It's Not Just a High - It's a Low
Citation:   Mari0. "It's Not Just a High - It's a Low: An Experience with Cannabis (exp44398)". Sep 14, 2008.

  repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I have recently quit the habitual use of Marijuana after 9 years of regular use. I must say that the habitual smoking of cigarettes is probably the worst thing, as the benefits of smoking marijuana far outweigh the negative effects of it's smoke in my mind. I wanted to share some of my thoughts.

I smoked quality hydroponically grown marijuana with a high THC content (visible THC hcrystalization, quality non-pressed/brick form) at a dosage of 3.5-7.0 grams per two week period for approximately 6 months. As an experiment, I spent 2 weeks smoking 7.0 grams at a rate of 1-2 joints in a 3 hour period for 14 days straight to determine any effects of 'over use' -- I was able to determine three things:

1) Marijuana's 'high' lessened the amount of cigarettes I smoke, making cigarettes less interesting and the need for cigarettes less great.

2) The negative effect of this amount of marijuana was present: though I was able to sleep, my dreams were effected and I was not readily able to enter 'REM' sleep during the nigt. I also found that I was consistently lazy and would find myself desiring marijuana in a way similar to the desire for cocaine or nicotine, though not as acute as these substances. I also found that I was irritable and anti-social, though non-violent and felt a general malaise similar to perhaps what the effects of mono or SARS would be - a persistent tired feeling, abated by smoking marijuana.

I noted that my heart was at an irregular rhythm. Combined with high amounts of visual stimulation, I found myself studying myself, perhaps there is a clinical name for this, -- self-diagnoses etc. I also noted that I was in a generally complacent state of mind, and was able to sit and be creative for long hours, perhaps overusing that part of my brain (hippocampus, pineal-related phenomena). It could be similar to an induced alpha or beta state for an extremely long period of time; participating in video games showed a detriment to reaction time and a general laziness to the point where, had I been driving a car, I might have decided I was too lazy to 'save my own life' if a deer or other vehicle came across my path. Of course, it was a video game, so there was no penalty for 'death' in the simulation.

I also noted that my memory (ability to remember words, specific vocabulary, etc) became lazy, but within only a few days has it repaired itself. This may be related to the depletion of seratonin. I was more prone, perhaps due to its illegal nature, and due to its recent focus in the news both in Canada and in the U.S., to pick on figures of authority - a general anger directed, non-violently, toward the system at large. I also found it easy to be created after getting high, but difficult to be created during the low - this is related, perhaps again, to the depletion of seratonin.

I have noted that the negative effects have subsided after remaining sober for less than a week. I did notice some basic mental health issues, the anti-social behavior, lacking desire for money, and general non-complacents, coupled with difficulty finding the energy or desire to remain hygenic -- I found my libido had increased, but had become somewhat uncontrollable, and that it was related to the smoking of marijuana at such a rate. In effect, to smoke marijuana, alone, in a self-research setting, I became a 'professional marijuana smoker', 'vocal advocate' (I called NORML a few times), and commited 'symbolic acts of protest' (non-violent, micro-protests). I also became a chronic masturbator. Marijuana, which is usually injested socially, may have some effect on libido and may be a way to synthesize sexual attraction.

3) I was able to determine that smoking marijuana at such a rate (1-2 joints in a 3 hour period) was perhaps detrimental not only to my mental health, but I believe I had sub-concious control of certain usually automatic response systems. I believe a feeling of self-loathing, attributed to the drug's illegality and the paranoia associated with its use, created a situation in which I hated myself so much, that I basically willed my heart to stop beating. When it did, I was surprised, and went through a very mild, relaxing and somewhat frightening Near-Death Experience (NDE).

While I still have minor cravings for marijuana, I have been able to relax and control them. I am hoping that these cravings will not be exacerbated by stress, or by future proximity to the drug. As a way to calm the sudden 'cold turkey' cessation of marijauna use in my life, I partook of a lesser variant (Mexicali brick) in a small quantity - enough to 'remember being high' but not enough to desire more.

Marijauna's recent use as a basis for a consumer drug in Canada is promising, as the purpose of this 9 year exercise has been to examine and fight for its acceptance so that it may be used to combat diseases, ailments and other addictions. The laziness is the worst part - it negatively effected my grade point average at a prestiguous university - or it may have been other factors - but there is a tendancy, when smoking marijuana illicitly in the US, to blame others for their own shortcomings, due to the governments shortcoming when it comes to blaming marijuana ('nit-picking').

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 44398
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 14, 2008Views: 11,575
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