Opera Singer and the Flower Dimension
Salvia divinorum (leaves & extracts)
Citation:   Pseudopsycho. "Opera Singer and the Flower Dimension: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (leaves & extracts) (exp42925)". Erowid.org. Aug 20, 2007. erowid.org/exp/42925

  repeated smoked Salvia divinorum (leaves)
    repeated smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
Here is an accumulation of all my journeys with salvia. I tried to keep it in a nutshell, but it's still a bit long, since it's every trip I've had (or haven't had).

EXP 1: (leaves) [sitter: Stephen sitting and experimenting with me]

Smoked several bowls, chewed ½ oz of leaves, made extract and put in mouth. Nothing. Lame.

EXP 2: (weak 10X) [crappy sitters: Joe, Zach, and Zach’s fat brother]

Voices in head talking to me. Nothing felt strange about it. I actually kept smoking because I thought it wasn’t working. An opera singer was singing in my head, telling me what to do. Trance state with repetitive motions. Fleeting open eye visuals. Sitters became annoying, and the opera singer in my head told me they were unnecessary. I became angry, walked into the room and told them to “get the fuck out”. The room seemed to be slowly rotating. Closed eye visual of blue orb of light with my silhouette in front of it.

EXP 3: (MJ, 12X) [no sitter… bad idea!]

My friends and I smoked a little pot and I brought my 10X for them to try. They smoked it out of my bong stem because the clay bong I made fell apart. This was my first time smoking pot without being drunk, and I was pretty high. Also my first time to trip hard. Bad idea.

They smoked the salvia and said they felt like they were taking acid, and it felt like something was going to happen. That’s about it. Ryan said he felt invigorated and left to go bowling. Jessica left to take her boyfriend somewhere. I smoked the 12X alone.

Pulsations overtook my body. Sort of like sandpaper running all over my body, but not painful. Wrapped in vines. Trance state. Crawled backwards onto a couch. It’s hard to move when you’re wrapped in vines. There were only 2 directions I could go, the other was ___?? The opera singer appeared as woman made of vines and leaves, sang that she was “Ska Maria Pastora”. Closed eye visuals out of control, mind racing, TV incomprehensible. I called out to my friend several times, only to remember that she had left. It was a little scary being alone.

EXP 4 (4/19/05): (home-made extract) [no sitter, not afraid]

Separated from body, walls like paper, outside of bedroom looking in. My body is being pulled by a conveyer belt that was the computer monitor’s light. A red archway appeared over my bed. Trip disrupted by asshole roommate.

EXP 5: (home-made extract) [me sitting Heidi]

Hysterical laughter with Heidi. We both did some at the same time, which was an accident on my part because I didn‘t mean to get high from it. As I was describing to her what would happen, I started feeling the very things I was talking about. I forgot that I had smoked it too, and said, “Oh shit! I’m not supposed to be high!” Then laughter overtook us. Planes cut into my consciousness, something that I always feel. I also feel a shutter effect every time I smoke this stuff. It‘s as if someone is flashing a strobe light.

EXP 6 (5/1/05): (home-made extract/12X) [me sit Joe, Joe sit me]

Joe smoked some of my home-made stuff. He stared at me strangely, then laughed hysterically. He said I turned into a glowing white alien. He smoked some more, and looked at things around the room. My turn.

I entered the flower dimension and heard beings talking above me. Every object my skin was contacting felt strange (my head was against a wall and on a pillow, my body on the bed). As Joe attempted to fuck with me in my trip by flashing a bright light at me, I realized I was the bed. Laughed hysterically at the strange feeling the flashing light gave me for several minutes. I looked between my legs (he said, “you put your hands over your head”) and saw a swirling vortex of rectangles with a salvia plant in the center. Flashing light brought me slowly back to reality. Half tripping and laughing insanely at what I had just seen, I jumped up and exclaimed that I was the flower attendant to the flower dimension, and told my friend to take my hand, grinning and laughing wildly. I became hot, jumped off the bed and flung my shirt off. I yelled “I’M A FLOWER!” and, “I’M GROWING!”, grabbing my ankles and laughing hysterically. I became some sort of “guardian” to the flower dimension and attacked Joe’s legs in hysterics as he leapt onto my bed to escape.

(5/3/05): (home-made extract) [me sitting Stephen]

Stephen was terrified. He had to leave the room to escape fear, also described the red archway I plainly saw above my bed. He said he felt like the room was being “torqued”, or pulled at the corners. He came back later still trying to shake off fear. It was very satisfying to see his ego shot down (no respect for salvia, didn’t believe it would really work. I packed him a heavy one and smiled to myself).

