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Sane Tripping
Citation:   Cosmos Elfs. "Sane Tripping: An Experience with 2C-C (exp44181)". Erowid.org. Dec 8, 2005. erowid.org/exp/44181

T+ 4:30
  smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 0:00 35 mg oral 2C-C (liquid)
This is my first time with my new unknown 'friend': 2C-C, and I must say it is one of the weirdest experiences I have had, and I am still wondering if it really happened at all....... It is important to note that I don't own an accurate scale, and the dose I ingested was eye-scaled. I assume I ingested around 30-40mg. Looking back, it doesn't seem like a very smart move- due to the fact there's so little information known about this substance, and you never know how YOU will react to such a dose..

To the report:

12:30 - I mixed about 35mg+ in a small glass of water and drank it. I was warned about the bitter taste, but I didn't notice anything more than a regular chemical-bitterness. The taste was very similar to that of MDMA. No after-taste stayed in my mouth.

* Just about 1-2 min after I drank it, I noticed a weird wave of pleasure rushing through my brain.

13:30 - The only thing I could notice was an odd build-up in my forehead, with no nausea or any discomforts around my body. Though I didn't know exactly what to expect, I was feeling very calm and looking forward for it to kicking in.

14:00 - Noticable effects are very hard to pin-point. I was sitting very comfortably on the couch watching TV, feeling relaxed mentally and physically; yet no visuals whatsoever. Perhaps I was looking the wrong effects?

14:30 - I was wondering if it was going to kick in at all. I thought about increasing the dose, but my friend stopped me from taking more and advised to continue waiting.

15:30 - Still in the weird build-up phase, I was feeling very much like my 'normal' self, yet I could sense something was there.. This feeling followed me during the whole experience. This 'There, but not really there' kind of feeling, which some people called 'tripping without tripping'.. No negative feelings though; I felt very good and absolutely nothing bothered me. My head felt 'empty' in a way, and I didn't think about anything if I decided not to. I found this mind-relaxant effect very efficient for psychotherapy purposes for treating depression or dealing with stress.

16:00 - Very sensational feeling all over my body- a hard feeling to put in words. I noticed some visual distortions, such as faded bright coronas surrounding everything around the livingroom and a very mellow breathing of the walls. Unfortunately, the visuals stopped as fast as they kicked in. I noticed the build-up in my forehead was slowly turning into a headache, followed by tension in my neck area. I tried to avoid thinking about it as I knew 2C's may cause headaches and/or weird pressures in the body.

17:00 - At this time I could tell I was on something. Sitting outside in the garden felt beautiful and very relaxing. When the warm wind was blowing all over my body, a rush of tingly overwhelming pleasure rushed through me. I remember looking at the sun through the trees, which were moving very calmingly with the wind, and seeing many colors pouring out of the sun. Extreme euphoria. We smoked a couple bong rips of cannabis, which made the effect of the 2c-c increase in intensity. And yet, I was feeling very normal at the same time..

18:00 - Increase of senses; colors and objects looked very vivid and bright. I also saw light trails. Feeling lazy and comfortable on the couch again, I had an urge to nap but could not sleep. I had no sense of time (it felt much slower) and I found some difficulties with the memory (eg. I couldn't remember clearly what i was doing before taking the 2c-c, I couldn't remember what i was doing just a few minutes ago, etc etc.). The headache and neck tension were increasing as well. I suspected the headache may have been caused from not drinking enough water, or not eating enough. We ate some pizza, and I had no nausea at all. After I ate and drank some water the headache
decreased for a while, but came back even worse after about 15 minutes. my forehead was a bit warm felt like it was expending with blood. I will also note that on the peak (around 2.5+ hours from taking it), I had some difficulties talking and following basic conversasions. my head seemed to be going somewhere else while i was trying to hear what was said, yet I still didn't feel
like I was tripping.

19:00 - At this point, I couldn't tell where the whole thing was going. Was it going up? Was it coming down? The headache felt horrible, very much like a bad migraine. I had to just lay down the whole time because walking or getting up off the chair provided great pain. I was avoiding taking any kind of painkillers and kept drinking water.

From around 20:30 the effect was appearing and disappearing randomly, and I was extremely annoyed by the headache. At 1:00am I showered for a very long time (or at least for what felt like a very long time). Even drying my hair with a towel
was extremly painful to my head. I entered my bed still feeling odd and in pain. Falling asleep wasn't too hard, and the night followed by very odd and vivid dreams. I slept very deeply, waking up at 11:00 the next morning feeling fresh. By that time my headache was gone completely and I thought to myself 'thank god this one is over.' I smoked a couple pipe hits of cannabis, and could feel the 2C-C hitting back in its own peculiar way.

Overall, it was a pleasant and a fun experience, despite the horrible headache. I am still wondering what caused the headache, but I'm quite sure it was from lack of hydration. The next time I try 2C-C it will be probably mixed with LSD.

I am not disappointed by the experience, but I think I was looking for the wrong effects in it. 2C-C is a very sensational trip with visual aspects at high doses. The sedating feeling is very similar to MDMA or Benzodiazepines.

extra notes:
- Few days after the trip, I still have some visual disturtions.
LSD like visuals such text morphing (especially on the computer screen), and object morphing (extreme bending visuals especially late at night). I suspect its from the 2C-c because it is the only substance I have took in the last 2 months.

Be safe and enjoy!

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 44181
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 8, 2005Views: 19,796
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