The Dentist's Gift
Hydrocodone with Acetaminophen
Citation:   RaveHipEE. "The Dentist's Gift: An Experience with Hydrocodone with Acetaminophen (exp44335)". Sep 11, 2008.

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15 mg oral Hydrocodone (pill / tablet)
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Well, it had finally come, the day I had been dreading for months. I was getting my wisdom teeth pulled, and I was really nervous. Before I knew it, the doctor slipped the nitrous mask on my face and turned on the wonderful gas, and of course (as its nickname describes), I started getting really giddy and felt quite good. Well, as I was getting my teeth pulled, they tell me to tell them if I ever felt any pain at all, they would shoot more numbing agents into my mouth.

Of course, I abused this privilege. Well, when they were finally finished, and they escorted me out to the car, I felt kind of unbalanced on my feet but the pain hadn't kicked in. Well, they advised me to eat stuff like ice cream, so we stop of at the grocery store and get some vegan ice cream. Then my dad dropped me home and returned a bit later for the 3 bottles the dentist had prescribed me.

Well, out of the three bottles, one of them in particular captivated me. It was a bottle of 30-7.5mg/700mg of Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen Pills. I immediately popped 3 of these pills expecting the pain to start to kick in soon. An hour went by, yet still no pain. The second hour rolled around, and I wondered if the pain would ever kick in. About two and a half hours after I reached home, the pain finally came, first kind of light, and about ten minutes into it, very heavy pain. I started beating my hands on the floor and cursing at my little sister, and I was also being quite hostile towards my mother when she called to ask how I was doing. The pain was so intense and I was advised to sleep by the dentist. I tried to but could not do so. Then about half an hour to forty-five minutes of the whole pain ordeal it seems the Hydrocodone finally decided to work its magic.

All of a sudden, I felt an extremely warm glow, and I found myself very sincerely apologizing to my sister and feeling very guilty about yelling at her. After that, I found myself becoming very overly friendly to all of my friends I was chatting online with. Out of nowhere, I started to feel very loving towards everyone and even got so emotional to the point where I started crying several times because I was so happy and loved everyone so much and also because I realized I have such wonderful friends in my life. I also became very enslaved to the beat and just started to dance to some of my favorite happy hardcore tunes. I mean I love to just get up and dance, but this felt as if the world was moving with me or as if the music was playing internally, the whole 'I have the music inside me' deal.

I just felt so great at its peak, about two hours into it. I felt as if I had finally found the secrets of life. Also for a while I was laughing quite heartily, the kind of laughter you get when you are completely happy and feel absolutely carefree. About 4 hours after it had kicked in my mom came home and I apologized to her the same way I had done my sister a very sincere and honest apology and I also told her a few times how much I appreciate her and how she is the greatest mom alive.

A little while afterwards I took two more and the day seemed to continue this way just as it did before it was just a blur of happiness, and I felt as if the few minutes of pain I had to go through to achieve this state was totally worth it. If I could live the day over I would. Also I promised that I would try to save as many of them as possible for a day or two of recreational use, preferably with a friend who would take them also. So the rest of the time I tried to only take it for pain. As a result I have quite a few left, at least half the bottle.

As for side effects, I do not remember the come down being all too bad, but one thing that really messed me up was the diahrea I had gotten. My stomach being the sensitive little child it is should be gave me all sorts of weird problems. So for about a week or so afterwards I had diahrea and it was quite unpleasant, occurring up to three times daily. I'm not sure that it was the Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen but I'm almost certain that it had something to do with it. I also felt the usual nausea most people do. Other then that though it was fine.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 44335
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 11, 2008Views: 63,677
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