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Unexpected Intensity
by drug infatuated kid
Citation:   drug infatuated kid. "Unexpected Intensity: An Experience with Scopolamine (exp42909)". Aug 4, 2005.

7 tablets oral Scopolamine (pill / tablet)


It was the summer of going from grade nine to high school. By this time I had been smoking weed steadily for two years, tried various types of opiates and hallucinogenic, and Iíd even formed a border line addiction with both prescription amphetamines and benzodiazepines.

On this particular day I had been taking 6mg lectopams all day (probably like seven or eight by that time) and was lucky enough to score some 50 mg Demerol (I had four or five, I canít remember it was four years ago). My girlfriend at the time had stolen a ring from another girl and wanted me to sell it for any type of drug.

I left the remainder of my pills with my friend Joey and went to my usual weed shop to sell the ring when my dealer informed me of these pills she had. She said her boyfriend took two and felt like he was on acid, and her brother took three and was talking to people who werenít there. I was very interested and zealous as I was an intoxicated, self-destructive fourteen year old, I had no idea what I was getting into.

She accepted the stolen ring, and gave me an unlabeled bottle of fourteen pills she said she obtained from a friend who stole them from her dad who has Parkinsonís disease. She warned me not to take more than three.

I walked back up to where my friends and girlfriend were after taking three pills. I discovered that Joey had eaten the rest of my demmies and lects so I got mad and swallowed four more pillsÖ(My girlfriend took three, she complained that I was greedy and I was). We all went to Erikaís house. My girlfriend left so I started hitting on Erika and thatís when it hit me.

It felt so indescribably weird. It was as if nothing was real and I began to forget who I, and everybody around me, was. I remember looking at the ceiling and it started bubbling and getting mad at me although it was pleasant. I remember seeing some very real hallucinations and feeling intensely energized and happy. From Erikaís I blacked out until I got home (my brotherís friends found me in the woods, I was conscious upon their arrival but collapsed in mid-discussion, they brought me home). I remember a little about coming home, it was a familiar place, but a new type of magical presence was animating it. At this point I had forgotten I took the drug and I went to my room to sit on my couch (I donít have a couch in my room). While I was sitting there (it was actually my stereo) I remember lighting up joint after cigarette after joint after cigarette and having a great old time talking to random strangers at a very social and easy going party (I donít smoke cigarettes, I didnít have weed and the only people who came in my room that night were my parents and brother telling me to shut the fuck up and go to bed).

It took them a while to figure out that I was too fucked up not to be in a hospital. They drove me down and apparently the whole way there I thought we were riding some type of laser train, but I really donít recall anything of the sort. When I got there I got really violent with the nurses so they strapped me to the bed and the first 24 hours after being admitted to intensive care I canít remember at all, the next two days I remember vividly accompanied with memories of outrageous things like talking snakes calling me names (the serious delirium began to subside after about four days).

I canít quite remember the order of trip experiences or all of them, but I can tell you the ones that I remember most clearly. My family came to stay with me pretty much all through this because the doctors werenít certain if I was going to die or not. I saw my baby sister sit up in her cradle and shoot lasers into the air, I got into a very heated argument with a cardboard smiley faced sun on the wall. At one point all my family was standing around me asking me who they were and all I knew was my fatherís name (but I couldn't remember that he was my father).

My dad took me in a private room to videotape me so I could later witness my own behavior (this footage is the most embarrassing thing ever). It showed me, in just a hospital gown smoking a joint that didn't exist, I passed it to the camera, dad declined my offer. I then commenced picking imaginary bugs off of the wall and I thought I found an escape door so I ran full throttle into this wall and fell back and my gown lifted up and my genitals exposed. The camera shuts off.

The most intense and clear memory I have of this is when I thought my night nurse was someone I fought earlier on that school year but befriended after words. And I was telling him to undo my straps. I kept asking him and he kept declining and I didn't know why so I got really pissed off and started yelling incessantly.

When I started coming down it was the fourth day, And I realized where and who I was and I felt like the biggest idiot in the world. I didnít remember anything at first but as time went on and my family told me stories some of it came back.

I did some research and found out that scopolamine is used in Parkinsonís disease treatment, (a drug found in common plants most abundant in the seeds of Datura stramonium and totally legal) and at relatively low doses is a powerful psychedelic. The doctors did identify the Valium and morphine like substances in my blood (demmies and lects) but could not identify the third chemical. Probably because it isnít commonly known for abuse and they didnít test for it.

This is four years later and Iím after trying Dilaudid, multiple potencies of acid, all the afore mentioned drugs plus legal ones like nitrous oxide, morning glory and ethyl ether extract and Iíve even since overcome a full blown crack addiction lasting months and I have never felt anything more powerful than this drug. This is strictly for people who can handle loosing total contact with earthly boundaries and personal identity.

This entire experience heightened my awareness of human frailty and since then, every hallucinogenic trip Iíve embarked on has been dreadfully frightening (except with mushrooms). I now stick with depressants and weed.

I think Iím going to make a concentrated tonic of Datura seeds ending up with a potency of 1/2 tsp of seeds per 1 ml of tonic and leave it kicking around the house for curious trip seekers: 5 bucks for a 1 ml drop.

I would never take this drug again, and if youíre going to I would recommend you use the Datura plant material and not the refined medical stuff. Donít over do it, in fact, under do it at first. Have two or three of your friends stay sober or just smoke weed, and be ready to watch you trip for at least 24 hours (this is an activity that probably takes a whole weekend and donít worry the trip sitters will have loads of fun with their fucked up friend).

For Datura trip sitters: It is wise NEVER to start an argument with the subject, go with whatever he/she says (i.e., Dad had to pretend he was my buddy Tim at one point). If they are engaging in an hazardous activity, distract them from it then remove it. (If they have a knife donít just try to take it, tell them the fairy gods will trade a magic potion for it or something, trust me theyíll most likely buy it then give them water). Give them lots of water, as much as they want. People on Datura donít need things like cigarettes and liquor and weed because when ever they want it they just tend to imagine it and it works. Donít take anything they say to heart, they are not themselves (i.e., I told my step mom, Dadís wife, that I was going to fuck her in the bathroom). And last of all, have fun, try to keep the entire thing in a peaceful, happy ambience.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 42909
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 4, 2005Views: 61,580
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Scopolamine (134) : Difficult Experiences (5), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Hospital (36)

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