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Caught Between Worlds
Salvia divinorum (20x extract) & Cannabis
Citation:   Mario. "Caught Between Worlds: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (20x extract) & Cannabis (exp44302)". Sep 11, 2008.

  smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  3 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
I almost made it to the next best place, I even had a peek into it; I can't think of a term for the place other than Heaven.

It all started at one Friday night when a few of my smoking pals and I met up at one of our houses to kick off the night. When we arrived I walked in to see one of our female friends, Iíll refer to her as Princess, get up of the couch and apologize for having to leave. Being an art major she apparently had to go work on a project with someone but was going to come back later. So we proceeded to socialize for a while and pass around a bong and maybe a joint of probably just average Cannabis until we decided it was time to break open the container of the mystical plant known as Salvia. One of my friends had never tried it before so I advised her on what to expect and recommended that 'Toad', the owner of the house, to definitely turn off the rock music. After some bickering he finally heeded to my recommendation and turned it down but not completely.

So here we are, sitting around in a living room and began to fire up the 20X Salvia. I was not even planning on smoking any, knowing from my prior 2 experiences with 5X and 10X that I much more preferred a secluded setting with no more than 1 other person to enjoy the wonders that Salvia brings you. Our Salvia virgin friend however wanted my friend 'Luigi' to go first. Luigi had started having a very nice trip, later confessing to me that he was a little boy on a hillside somewhere glazing up into the sky. We didn't let Luigi smoke the majority of the bowl so that our virgin friend would have plenty. So she took her hits and Toad was left to take the remaining hits.

After watching Luigi trip hard and continue to do so, I looked at the bong sitting there on the table with still some salvia left in the bowl. I thought why not, just one or two hits to see if I could get the mild euphoria that I felt from the after effects of 5x. My girlfriend was also with me on the couch and doesn't really approve of our smoking rituals so I wasn't looking to trip hard. I took a small hit, and then one large one. I didn't feel a rush so I decided I'd take the remaining smoke from the bong. I should have known better.

Then BAM, it came on like a freight train. My world completely changed. I felt really great and extremely happy, and I remember looking around the room at everyone tripping and smiling, and felt that we were all attached, literally. I felt this uncomfortable feeling in my back like I was attached to a Ferris-wheel like circle and so was everyone else. I started to see my friends being lifted up by the invisible wheel and looked at Luigi who was laughing hysterically with me and I presumed we were seeing the same thing! I felt this was really happening! So around the wheel came and I was next and was lifted right out of this realm! A portal was opening up, where I was headed to, and I peaked inside and saw people standing around in a circle holding hands staring at me. They were all smiling and it just felt unexplainably good, I recognized some of the people there, people I knew from school that were in the honors college. It was like they were having a ceremony to bring me in to this better world of awareness, a world that I was graduating into, a world that I had searched and searched for and I was finally being let it!

Right in the middle of the circle of people that where bring me in was Princess, the girl that had abruptly left early. She was looking right at me and smiling, it was like she was the one that put me up for recommendation to enter this better realm! And the reason she left early was to go prepare for my initiation. Then all of a sudden, their faces turned from completely joyful to confused frowns. I was stuck, like my soul was didn't want to let go of this world I was in, and it looked to me like they were disappointed and didn't know why I wasnít ready to let go. I felt similar to one of those pods of people in the Matrix, that the wheel attached to my back couldn't lift me up because I my body wouldn't let go of this world, and it was because of the drugs I was doing in my life, I just couldn't handle reality so I turned to drugs and thatís why I wasn't being accepted into Heaven.

BAM! Back on the couch with me friends, where they were desperately trying to tell me something, they were yelling 'STOP TRIPPING' because visitors came in the house that we didn't recognize. All the while they were also tripping hard while trying to shape up for whoever these people were in the house starring at us. I tried my best to look at them and see who they where and act normal but I couldn't. Luigi and I just moving our arms and heads around uncontrollably while trying to tell them sorry for we are tripping. I finally got a glimpse of who we were talking to and it was Princess and a guy she brought over. They where looking at us in amazement and while saying it was ok and walked out the door.

I then started to grab on to my friend Luigi and my girlfriend to my left because the feeling in my back from the wheel was coming back and I thought I was going back up to Heaven, and I wanted to take my girlfriend and my best pal Luigi with me. My girlfriend later told me I kept yelling for her and calling her naming while she was right next to me the whole time, I even attempted to use my cell phone and she looked to see who I was trying to call and her named was showing. I wanted desperately to go back and be accepted into the world I witnessed, 'Heaven', but felt like drugs and alcohol where what kept me out. So I was screaming at everyone in the house, stop smoking cigarettes and weed, I got irate when I saw a beer in my girlfriend's hand. I then got up and had to walk to the back room, because I didn't want any illegal substances or even cigarettes near me.

I was done with the HARD trip, but was still tripping along with others in the house. My girlfriend was the first to come back to try to talk to me but I was yelling at her so she left, she couldn't understand that it was the beer in her hand that I was furious with. Then Luigi came in there and I tried to convince him of what was going on, and 'NO WE AREN'T STAYING TO SMOKE DANK BLUNTS, WE ARE LEAVING RIGHT NOW!' Then the others came into the room all tripping and overly joyed at the idea of rolling some blunts of some very nice weed we had. However they neither couldn't understand my pleas of 'I'M LEAVING' and got offended that I didn't want to smoke. Everyone was pissed and yelling at each other to the point where we had to be separated into different rooms, however everyone was still tripping and running around the house and at one point I was sure I was going to fight Toad, because he kept coming into my room mad that I wasn't having fun and I didn't care, I was at the edge of reality, still believing full heartily that I had been denied into Heaven.

Finally after 10 min, of being in a mad house of insanity, I had my girlfriend drive my truck back to the apartment. I still believed my trip, and didn't care about my girlfriend at all and told her to go back to her dorm because I didn't want to be around her. I wanted to by myself, in my bed, where I could reflect. Needless to say the following days I had some explaining to do to my friends for being such a dick, and leaving Luigi at the house when I was his ride, but they understood after realizing the intensity of my trip.

In retrospect it was a horrible experience, the worst of my life matter of fact because I believed everything that was happening fully, and I vowed I would never smoke Salvia again, unless it was just me alone, maybe Luigi, and we are out in the woods or a cabin away from any other human being. This herb is extremely potent, and near uncontrollable. Only very responsible people should experiment with this plant, but the visions and insights that she brings are nothing short of magical.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 44302
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 11, 2008Views: 4,055
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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