Increased Bloodflow: Restless, but Not Speedy
Citation:   lanternj. "Increased Bloodflow: Restless, but Not Speedy: An Experience with Yohimbe (exp42919)". Aug 29, 2018.

1 tablet oral Yohimbe (pill / tablet)
  1 glass oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
I am a 23-yr-old lesbian who has trouble getting off sometimes. Not a decreased sex drive (no, that's *very* high, and I'm very hot for my wife), but it's very similar to how when you take psych drugs it can be hard to get turned on enough to orgasm. My wife and I decided on a whim that we'd run over to the gas station and buy one of those packets at the counter w/ horny goat weed & yohimbe & all that, then thought better of it and headed for the drug store.

Sure enough, there was an entire section of male libido boosters (yes, we were looking in the male section. They mostly use the same ingredients for men and for women, but it's very typical that women's sexual needs are not addressed in the medical world. Viagra for men is covered by health insurance, but even though viagra works for women, it's not prescribed, or covered, and neither is birth control? What crap.) anyway, we looked and looked and looked over the bottles and their ingredients and finally decided to buy a generic bottle of yohimbe capsules, rather than one of the formulations, since it was cheaper and we didn't know much about the other ingredients, and we formed the impression that many of them were things you built up to over time, and we were more interested in quick-acting things we could take 'as needed' rather than all the time. Drinking used to help in this way, getting me kind of uninhibited, relaxed, and horny, but now large doses just makes me sleepy and get headaches, and I'm trying to keep my insides cleaner these days by drinking less (read: candida, yuck).

From the Supplement Facts label:
Serving Size: One Tablet
Amount Per Serving
Yohimbe Bark Powdered Extract ----- 112.5 mg
(Pausinystalia yohimba) (8% Yohimbine = 9 mg)

We took the recommended dosage. One pill. Preparing for the possibility that nothing would come of it, we put on MST3K & ate our scrumptious dinner. We'd made our favorite spicy guacamole & I ate about 3/4 cup of it with a plateful of chips + half a burrito and drank a single beer (I don't consider this to be a combination experience b/c I am coming out of a trend of being a very big drinker such that one beer seems miniscule to me, and was only for flavor b/c of the type of food, and I sipped it slowly with my meal & never got even a teeny buzz). Now, it's worth noting that we ate *after* we took the pill. B/c when we take ecstacy, eating a pill followed by food makes the effects kick in really fast and strong, whereas eating first seems to make the pill slower and not so strong.

I wouldn't say there was a clear moment that I knew the effects had begun. I'm aware of the huge potential for placebo effect with subtle things like this. So I was skeptical for a while that anything was happening. But before the movie was over (it's 92 min long), I was tired from being up all day and wanted to go to sleep. We laid there, holding each other, and I would close my eyes for spells and wasn't quite tired enough to fall asleep and actually thought the TV was interesting, so I kept opening them again to watch. Soon enough the thing was over, and I felt really cozy holding my wife and just laying there with my eyes closed. But not super tired. We laid there for a few minutes and without the stimulus of the movie, the effort to watch, or any of that, I noticed that my skin did feel a bit tingly. Not in this super exciting euphoric way. Not even as strong as an alcohol buzz. But I could tell that the increased bloodflow thing was happening. We weren't falling all over each other trying to make out or anything. We mostly just felt exhausted b/c we'd woken up SOOO early that day and it was pretty late. So we decided to go to bed.

I was thinking how it would be really nice to have sex before we went to bed (like I often think), but my wife had suggested getting into bed, so I didn't bust any moves. I figured the stuff would probably work better if all the other circumstances were willing. Who knows what would've happened if we'd started making out? So we climbed into bed, and still the night seemed rather ordinary.

We thought, thank god our hearts aren't racing, we aren't all jacked up, creaky, wired. We are frequent users of ecstacy, and have taken our fair share of caffeine pills, cough medicines with pseudoephedrine HCL, herbal diet pills with ma huang (ephedra), shrooms, and acid, and know the dread of feeling wired and unable to sleep, often accompanied by sore jaw, chewed up lips, tightness in the head... So far, no signs of restlessness.

We cuddled each other, but it was rather hot under the covers, so we kept tangling together and turning away intermittently. I would say that probably an hour or two went by before it completely sunk in that we were indeed wide awake. But it's really hard to describe. It's not the same as being wired. It didn't entirely mask my tiredness or desire to close my eyes. It didn't keep me from sleeping altogether, I just didn't sleep for more than a few minutes at a time. The best way I can describe it is like on a day when I really dread getting out of bed, maybe because I'm depressed, maybe because I have nothing to do or don't wanna face the day, and I have the option to avoid my day the longer I stay in bed, so even though I've been asleep WAY too long, and I really can't sleep anymore, I keep turning over and trying to get comfortable and go back to sleep, but I just feel kinda hot and thick and b/c I can't get comfortable, I start to get slightly achey all over, and I occasionally manage to fall back asleep or get comfortable for a few seconds, but mostly I just lay there *wishing* I could sleep. But instead of feeling like I had the option to get up and do stuff, I was still tired. My body felt overrested, yet still tired. I felt kind of clear and alert, yet not wide awake. By the morning, I had barely slept, but never left the bed; I was achey all over, and felt like I'd been up all night. A terrible feeling to have in the morning.

Not at all like a caffeine overdose, because this was sly and subtle. Just like how some mornings I wake up feeling unrested even though I *think* I slept through the night. This stuff's a tricky little bastard b/c I don't feel cracked out but I just can't get comfortable and I just can't sleep. My wife and I agreed that it affected us very similarly. Does this mean I'll never try yohimbe again? No -- I've got an entire bottle of it!!! But what I'll never do again is take it before I intend to sleep. I will try again at the regular dose when I'm awake and chipper, then I think I'd like to try it at double dose. Not only do I want to take it when I'm awake, but preferrably we'll try it one morning when we first wake up. I could see the potential of it making you feel somewhat clear and efficient during your daytime activities, even if sex wasn't the goal.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 42919
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 29, 2018Views: 1,853
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