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Dissociative Hyperlogic
Diethyl Ether & Syrian Rue
Citation:   Limpet Chicken. "Dissociative Hyperlogic: An Experience with Diethyl Ether & Syrian Rue (exp43579)". Erowid.org. Nov 9, 2005. erowid.org/exp/43579

  repeated inhaled Ether  
  1 Tbsp rectal Syrian Rue (ground / crushed)
  1 smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
Last night, I tries a combination of diethyl ether, and as it turned out, Peganum Harmala seeds. I was BORED out of my mind, been talking about chemistry, which was interesting of course, with two american friends of mine on MSN messenger, and listening to music.

I poured about 20-25ml of pure freshly redistilled Et2O (stored out of light, with a small amount of copper wire, as a peroxidation inhibitor preferable to the likes of the usually used butylated hydroxytoluene for inhalation purposes in my view) into a plastic coke bottle, which I know from experience to be resistant to attack by ethers, and pressing it to one nostil, start taking slow inhalations, every so often, the scent of ether is one of my favourite smells in the lab, slightly sweet, with an etherial (well what better term to use) and slightly fruity pungent odour to it.

I begin to feel the effects within the first few seconds of taking a couple of inhalations, familiar and comforting, the first effects were a very very slight stimulation, after one breath, then a little more, about as stimulating as a cup of tea, and quite pleasant, after two or three breaths, then after that, my body started to feel heavy, and my lips slightly tingled before going numb.

I found I could look down at myself, sitting on my computer chair, and my body seemed to take on greater and smaller proportions, shifting slightly, just like Alice in the rabbithole in wonderland, I find diethyl ether to give an almost completely nonvisual, but intensely introspective and analytical, all mental barriers seem to dissociate, senses beginning to blend into one, with continual inhalations from the bottle, physically, I was impaired quite a lot, I could tell, due to the anaesthetising effect, but MENTALLY...ooohh boy, my mind raced so fast, and my thoughts became very philosophical and focused, whilst all the time, on quite a headtrip, but not for a moment, do my ether trips EVER become dysphoric or unmaneagable, logical reasoning abilities became greatly heightened, and music seemeds almost to blend with flesh to become one with myself.

My parents, although very liberal and tolerant, understanding that I research my interests in mind expanding substances thorougly, and do not take excessive risks, absolutely loathe my using Et2O, for the main reason, is it tends to stink up the house, although I usually blame it on something along the lines of an acid/base extraction on some plant material or other that is the subject of my latest experiments giving off volatile solvent fumes, as they can't really tell one solvent from another, my mother having all the chemistry knowledge of a fruitbat. Somewhere along the line of my tripping and introspection, I decided that, seeing as I had been careful with what I had eaten the previous few days, eating only bowls of lightly salted and buttery porridge, that the time was right for some experimentation with harmaline/harmine, taken in the form of a kilo of Peganum Harmala seeds I had been sitting on for months.

One rounded tablespoon of syrian rue seeds, which taste ABOMINABLY foul, was placed into my obsidian mortar and pestle, and over about 20 minutes, were grudgingly reduced into chunky powder, let me tell you, those little fuckers are hard as nails to grind, so having pulverised the crap out of them, all the time, occasionally topping up on the ether, I poured the little angular brownish colored (and vile smelling) seeds onto a chopping board, and work over them back and forth for 15 minutes with a big butcher knife, chopping them to powder, then giving them another final 5 minutes in the mortar and pestle.

I decided, as the taste is so utterly stomach churning, and oral administration of the infusion seems, from the reports I read frequently, to produce nausea and vomiting, that I would administer the extraction..erm...up the other, lower, end of me...

I do not LIKE plugging anything, and will only resort to using the method for certain things, harmala seeds or separated alkaloids for reasons of eliminating that disgusting taste, and nausea, Sinicuichi, again, for the reason that the tea is so intensely bitter, I almost cannot swallow it without puking it right back up again, and opiates, due to better bioavailability on bypassing first pass metabolism. I acidified the mound of chopped powdered nastiness with just over a teaspoon of 5% lab grade acetic acid solution, and let stand for one minute, to convert harmaline and harmine freebases to a soluable salt form, then poured on a cup of not-quite-boiling water.

After filtering through a bog-standard filter paper, the odious light yellowy green liquid produced, was inserted where, in all reasonable consideration, it probably shouldn't have been inserted, and retained for 50 minutes, whilst sitting on the shitter, taking sporadic top-up inhalations on the ether, then uhhmm...voided, to use the least nondescript image, evoking least unpleasant mental imagery. After sacrificing the harmala extraction to the porcelain altar, I smoked a cigarette, and went to lie down in bed.

The effect from the harmaline synergised very nicely with the tail-end of the ether trip, quit a strange effect though, consisting of brightly colored phosphenes and trails when open eyed, but on closing eyes, the phosphenes continued, along with the strange effect, of not exactly causing visuals per se, but opening my third eye, and I saw visuals consisting of colored swirls, lights and rapidly changing mental imagery such as seeing myself in a mine cart, rapidly hurtling through subterannean passages through a world of tunnels and brightly color-shifting cave-universes, perceived not VISUALLY, but yet I could see them clearly.

Then again, I practice meditation and herbal medicine, as well as witchcraft, ceremonial evocation and chaos magick, so I have, over the years, trained myself to keep my third eye open.

The harmala produced absolutely NO nausea whatsever, indeed, it had a slightly stimulating bodyload, whilst the ether kept stimulation to a mild and floaty feeling, with some euphoria present.

After I fell asleep, taking I guess, 3-4 hours of very enjoyable and euphoric trippyness, I noticed on waking up the next day, that I had been dreaming very intensely, very realistic qualities to the dreams, very positive influence on my sleep too, although I didn't actually sleep too much, in length, the sleep I did get was as refreshing as that which comes from occasional moderate GHB use.

Overall, a totally positive combination that I would try again.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 43579
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 9, 2005Views: 18,366
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Syrian Rue (45), Ether (131) : Alone (16), Combinations (3)

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