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48 Hours Later I Could Sleep
Citation:   likwid. "48 Hours Later I Could Sleep: An Experience with DOI (exp44417)". Oct 4, 2005.

T+ 17:00
10 hits oral DOI (blotter / tab)
  T+ 17:00   smoked Cannabis  
A friend had acquired some blotter which he had tried recently in a low dosage and believed to be LSD. It was unperforated, and on thick blotter. I would normally take 4 or 5 hits of blotter, so I just ripped off a fat piece and started sucking on it. The first thing I noticed was the awful taste that reminded me somewhat of 2c-e. I thought that was very strange, but didn't really think too much of it.

It took about two hours to kick in, and the visuals lacked the intricacy that is produced by L. I thought it might have just been weak-ass blotter at first, but a little after two hours after I took it I started to get sick. When the sickness wore off I began to trip fairly hard, but the visuals still were lacking as far as detail goes. I began to think that I had been duped into purchasing some 5-MeO-AMT or some other low dosage popular research chemical. 12 hours later into the trip I got dropped off at a friend's house and went into his apartment. As soon as I closed the door, complete darkness surrounded me, and when I went to find a light I couldn't. A blurry psychedelic room was actually drawn around me by my mind, it was so fucked up that I thought I had gone in the wrong door, and went in his neighbor's apartment. I was scared shitless by this thought, because if I made a sound to turn on a light and this wasn't my friend's house, the cops might be called. After all, a raving madman who can't find a light switch wanders into your house with pupils the size of quarters just rassling around in your hallway, what would most people do? So there I was squinting and opening my eyes wide to try to get rid of these colors and patterns completely obscuring my vision, trying to find a lightswitch by feeling around but just hitting the wall and whatnot... then my friend heard me. He turned on the light and I went upstairs and tried to crash.

I laid around for a long time just feeling like my personality was being disassembled into individual personality traits I had picked up from others throughout my life. After a few hours of trying to crash I realized it wasn't going to happen so I got up and laid around in my friend's room (he had gone to work and let me chill there for a bit.) So I'm laying on his bed watching the outside, and seeing all the trees breathe in unison with the wind. My vision of the outside world looked sort of like a smudgy watercolor painting, but the visuals were still lacking in complexity. I laid around for a few more hours and said screw this, I'm gonna go for a walk. I walked like a maniac all around on the hottest day so far of this summer around here. I was sweating so profusely, and having jaw clenching. It was like I had ate a bunch of rolls. So I'm walking everywhere, and I just did not feel tired at all after being up for over 24 hours and tripping for the past 16-18. I end up meeting with my friends to smoke a blunt. The blunt smoke definately subdued my upset stomach for a bit, but within a couple hours it wore off. I was randomly dry heaving, and a couple times randomly heaving up the liquid I just drank.

By nightfall, I was tripping just as hard as before, so I went to a keg party in the hopes of drinking myself to sleep. I busted out the half sheet to show my friend how much I took, and I actually took more than I thought, somewhere around 10 hits it seemed. I hadn't eaten in probably 36 hours or so, and drinking all night still didn't put me to sleep. My eyes were starting to wobble a little and make my vision blurry. When sunlight came, the world still looked like a smudgy watercolor painting. All hopes of coming down before the wedding I was to attend Sunday were shot down when I noticed this.

I got an hour or two of semi-sleep, then went to the wedding. By this time I was beginning to come down and was a little relieved. I could actually stomach small amounts of food now. I went to bed somewhere between 6-9 sunday. I dosed friday night.
The next morning I had to get out of bed to do some dry heaving for a bit. I still had residual visuals for a couple days too.

The next weekend I found out that the supplier of the supplier had been lying to people and selling sheets of DOI telling them it is acid. Each blotter was ~2 mg's. I guess this person never stopped to think that they were putting people in real danger by doing this. Anywho, it was kind of easy (IMHO) to tell this wasn't L for a few reasons: the visuals lacked detail, the come-up was too long, the sickness and nausea, and the amphetamine-like properties. Also, unlike with L, I had no feeling of being 'at peace' with things. If I had to describe this trip shortly, I'd probably call it a 'dirty' trip.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 44417
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 4, 2005Views: 29,564
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DOI (259) : What Was in That? (26), Multi-Day Experience (13), General (1), Various (28)

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