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Still Grinding My Teeth
MDMA (Ecstasy)
Citation:   Decker. "Still Grinding My Teeth: An Experience with MDMA (Ecstasy) (exp43538)". Sep 9, 2008.

1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
Not sure what order I should I put the info so I'll just relate the experience. I'm one of those try it once, twice if I like it. I used 'E' over a period of about 6 months once or 2 times a month. My first time was in a private rave club in LA.

I had heard about E and being a sensualist I decided I'd give it a try. I asked several friends with experience with the drug about it and did some online reading so as to know what to expect and be aware of the dangers. The night started with myself in a good mood and excitement at the prospect of experiencing something new. Anyway after a few phone calls, a long car ride, and a frisking by a security guard I found myself sitting on an outdoor balcony washing the bitter taste of the crushed little blue pill down with a 3 dollar 20 oz bottle of water.

Around 10-10:45pm, about 30 minutes later I started noticing a very relaxed feeling. This lasted about 15 minutes till I started focusing on the physicle sensations. Note that this being my first time trying something new I payed more attention to all the sensations to remember the experience and so didn't give myself over the the pleasant sensory abandon that I jumped headlong into during the times useing 'E' that followed. Tactile senses felt slightly different but very much enjoyable. More so than normal. Textures seem to have become more pronounced. For a while I was absorbed in the feeling of my shirt moving over my skin while I breathed.

Sound seemed clearer but most likely because it was such a pleasure to listen to, so I made more of an effort to focus on it. I spent half an hour sitting in from of a speaker larger than me feeling the bass pulse through every nerve in my body. I was probably grinning like a mentaly challenged child the whole time. The sensation was sort of like slowly sliding through the serface of a pool of water repeatly at a faster velocity. Smell not being a sence I normaly associate with drug induced pleasure was a surprise to me. Being surrounded by professional ravers and full time extacy users I was garanteed a damn good roll. Smell came in when the handed me a breath mask with a thin coating of vicks vapor rub. Being the kinda shy guy that I am it caused a mild discomfort being closed in by alot of wildly dressed people I didn't know but because of the 'E' my mood and the whole air of pleasurable fun I didn't feel threatened ans so just went along with it.

Good times. I noticed somewhere around my second hour in that when I walked around breathing deeply I would feel slightly nauseus and also this would be acompanied with an unconscious grinding of my teeth. I got a hold of a children's pasaphyer to make sure I didn't hurt my teeth when I forgot not to grind them. After that I went outside on the balcony to cool off a bit because I was feeling very hot. The air was cold enough that I would normaly have worn a jacket but as hot as I was feeling the cold gusts were a heavenly caress.

Sitting there watching the cars go by was pretty mellow but soon I was absorbed in a theological discussion with a guy whose name I never did happen to remember. I remember that it was an especialy illuminating conversation but it seemed more important than it was and I was liking the guy alot more than normal. I wrote the feeling off as the ex and sat and listened. He finished up and I got to rambling about how good I was feeling and very heartily advocating 'E' to him. Of cource he was alot more experienced with it than I was. He just took it all in stride and smiled slightly as I spilled forth my diatribe of extacy. This went on for about 45 minutes and I was slowly comeing down by the tail end of the conversation.

I got sort of overloaded on all the sensory input and decided I wanted to lie down somewhere quiet and was taken to the 'chill room.' Bout 6 couches and 2 large love seats. Only ilumination was black light and a few streaks of flourenscent paint here and there. The music was cut to a very dull thump by soundproofing material. I spent roughly the next 2 hours on a sort of roller coaster. The same 'Roll High' would go away slightly then come back. Each time it would be a little less the ups would last about 5-7 minutes, the lows about 2-4 minutes. All I remember being aware of was the security comeing by every now and then with a damningly bright flashlight and shining it into my and the other patrons eyes checking to make sure everyone was alright.
About 5:30 we pile into the car and head back home with the highs still comeing but only like an extended chill or flash of goosebumps lasting several seconds.

The next morning waking with a paciphyer still betwixed my lips It was about like an alcohol hangover but with no nausea, mild headache, sore muscles, really sore jaw muscles, and slight disorientation (mild virtigo when moving my head to quickly). The feeling lasted about 2 days only very mild on the second day.

That's about it for my first experience with 'E'. I had about 7-8 more over an extended period of time, all about as good, never taking more than once a month. Though once I did 2 hits in the same night but didn't notice any other effects aside from being more energetic, I think the second hit was cut with speed.

Though I feel fine nowa days and the strongest substances I intake now are mostly from cigarettes and the occasional dark beer on tuesday night pool. It's about 2 1/2 years later and I still grind my teeth mostly while sleeping or working with power tools, anything that causes loud vibrations. Other than that nothing much else to say.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 43538
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 9, 2008Views: 11,630
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MDMA (3) : Health Problems (27), First Times (2), Rave / Dance Event (18)

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