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Time Warp
by Razorz
Citation:   Razorz. "Time Warp: An Experience with Cannabis (exp4304)". Erowid.org. Mar 6, 2001. erowid.org/exp/4304

  smoked Cannabis (plant material)


One day after work my friend and I decided to smoke some new kind bud that he just picked up a few days before. He told me that this stuff was strong, but being an experienced smoker I thought nothing of it. We got to his house and his wife decided to toke with us. So I had a seat on the couch and he started to roll a nice jay. After rolling it, we proceeded to smoke this bad boy, of course passing it in session between the three of us. By the time the jay was gone I could not believe the quality of the bud, my head was seriously spinning.

This was different to me, most of the time I gotta smoke at least three jays to get where I was. He broke out his pipe, which didn't suprise me any, as I figured we were going to smoke more. He packed about 20 roaches in the pipe and me and him smoked them, and then he packed 2 bowls of the kind bud. Needless to say, I was baked, standing up not possible. We started to watch tv and got tired of it quickly. We ended up going and playing pool at a local bar, I could hardly make a shot much less order drinks. I ended up messing up the drink order and we all had soda. So we went over to my friend's house and sat there and played video games.

The buzz had begun at 11:00 am and we left the bar at about 12:45, and the rest of the time we played video games. I ended up looking at some of my friend's art that he had on the wall, and someone came over and started to talk to me. I asked them what time it was because I had to be somewhere at 4:00. They said it was 10:30. I said, 'What the hell, it's not 10:30, quit messing with me.' But it actually was 10:30 and I ened up missing some important dates, but oh well, I was too baked to care. We had been smoking while playing the games, about 4 more bowls.

Well, I guess I would have to say never underestimate the true power of good bud and always keep an eye on what time it is in case you need to be somewhere. I was almost in a time warp when I was looking at his artwork and the only reason I asked what time it was was because it felt like only 20-30 min.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 4304
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 6, 2001Views: 4,358
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Cannabis (1) : Various (28), General (1)

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