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Blasted Through the Canvas of Reality
Salvia divinorum
by Ian
Citation:   Ian. "Blasted Through the Canvas of Reality: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp43034)". Sep 6, 2008.

250 mg smoked Salvia divinorum
Friday night, about 9.30 pm. I was talking to a friend of mine, D, who asked if I wanted to smoke some Salvia with him. Neither of us had done it for several months. I figured this to be a good idea and invited him over. Shortly thereafter, another couple friends of mine, T and J, came over. We broke out the Salvia and smoked it from a glass pipe.

I was the first to smoke. It burned intensely going in. My eyes began to water and I sat down. 30 seconds had passed and my heart began to race and I was pouring sweat. I couldn't seem to pay attention to anything else happening in the room. I mentioned that I wanted to try walking, and I ran upstairs and got a piece of bread. Soon after returning to my room, D offered me another hit, I gladly inhaled. I held this hit in much longer, and repeated the process once more. After this second round, the three of us started laughing hysterically. Immediately thereafter, I shoved my face into my lap as hard as I could.

I could see my entire room printed on two sides of a zipper, at first it was split, but soon it zipped shut, forming a picture of my room in front of me. I had no sense of anything but that of my immediate surroundings, it felt as if my room was floating in an infinite abyss. I lifted my head up and turned around, expecting to see the wall behind me, I only saw darkness with several small points of light, somewhat like space. I quickly turned back only to see that my room had disappeared and been replaced with a huge room full of marble columns. In between this row of columns was a swimming pool, with curtains all around it. I was gazing in awe, when my friend J burst out of the pool with a camera.

I was enthralled by the light on the camera, so enthralled that I felt compelled to shove my face into my chair this time. I felt as if my room was being projected onto many layers of hanging blankets, and I would pull the blankets back one by one to reveal hidden parts of my room, otherwise unseen. Eventually I came to the end of the blankets and I was surrounded by darkness, which slowly became my room again. At this point I was sober.

The whole experience lasted only several minutes, but it was extremely intense. It turns out that J was actually filming me with his camera to see if he could capture me behaving in such a manner. I reviewed this film after the experience only to reveal that I had been sitting there bobbing back and forth the entire time, everything that was happening was completely inside my head. I also felt as if I had no connection with the people in my room, I was completely wrapped up in my own little world, I had no computing power to observe, or even think about my friends. I also found it to be next to impossible to chew the bread that I had in my mouth, I do not advise eating while on Salvia.

After the second hit, I had tremendous amounts of trouble focusing on reality, as time marched on, it was increasingly difficult grasp reality, and eventually it felt as though I had gone completely through reality. It felt almost as if I had been loaded into a cannon, and shot through this 2 dimensional manifestation of reality, into another realm, a realm past reality, a dream world if you will. It felt as if I was shooting through this dream world of mine, and at the end of the experience, I fell back into reality, through the same hole that I punctured through it upon my entrance into the dream world. While it was happening, it was somewhat frightening, but in retrospect it was a very valuable experience.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 43034
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 6, 2008Views: 4,630
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Salvia divinorum (44) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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