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Slow Rolling
Citation:   Yankey J. "Slow Rolling: An Experience with MDMA (exp44189)". May 9, 2019.

T+ 0:00
1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
  T+ 5:00   smoked Cannabis (pill / tablet)
Well I had scored some x from a friend of a friend about 3 months ago. I did lots of research and planned to take it with my friend alorah while she made sure I didn't go crazy because I knew the bean had a cut of PCP in it. I have never taken hallucinigens or a psychoactive stimulant before so I was being wary of the horrible, devastating effects that I had learned about in a report for health class in the 8th grade. I am also a very normal maijuana user(aka acouple times a day), but on this occasion I had no weed and nothing to do whatsoever because school had just gotten done and regents were graded so I decided, why not take that pill of e that your ass has been sitting on for 3 months?

So that fateful day I packed up a couple movies and some music I thought I would like and called my friend and told her I was coming over and that I hoped she had some orange juice. She laughed and told me to come on over that her parents were away. I dropped the pill around 1:30 PM and made my way over to my friends. Her basement is a really comfortable place dimly lit so I felt it the right place to enjoy some ecstasy.

The e came on slow around 2:30 and my skin felt tingly and I also felt enegetic and almost weightless. I started talking to Alorah and we talked pretty much endlessly about all sorts of shit and at one point she told me I had been talking about weed and the state therof for the last two hours. The tingly feeling stayed with me and my body warmed up, but it was a warm comforting feeling, surrounding my body. I felt really happy and yes hugs did feel good. At some points it felt as though the great euphoric high would subside but it came off and on for acouple minutes in my 2 and a half high.

No hallucinations occured though which was kinda disappointing. Also in addition I never really peaked or felt anything above a strong euphoric high. It was an enjoyable experience and I feel as though If maybe I got some pure molly or at least a higher doasge maybe I could acheive a better high. Pills have never really seemed to work that well on me and with taking other's prescription drugs. After the high subsided rather suddenly around 4:30 and came at its low around 5 and 5:30. The tingles kinda stayed with me for about an hour and I sat and pondered what the whole experience meant? I couldn't quite decide but I did know it was fun and I can't count alot of times that I was ever that happy in my short life of 17 years. A slight depression came over me but I figured that probably would happen anyway so I fought it off and a bowl of some good weed was smoked with another friend around 6:30 and I felt like my normal self again. I hope to get some better,stronger x in the future so an appropiate x high can happen. The whole experience was rather anti-clamactic to what I thought was going to happen but it was still pretty beautiful to feel that good.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 44189
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 9, 2019Views: 2,041
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MDMA (3) : Small Group (2-9) (17), What Was in That? (26)

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