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Toying With a Vanishing World
Salvia Divinorum (extract 10x) & Blue Lotus
by Hazzy
Citation:   Hazzy. "Toying With a Vanishing World: An Experience with Salvia Divinorum (extract 10x) & Blue Lotus (exp43296)". Jul 20, 2005.

1 bowl smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)
    smoked Lotus/Lily - Nymphaea nouchali var caerulea (plant material)


1st Time

I have tried the dried Salvia leaves before, but I only got the strange, not good but not bad, 'melting face'/'heavy' high from it, feeling very, very hot and light headed, but not tripping at all. (Sorry if this sounds strange, but it's really hard to describe the high you get from salvia.) So, I wanted to actually trip, and do it right, so I ordered a gram of 10x standardized extract along with a 1/2 oz of dried Blue Lotus (to mix with the salvia and make tea/smoke).

That night I took the extract out to a field along with my bong and a couple buddies, and I sat down on the grass to prepare for a completely new experience. The sky was clear and the night sky was filled with stars and a very bright, full moon. I packed about half a bowl of the salvia extract, half blue lotus, put the lighter to it, and roasted the entire bowl, filling my bong with a thick, white rip. I inhaled the whole rip and held it in for about 15 seconds, then slowly exhaled and lied down on my back, looking up at the sky.

As soon as I had exhaled the hit, I immediately felt the extremely heavy high of Salvia, my body and face especially feeling as if it was being pulled down, as if I was on one of those high g-force spin rides at the fair. My reality became very distorted, an almost darkening of my consciousness, as if I was falling into a dream, and, as I looked up, the sky darkened and became a tunnel, centered on my being. My breathing became very loud, in perfectsync and rhythm with the breathing of my friend lying next to me.

As I looked up into this tunnel, I began to see large triangles, just bigger than my body but of perfect shape, stacked on top of me, reaching up for miles and miles. (This is hard to explain.) It was like a tower made up of thousands of stacked triangles had formed around me and on me, making me its foundation. The triangles were not filled in, so that way up through their middles (which I looked through as I stared up) I could still see a bit of night sky. As they stacked on top of each other, colors began to flow through them and between them, as if bolts of colored electricity zapped around in the center of the tower. As my breath reverberated loud, I realized that my breathing and my chest rising and falling was pushing this tower of triangles up and down; the tower was rising and falling with my chest, as if my chest was supporting the whole tower.

It was simply amazing, the entire trip lasting for about 30-45 seconds, though to me it seemed like an eternity. When I 'woke up' from the trip, I sat up, feeling the strange salvia high gradually wearing off as well as the images from the trip becoming less clear in my mind (as if waking up from a dream). After about a minute more, all the effects had completely worn off, and I was sober again.

2nd Time
(5 min later)

Yep…so I sat up, looked around me, said a 'whoa' and explained to my friends what I had just seen, then packed another bowl and did it all again, this time sitting up and looking up at the moon over the trees. Again I inhaled a single large bong rip deep into my lungs, held it, and exhaled, feeling myself becoming pulled away from reality again immediately. This time, I stared at the moon, and was amazed by what I saw. The moon had an aura around it, almost like a hole, and it seemed the moon was slowly coming out of this hole. By this I mean, the moon began to become long and stretched, as if what we normally see when sober is only a small part of a greater thing.

It started to move away from its base (being the hole), looking like a bright white train, the moon being the front and the length of it like a big, stable tracer you see when shrooming. I'm pretty sure the 'moon train' had a face on the front of it, its length increasing as it moved further away from the 'hole'. Just as I began to wonder how long the moon actually was, the hole out of which the moon train was moving suddenly glowed bright and BURST, filling the entire night sky with patterns and colors, like a huge fire work suddenly went off, noiselessly. As the patterns and colors touched earth, the trip ended, and there I sat, sober as a nun, sitting in the field with my friends again.

3rd Time

This time, I was on the bed of my good friend's truck, sitting and watching the sun slowly sink over a field. He smoked right before me, and as he drifted off into neverland, I grabbed the bong and took a nice milky rip soon after. This time, my trip was not so pleasurable. Because my legs were hanging off the end of his truck, the feeling of being pulled down was magnified, and it felt like I 'needed' to be on the ground, but I couldn't move, so I just tried to enjoy the trip.

What I saw as my vision darkened, was my own face, made out of patterns and colors mixed with black. The colors and edges of the face were ever moving and kind of 'buzzing', and the face would react to whatever my own face was doing. I lost total control of the muscles in my face, and my mouth just started to gape open, while my entire face went numb. Thus, the 'pattern face' I was seeing had its mouth gaping open, and it would open and close it's mouth as I open and closed mine. Funny enough, I began to drool on myself, because of my lack of control, and it was not exactly pleasurable. Because this mirror-like thing was the only visual part of my trip, it seemed the physical parts were magnified, that odd, pulling feeling of a salvia high covering first my face, then my entire body. The numbing feeling was very intense in my face and my legs, like little needles all over my skin, and I was sweating more than usual too (maybe it was because it was day time?). Anyways, I didn't really enjoy the trip, and I was glad it was over relatively quickly. My buddy really enjoyed it and wanted to do it again immediately, but I didn't, still feeling the physical effects wearing off.

4th Time
(day later)

This time I did it after my oldest brother had tried it (his first time). He had a really intense trip, lying down on the floor of my room. All he could say is 'whoa' and he kept saying 'how long?' to me, to which I replied first 5 minutes, then 2 minutes. To calm him, I said I had done it many times before and there's no chance of overdose, to just sit back and enjoy it, and he said 'really? That's cool' and just spaced off till the end of his trip :D. What he said he saw was everything melting and bending in toward him, the bed next to him falling like a waterfall and the walls bending and melting down in a steady flow. Sounds cool eh?

Well, I had pressure from my friend's present to do it again before they would try it, so I agreed (even though I didn't feel like it) but I only took about half a hit. This time, about half of the same pattern face showed up, this time being only my chin up to my nose, and it wore off pretty quick. This is why this was my last time doing it (I gave the rest away). I had the same trip twice, and I didn't want that. But I'll definitely try it again some other time…salvia is incredible.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 43296
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 20, 2005Views: 34,294
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Lotus/Lily - Nymphaea nouchali var caerulea (105), Salvia divinorum (44) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Retrospective / Summary (11), First Times (2)

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