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Sweet Delicious
by little mouse
Citation:   little mouse. "Sweet Delicious: An Experience with Chlordiazepoxide (exp43656)". Oct 28, 2005.

10 mg oral Pharms - Chlordiazepoxide (pill / tablet)


I have always been quite fond of the entire benzo family but last summer a friend gave me a bag of 5mg librium caps and I fell in love. Librium is much more subtle than Valium or Xanax and I think that might be one of its biggest atributes. I can take one pill and it mellows me out but I am still quite functional.

Here is what I have to say about Librium....

I wish I had a prescription.

I have found that if I take more than 10 mg of Librium and drink the same amount of alchohol that I normally would I can pretty much count on blacking out or making an absolute fool of myself. I am a pretty regular drinker and can handle my booze very well but give me a Librium or two and I can count the seconds before I start talking absolute nonsense, falling down and making a general ass of myself.

I dont know what it is about Librium but unlike other benzo's its effects on my sex drive are quite positive and having sex on about 10-15 mg is damn near transcendental.

I really like coke. I also really dont like coming down off coke, I also dont like the shaky, nervous effects it has when I might be just a bit too high. I take 5 mg while I are doing lines and another 5 when its time to go to bed and both of those issues become non issues.

A friend gives me 15 or so adderalls a month when he fills his prescription. I like to take them at work because of the obvious increase in functionality I also take 5 mg with it about half an hour later to smooth out the general tweak feeling. The combination of the two is dangerously awesome. I am more productive, more social, I feel a very slight euphoria and an incredible confidence. But, after about six hours my short term memory goes to shit.

Once I had the most wicked hangover of ALL TIME! For two days I was throwing up every hour or more, I was so sick it was insane. I cant belive that I didnt think about my sweet, sweet Librium. I took 10 mg and my puking stopped. I could finally eat and drink, I could rest and start feeling better.

Every winter my brother and I eat a hero's dose of mushrooms and run around all night, its our yearly tradition. Last winter the shrooms we got were exceptionally intense. Not only were the visuals amazing but the body high was just a bit too high. Granted, we had both eaten an eighth or so each but it just felt too toxic and harsh. The regular 'I am one with the universe and everything is so perfect because it is all perfect and beautiful' feeling was totally no there. My brother threw up and started to freak out I could tell that a truly horrible trip was on the way so I gave him 10 mg and I took 5 not even five minutes later we both felt SO much better and ended up having one of the most profound nights of our life. I am so glad I had some with me that night.

After taking it three days in a row I tend to get irritable and I have a hard time sleeping. Any time I take librium I have a terrible time waking up in the morning for a few days after and I usually feel like I need a nap even if I slept ten hours the night before.

All in all, I have to say that it is the most useful substance I have encountered. When I take it there are no visible signs unlike booze or weed. It mellows me out without making me too fucked up to function. Its great for lucid dreaming. Its easier to be honest and open in conversation. Besides booze it makes a perfect partner for most substances (I dont know about weed though, I havent smoked in years). The beauty is in its subtlety.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 43656
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 28, 2005Views: 59,813
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