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Something Happened at the Lake
Caffeine & Dreams
Citation:   That Other Guy. "Something Happened at the Lake: An Experience with Caffeine & Dreams (exp43435)". Erowid.org. Sep 14, 2007. erowid.org/exp/43435

1 cup oral Caffeine (liquid)
This is the story of of how I had the most intense dream of my life, and how that experience has lead me look into with great interest into Lucid Dreaming.

I am a procrastinator by nature which is very important to know. I usually wrote papers for school at 3 in the morning before I go to school. In my last days of high school I still had 3 fairly large papers to write before I went to sleep and It was of course 11:00 at night. I felt strangely tired and decided if I went to sleep I would not be able to wake at 3 in the morning to write my a papers so I decided I would have my mom who was visiting a relative get me the largest cappuccino she could find.

Coffe and cappuccino always give me an extreme amout of energy for a long time. I think Cappuccino has such an effect of me because a while ago I dedided that I should stop drinking carbonated liquids and don't really get caffeine on a regular basis. Basicaly I only drink it when I have papers to do.

By the time my mom arrived I had aready produced 2 very shoddy papers and didn't need that much caffeine to finish the third so I drank like a 1/4th of it and finished my paper then decided to go to sleep. Around 2:30AM I woke up and decided to drink the rest because I enjoyed the taste then went directly back to sleep. I have no idea how I managed to sleep at all with this amount of caffeine in my system but I guess it was important to the process. This is when the dream occured.

It started off as me and my friend who we'll call D running a mall at this point the dream seemed so real I could not tell it was a dream at all. I said to D that I needed a ciggerette because my mom had been around me all day and I couldn't smoke around her. He replied 'Dude, you just graduated (still about a week off of this experience) and you should be able to smoke when ever you want to.' Then he said my girlfriend is on the 5th floor, let's go get my smokes from her. So we ran up countless stairs and then alternated going down from the stairs and elevators seeing who could get to the next floor first in a sort of race. As soon as we were about to exit this strange mall I had never seen before, suddenly I was in my room.

It was as if I woke up but soon I learned that I didn't. As I looked to the celing there were several human sized spiders crawling on it. Suddenly I remembered that I was prone to dreams where I couldn't move or talk and that the only way I could escape such a dream was to look at a clock or some other changing object to prove to myself that I was in a dream. As I looked to a clock near my tv I saw a short blurry white figure that seemed to have a pig snout. I said 'This is a dream. I'm not afraid of this.' and then almost instantly I was once again transported to a diffrent location.

This time I was on a trail though I now realize I had never been there before. I thought at the time it was in a town near mine. I was with 3 of my friends who we'll call S, B, and K. At this point in my dream I was fully aware that I was in fact dreaming and could do anything I wanted. So I set a destination we would be going to, a lake that doesn't exist in real life to go fishing. K said that's what we were doing the whole time and as I looked into my hand I noticed 2 things, I had a fishing pole, and my cast was no longer there (I had broken my hand skateboarding). We walked up this semifamilliar trail and suddenly S decided he would go back and get us some weed.

The trail at this point was covered with shallow water and I kept dipping my unbaited hook in and out to see if I could catch something. I was approaching the edge of the water covered trail and I suddenly got a bite. I sat on the dry section of the trail but B and K decided to continue on to the lake. I was there for what seemed like hours by myslef not catching anything but then I had an apifany I was more happy sitting here doing nothing than I had ever been smoking weed.

It was really dark and I thought to myself you only get a dream this controllable once in a long while so I should head back to the head of the trail, where I decided a car should be waiting for me to drive somewhere else. I had more friends I wished to visit in this dream. But before I could get up a series of torches started stringing up the trail and I thought someone was coming.

In a few seconds a torch reached me and a man I didn't recognize but I'm sure I knew approached me. He said 'Thank god you're alive. Let's go quickly.' I said 'What about B and K?' and a tear fell from his eye and he started pulling me. As I looked back and around a corner I saw what appeard to be B's room. B and K were sitting there only now they were sort of blue and frowning. Then suddenly I realized they were dead. Something had happened at the lake. The man began to cry and we kept going then suddenly I was in the final location of my dream.

I was in a heavenly looking room and in front of me an empty wooden chair. A voice called to me clearly 'Are you ready to know the meaning of life?' as the voice said this the chair began to change to a heavenly blue marble chair. Just then I didn't want to be in this consious dream anymore and forced myself to wake. When I woke I quickly found a pen and paper and began writing this dream down I thought it had some deep hidden meaning and I didn't want to lose it.

The next night I tried to recreate the circumstances of this dream, but the series of dreams I had had no apparent meaning. Yet I was still fully consious though all of it. Strange.

Well I'm done perhaps you know more of these lucid dreams than I do and I would like it very much to read more experiences in lucid dreams to fully gain controll of what I think could be a powerful hidden tool of the subconsious.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 43435
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 14, 2007Views: 27,647
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Caffeine (11), Dreams (85) : General (1), Mystical Experiences (9), Alone (16)

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