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Riding to Hell
by Dj49
Citation:   Dj49. "Riding to Hell: An Experience with DPT & 5-MeO-AMT (exp43563)". Jan 22, 2008.

175 mg insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)
  5.0 mg insufflated 5-MeO-AMT (powder / crystals)
Experience One

50mg insufflated

There were four of us taking part in this experiment all of who are what I’d call moderately experienced to extremely experienced Psychedelic Users. We went to the top of a coral tower in the park and partook of 50mg. After insufflating we all noticed a light head change at about 5 minutes nothing much but light within ten minutes things started happening all in all a good ++ experience nothing much to say except patterns one person seemed really sensitive to the chemical and tripped out pretty hard... though later he did report liking it.

Experience Two

Date – May 27, 2005
Dose – 100mg Insufflated

Before I begin I have to say that this was my most powerful trip I have ever had to date (when i wrote this it was true. not anymore) on any substance and don’t believe at such a low dose on the same chemical I will ever have a like experience.

I took this dose with three friends E, P, and D they took 10mg 5-meo-amt while I opted for the 100mg DPT

At about 5 minutes I felt the drug 10 minutes effects started but no high yet.

15 minutes high definitely started seeing stuff

30min–?? I fell to the ground and could no longer move. As I laid there I saw a boat sail from over the trees towards a school. it flew over the school and was consumed by a dragon who just stared as he flew across the sky what I recall was him trying to talk to me but all that happened was his thoughts filled my head and he was gone the sight of him and the boat only lasted about 5 seconds. he told me heaven was a lie and behind me I would behold hell because hell was real… I turned around and saw a structure made of bone it would normally be a building with a soccer ball on top but now it was a building made of bone with a skull on top I decided I had to walk (my friends were saying things but nothing I could understand)

I gained enough sense to know I had to get up and move… and so I did. I walked a little bit on top of a hill toward a tree and instantly a mist was above the tree and the thoughts entered my head as the mist turned into a face and it said DO NOT ENTER THESE WOODS, so I didn’t I walked down the hill and walked back towards my friends.

Somewhere between 15-30 minutes later but really I can only guess When I came to them they were talking about how sick they were from the 5-meo-amt but I still couldn’t talk I laid on the grass stunned and tears came to my eyes but I did not let them come out I felt as if I had died… I was empty soulless destroyed that is what I felt and as I laid their a layer formed around my body, an ectoplasm. I reached out to touch it but it made a hole about ½ an inch around my fingers and as I moved my fingers it would close behind them kind of like if you move your fingers through water but much slower. wow… it was amazing yet I came around slowly I believe at this point it was 1 hour that had gone by so at this point we decided to leave. I felt sober. I know DPT lasts longer but in the words of Terrance McKenna speaking on DMT after its peak and I quote “at this point you are down magical spider webbing is appearing around your fingers, But you are down.

That was my second trip ever on DPT I must go further… I must I knew this there is something their… I have to find it!

Experience Three

Date – May 30, 2005
Dose – 125mg insufflated

This trip was interesting but not too intense I decided to partake of 125mg and my partner in crime partook of 100mg there was only two of us. nothing really happened a pretty normal high


Date – June 03, 2005
Dose – 175mg insufflated with 5mg 5-meo-amt insufflated

To relate this experience is hard… I must say for the reader to understand fully that there is no explanation except that I felt eternity I know eternity I know death I have died. Yet there is no understanding except in those who have felt this who have experienced this and I know that now, before this trip I felt I could comprehend what an all out mind fuck was. I was wrong. The insufflating of 5-meo-amt was a mistake I wasn’t thinking. The mistake started when I seperated my friends doses of 5-meo-amt using a scale I put 5mg more than they wanted to take on the scale, When i removed the extra 5mg it got set on a peice of paper... sadly i forgot the 5-meo was on that paper, and it was the same paper I snorted the DPT off of... i dont know if that's what caused my trip to hell but it was the kicker. the visuals in this trip were insane if it wasnt for the fact i noticed part way into the trip that it wasnt hitting me right I wouldn't have flipped and maybe I wouldn't have had such a horrible time.

