not to, then Iíd blink a few times and they would be gone. I lay there in the bed color visuals now gone left with simply the hallucinations until Iíd estimate around 6 when the last thing I can remember was talking to my girlfriend and saying I loved her and goodnight and then I guess I passed out.

Next day. Felt groggy, but actually kind of pleasant. Small visual distortions like I had experienced at the beginning of the trip lasted all that day, and audio hallucinations like hearing my name called and whispers lasted for the next few days. I feel back to normal now a couple weeks since.

This is a very powerful hallucinagen when taken in high doses. Don't be fooled by thinking its only cold medicion of sleeping pills its much more than that at high doses. The trip was so intense it seemed like what Iíve heard from pcp and belladona experiences. Me well I tried it once and someday I could do it again, but not for a long long time. I've had my fill of total mindfuck drug experiences for a while.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 42709
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 26, 2008Views: 12,725
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Diphenhydramine (109) : General (1), Alone (16)

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