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Net of Spinning Mushrooms
Anadenanthera colubrina, Virola Theiodora & Heimia spp. (Sinicuichi)
Citation:   Limpet Chicken. "Net of Spinning Mushrooms: An Experience with Anadenanthera colubrina, Virola Theiodora & Heimia spp. (Sinicuichi) (exp43576)". Sep 10, 2008.

50 mg smoked Virola spp. (tar / resin)
  2 bowls smoked Heimia salicifolia (leaves)
  2.5 seeds smoked Anadenanthera colubrina (ground / crushed)
  5 seeds smoked Anadenanthera colubrina (ground / crushed)
Herein you will find the commentary and summary of my two experiences with yopo.

I have taken yopo or cohoba twice, both times the night of this report being written, I acquired quite a few herbs and resins and seeds today, from my reliable favourite source, among them were the few I experienced tonight. The yopo was of the Vilca variety, Anadenanthera Colubrina, small really flat dark disk shaped seeds, roughly the color of teak wood, of about the size of a 5 pence piece in diameter, and with a very unpleasant bitter alkaloidy nutty taste to them.

The set: alone in my room seated in comfortable leather revolving armchair.

The setting: relaxed, had some minor emotional difficulties earlier in the day for a few minutes, due to my fiance being unwell, but that was soon sorted out. A slight sense of nervous anticipation due to having my first experience with the entheogens I now have in my possession, but pleased to get my hands on new material to work with. I had attempted smoking of an eyeballed dose of 50mg Virola Theiodora resin about 10 minutes prior to the first useage of yopo via a vaporiser made from a disemboweled light bulb, noted taste of burning plastic and some euphoria but no visual effects. Two bowls of dry sinicuichi were smoked in a pipe, producing a slightly pot like relaxation and body effects, no auditory element, just pleasureable relaxation. Roughly 5-10 minutes after my attempts with Virola, I decided to break out the yopo and give it a try.

The first try:

Two and one half seeds were skinned of their brown outer coating, which peels off easily leaving a yellow-green seed and shredded finely with nail scissors, then pounded to powder with a screwdriver handle, mixed with a pinch of tobacco and smoked in a few tokes in a pipe. The smoke was easy to take at first, but then fast became harsh and hard to take, but the bowl was dutifully cashed. Some tightness and numbness of the chest and body area, strange but not unpleasant, and quite a large degree of stimulation, with a sort of electrical buzzing tingly feeling running down my major nerves in my body, no visuals to speak of, perhaps when I concentrated, things on my computer screen shifted slightly, but no major visual effects, I assumed this to be almost solely the effect of the bufotenine contained within the seeds, which can be up to around 11% total, with a very small amount of DMT and 5-MeO-DMT.

The second try:

This time, five seeds were placed on tin foil, and roasted from below until they popped and split to expose a trace of seed matter with a cigarette lighter, then dehusked, shredded and placed in the vaporiser I had improvised, a lightbulb without the internal workings, which had first had the powder coating inside stripped off by shaking with salt, using a mouthpiece comprised of a long pipe stem sans its screw on bowl to inhale from.

The roasted seed shreds were heated by holding a lighter flame about one inch below the glass until the interior of the light bulb became foggy with vapor/smoke, then a first toke was taken whilst sitting in my armchair, I ended up almost coughing my guts up, as the smoke was SO damn harsh, like nothing I had ever smoked before, with a taste like burning plastic fumes, with a taste/sensation like very strong menthol vapor being inhaled. I managed to hold it in for something like 15 seconds, then took another hit, followed without exhaling by two more, which were held as long as I could hold my breath.

STRONG stimulation followed in a mere few seconds, which quickly turned to extreme nausea and prostration, with me having to lie down on the floor of my room, feeling very nauseous and dizzy, effects attributed to the bufotenine, on closing my eyes, I see some fleeting, but impressive visuals, first of rapidly spinning mushrooms of some sort, which started to come towards me at a reasonable pace, then all of a sudden, all these mushrooms appeared to have what looked like an electric arc between them, forming a sort of net, all linked up by these arcs, then as this net thing was almost to my face, as I then perceived its distance to be, the whole net INSTANTLY changed, to the snarling face of a striking wolf, leaping towards me with his jaws wide open, that was the last visual I saw, the effects of the second attempt with yopo passed away in something like 5-6 minutes, being a little giddy and nauseous for maybe 10 minutes, and back to baseline by 15. I still can feel an ever so slight warm afterglow after perhaps 3/4 of an hour, along with very slight stimulation and general mood elevation.

A summary:

I think 5 seeds was quite on the excessive side, one online source I read listed 5 seeds as being a high dosage, the smoke is VERY harsh and left a lasting soreness of the chest for some time, the body load is pleasant in very low doses, being the primary dominant effect with body numbness, stimulation and tingling sensations down the nerves, sort of like that experienced from ephedra tea, but more intense. In large doses, 5 seeds or more (I haven't and wouldn't like to attempt more than five seeds smoked) the body load is sickening and highly unpleasant.

The effect seems to be very short lived, although perhaps as it was attempted one time, then soon after, another (time no. 2) some tolerance was built up, I may try one, perhaps two seeds with 3 grams out of the kilo of Peganum Harmala seeds I have, or shoot for a middle dose of one and a half seeds to be careful at first. I think bufotenine IS psychactive, but would be more of a poison at psychadelic doses, small dosages I think though, might be a nice admixture into various other tryptamine based psychadelic mixtures, to give a tingly speedy type edge to the experience.

I doubt I will use many more of the seeds I have (looking back, yes I did use them) which is 70-ish seeds, any time soon, perhaps as I gain some experience with Ayahuasca, and I would like to try them with mushrooms and with some ether, at a low dosage of the yopo, most of these seeds are going to be grown in large pots as part of my indoor garden.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 43576
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 10, 2008Views: 17,722
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