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To Hear the Infinite
by Dj49
Citation:   Dj49. "To Hear the Infinite: An Experience with DiPT (exp43488)". Jul 17, 2006.

100 mg insufflated DiPT (powder / crystals)
I Received 2g of DiPT and 1 gram of DPT and wanted to give one of them a test run. All the people who participated in this are experienced Psychedelic users with the exception of one friend who I will call R.

We decided on taking DiPT weighed out 100mg a piece and took it up the nose. There was no real preparation as soon as we had our individual doses we took it. I was alright but the rest of my friends were literally pacing due to the extreme pain.

For me almost instantly my head felt heavy, my ears felt a very extreme pressure, and my throat felt like a hole was being literally burnt into it. Due to insufflating other substances in the past with no problems I was not ready for any of this but again experience was probably why I took it better than any of the others with me.

T+:0:05: I start to sweat BAD! I have to drink water. I ask for water, I need it right now! Out of 6 people no one hears me. I try again asking someone to please give me water. Everyone is pacing they are all out of it.

T+:0:10. I decide to go outside if they canít hear. I can get a drink out of a hose or something. I donít feel anything and I know itís because of the pain that they canít hear me; yes the pain is that bad.

T+:0:15: Now Iím confused my thoughts are boggled canít think at all trying to organize thought is hard I canít get to hose itís to confusing is there even a hoseÖ I donít know, but people followed me! I ask the host R where she keeps the cups so I can get water. She tells me and I get water.

OHHHHHHH feels so good drinking waterÖ need another cup I Drank around 5 cups of water it was so nice.

We are at about 20 minutes at this point I stop keeping track of time now the pain has finally subsided. I feel fine except some odd shifting going on in my peripheral vision. Out of a group of 6 all puked with the exception of me.

I finally take note that everyone is gone! Some are inside some are outside some took off down the road. I meet up with my friend D and we decide to find our friends P and E. Who both take off down the street. Wow it feels funny walking. Stuff is moving slightly but nothing big. I just feel warped and demented.

We find P and E walking up the street toward us. We have a hilarious conversation due to the messed up voices P is the only one that sounds normal everyone else sounds baritone. We decide to put on some music and see what happens I decide to put on something we all know so we could see just how messed up the difference in sound is if any so I slip on some Perfect Circle Imagine. It sounds way to happy itís not supposed to be happy I even start to doubt I put in the right CD it gets to me and I check yep perfect circleÖ damn thatís weird.

Ok now for the religious significance. We are all inside and I felt like it was chaos horrible chaos everyone seemed evil their laughing sounded fake their smiles empty. I didnít like it at all surrounded by walls just wasnít right the TV going. I couldnít take it so I went outside.

The beauty of nature I sat on the balcony and I heard everything. I was awed by the beauty of nature. Not at the visual beauty but the sound. I watched one spot for one raindrop to land their so I could hear just that one and when it happened it was marvelous. When it hit it happened in slow motion I saw the explosion and watched as that one raindrop soaked into the ground. I listened to the trees as they waved in the wind just amazing. It is literally impossible to explain except to say utterly miraculous. I sat and thought about the infinite nature of the universe and how we perceive infinityÖ a circle or a sphere. As the sounds of nature went around me I felt that our world was as infinite as the space around us and the possibilities just as infinite.

The trip kept going but there is nothing worthwhile about the rest, it would just get repetitive. I havenít had the desire to try DIPT again I donít know why it was a beautiful experience. I know I will again but the desire just isnít there at the moment. Another note during this experience one of the 6 felt like they were going to die and was hallucinating visually really hard. Every one of us had a different trip.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 43488
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 17, 2006Views: 10,114
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DiPT (110) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4)

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