I took the chemicals it hit hard and fast, to hard to fast their were three of us T and D were my two friends accompanying me on this journey though they opted for the 5-meo-amt at a dose of 12mg taken orally instead of the DPT. As soon as I took the chemical I started to doubt myself. Did I take the wrong drug? Confusion hit within ten minutes this is to hard, this is bad, DPT does not hit like this something is wrong! Did I accidentally switch with the 5-meo-amt have I overdosed? This is too much! The grass is up to my knees (not really in all reality it’s cut short) eyes form in the grass. I am on an alien planet, oh god, I look toward my friends in my last grasps for reality I try and make them promise to check up on me some how just do something just make sure I’m not dead every so often because soon I feel I will not be alive anymore I feel like I do on alcohol like when I am about to black out. I worry have I overdosed? They promise to watch me. Immediately after that promise, I die!

-As a side note from this point on I think (now that ive had the oppurtunity to look back) I just freaked out causing a horribly bad trip I asked if I was dead so many times I convinced myself I was-

What is left at this point is a view of the infinite. What I know as the soul is divided over and over through many universes. I travel I see the stars divide they fly at cosmic speeds through my vision. I have fallen. I feel myself fall I have the inability to stand I look at the two alien figures I believe are my friends and say I am dead I don’t care save me… they respond are you dead and it echoes as the voice of a god over and over. I mimic the echoing to get a smile and a laugh from these alien beings, are you dead? are you dead? do you feel you are dead? do you feel you are dead? what is death? what is death? you are infinite right? you are infinite right? I am being mimicked my philosophies thrown back at me.

I know now these creatures want something from me? I am filled with fear, you are dead! I accept it I actually believe I am dead and I will never come back this is insanity utter chaos in the mind. I walk for hours in one direction and become thirsty I am in a desert… I have seen eternity I can never leave this desert; you wish to drink but always remember my son went through worse you have not felt pain you have not. I start to realize oh no, this is bad I died and went to hell there is a hell that’s what the dragon warned me about now I am there I’ve stepped over the bounds into hell. If there is a heaven I have to get their NOW this is insanity. The aliens come back toward me, come out of the light come… the light… is that what is keeping me safe right now the light? I see it now I’ve read this somewhere. This has already been done this is a story it’s in the Bible how many times was Christ tempted in the bible to stray from the light and instantly stories I had not read since way back when… stories in the bible. Things that had happened at times in my life when I was younger also went through my head. All of these stories and moments, even moments that other people experienced because of me went through my head it was a fight! I couldn’t be taken from the light! I so wanted too but I had to stay in the light fight I can't be taken…

The alien beings leave but they were not done with what they had in store for me I hold to a light post as if it was my life source this is all that’s keeping me alive! they were testing my fortitude how long could I resist them!

As I look up space is still dividing in front of me… this went on for a day in my mind. All different tests in my spiritual development my fortitude, my ability to reason and so much more all tests and so many times was I tested on the same subjects over and over and when I came out of this id seen so much day, night, life, death, reality, spirit, universe, space, I cannot go into it all or it would take pages on pages.

The chemical was consumed at 2200 as soon as I had come through the peak it was 2315… In one hour I had gone through more than 24 hours worth of pure hell. My head hurt as if it was forced with an eternity worth of information in less than 1 real hour. All horrible twisted demented tests. If I did well on the tests I might see spirits surround me at the end and I would be emptied of all pain for a couple seconds before the next test took place. If I failed the pain would stay and the pain from the last test would remain and accumulate with the pain of the next test. It is the next day now as I write this after the peak the trip went on another 9 hours, and still I wonder if I am being tested what if this is just another weird test a show of reality to see what I do with this knowledge and due to that I feel I must share it this is my vent.

I know I see this everywhere, people warning about possible dangers of psychedelics but I must warn this chemical combination can cause a freak out it happened to me...

I will never do DPT or 5-meo-amt again separate or together. To go to hell and go through that much… I literally am scared of these substances.


Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 43563
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 22, 2008Views: 11,859
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DPT (21), 5-MeO-AMT (104) : Combinations (3), Difficult Experiences (5), Entities / Beings (37), Retrospective / Summary (11), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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