EXP 7 (5/7/05): (home grown leaves, 24X!!) [Stephen sitting me]

I had been working on my sculpture project all night, which is a lamp that looks like a hot air balloon with spider legs, and has a frame made of metal wire wrapped in paper maché, with black lights inside. Hard to describe, but very eerie, and I had the image stuck in my mind. When I smoked some of my fresh blosser leaves, the image of the lamp came into my mind when I closed my eyes, and I said to myself, “Crap, this is what my trip is going to be.” Stephen came over to watch me, and I loaded up a nice bowl of 24X. I proceeded to take a monstrous hit and clear the bowl, and Stephen claims it was the biggest hit of anything he had ever seen. It was typical for me, though. Man, it felt like smoking pure extract. Harsh. I was definitely gone before I exhaled. As I watched him and laid back onto the bed, everything went into a slow motion shutter effect. He said, “Good, just lay back”, and it sounded far away.

Rigorous vibrations were felt, it’s as if the drug has to shake my body until it frees my mind from it. I wasn’t actually shaking, but it felt like I was. In the trip, I became the wire frame of the lamp. Imagine a ferris wheel, it felt very similar to this. It (I) was slowly rotating, and as it did, I moved around on the bed. I sat up, put my head down and put my hands over it again. Then I turned and laid down the other way. What I was seeing is hard to describe, because I wasn’t any one thing in particular. I was being moved by a greater force, slowly revolving. I saw a very close perspective of the wire which was me, turning.

I would try to create little lumps of matter on the wire, only to be assimilated back into the general structure. This went on and on, and I eventually saw the web-like connections between wires. They were all connected. At some point I opened my eyes and saw Stephen, with all this wire moving around behind him (his head was the only real thing I saw). I could have just as well heard a voice in a trip and felt like it was real, because when he spoke, it didn’t sound any different from the strange music and voices in my mind. He asked what I was seeing, and I spoke carefully, because I don’t like being misunderstood or sounding “slurred”. I told him I was part of rotating bars. I heard a male voice speaking to me. As my head was on the edge of the bed, the structure that I was a part of became segmented, as the corner pressed into the back of my head. I said in my mind, “I want to see something else now, salvia.”

It replied, “But this is all there is! This is everything!“ I sat up again and changed back to the pillow. “How the hell did I get to that side of the bed?” Later, I forgot how I got back to the pillow again. While relocating I saw the clock amongst the bars, and it looked very strange, displaying what I call “A time of evil”. It displayed 11:11.

About this time I realized that what I was seeing was the recycled matter of the universe, and the building blocks it is created from. Atoms to cells to beings to planets, etc. Forgive a little philosophy, it happens. When we die, we become humus, then plant matter, then animal, then eventually part of a human again, over and over. So in a sense, we ARE reincarnated and reused. Science says that every atom in our bodies has been forged in the sun. We all share a common origin, we have all existed as the same things, and we are all part of one another. We are all connected in some way. This is what I gathered immediately from the trip.

When I attempted to build up material and was assimilated back into the structure, this was just like a life, living, then falling back into the system again, only to be recreated later. The interconnecting wires were the connections between life forms. I was feeling and seeing life as infinity! I thought to myself, “How can it be infinity if it is segmented?” Well, the universe in my mind is made up of infinite particles which make up bigger and bigger things. So it is segmented. But what does the solar system make up? What bigger thing is that a part of?

I finally started to SLOWLY come down (also a first). I saw vortexes, one was like a vortex, but the epicenter just joined tails with another vortex. This is what I think black holes do. When at one point I accidentally hit myself in the forehead, I saw a triangle vortex. So, triangles symbolize pain, in my mind. Realize that the entire time I was a ferris wheel, I was moving around with my hands and body, although my eyes were mostly closed. Then I remembered that red archway over the bed. I said, “I would like to see the archway again.”

A voice replied, “It is not important.”

“But still, I want to see.”

It appeared as it did before, and then slowly became a subway tunnel. I described it to Stephen. It was a very arched tunnel with a pointed top, which was lined with a vine of some sort, directly at the ceiling’s center, going as far as I could see.

My entire trip lasted almost 30 whopping minutes. I’m sure poor Stephen was getting bored. He said he was trying not to move. For at least 30 more minutes, I was VERY high. I feel very peaceful and calm for at least 24 hours after a trip. It really does seem to have a nice anti-depressant effect. The night of the trip, one gets very strange, vivid dreams. I will definitely be trying more 24X.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 42925
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 20, 2007Views: 5,051
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