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Eating Pancakes
by Delysiduous
Citation:   Delysiduous. "Eating Pancakes: An Experience with LSD (exp44450)". Jun 9, 2007.

2 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  0.25 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)


Me and four friends decided to take acid one night in March of yesteryear. It was my first time, D's(girl) 3rd time, A's(guy) third time, R (A's girlfriend) and J(guy) were more experienced. My previous experience with psychedelics consisted of a handful of shroom trips. The blotter we got was pretty strong. Even though it was my first time I decided to take 2, D and A 1.5 each, R 1, and J 2. We started out on the upper west side in Manhattan. Our plan was to drop, smoke a lil, go see Sonicvision at the planetarium, and all sleep over D's dad's house in Queens.

We each took 1 tab at first, walked ~5 blocks to go smoke on someone’s roof, and while we were on the roof I took another tab, the others took 1/2 more each. On the walk back to the planetarium we were all coming up, it was pretty good. It turns out we missed our show, and would have to wait an hour for the next one. D and R stayed to play in the planetarium (realllllly cool place), and me, J, and A went to go smoke a bowl in the park. As we were smoking, we all kept hallucinating people walking down the path towards us; it turned out there was never anyone there.

It was close to show time, so we went back in the planetarium. R was in a corner with D, apparently consoling her. It turns out she was really scared and anxious for some unknown reason, and didn't want to go into the light show. I reasoned with her, telling her it was all ok, she was just tripping, and that we all just paid $15 for the really cool lightshow so we should all go in. I guess she had a lot of trust in me, so she gave in. As we started walking into the dome I found out, much to my dismay, that she had already called her dad and told him she was freaking out and needed a ride home. Once we were sitting down and the lights went off, she started getting scared again. I kept trying to calm her down as the show started. She asked me for some of my Snapple, so I passed her the bottle. It looked like she was ok for now, so I sat back and started to watch the show.

Bad idea. The next thing I know, she’s standing up, talking on her cell phone to her dad. 'I took a tab and a half of acid, and I'm drinking peach Snapple!' she said very loudly into the phone. Then she started babbling some incoherent bullshit, so I took the phone away from her. I really didn't want to do it, but I figured I had to talk to her dad. Apparently, she had told him earlier that she was planning to trip that night, and he was cool with it. That made it easier on me to talk to him. I told him that she was safe, just freaking out a bit. She kept asking for him to come pick us up, so I told him that it might be a good idea to do that. He was in the city, kinda close by, so it wasn't a problem for him. He said he would meet us on 81st and Columbus in ~15 minutes. At this point one of the ushers had come over and was telling us not to use a cell phone, but we were leaving anyway. We got outside into the brisk night, and kept trying to keep D calm and out of the busy streets.

She saw her dad before the rest of us, and started running across the street to his car. Luckily, the light was in our favor, so it was ok. She got into the front, and the rest of us crowded into the back. It would have been a very tight fit with just me, A, and J; R had to sit on A's lap and put her legs across us. As soon as D started talking to her dad she was incredibly better. Totally the opposite of before, very euphoric, singing along to the music, we thought the bad part of the night was over. J informed D's dad that he had to stop at his house to get his diabetes stuff, so off we went.

D's dad started talking. I didn't hear what was said at the time, but later found out that he said, 'Hey, did you guys here about that girl and her friends who got into the car with someone who they thought was her dad, but he kidnapped them all and killed them?' J had never met D's dad before, so he couldn't be sure if this was really him. He thought that this guy was going to kill us all, so he reached across the seat, grabbed D's dad by the shoulder and shouted, 'Yo, man, chill! Pull the fuck over!' D's dad just started laughing, and said, 'Was it that bad of a joke?' J looked around at our shocked faces, and realized that it really was her dad. He apologized, and her dad was totally cool with it. We stopped at J's building, and he ran inside to get his stuff. Then we were off to Queens.

That was without a doubt the most intense car ride I have ever had in my life. Any of you guys who have been in a fast moving car while tripping reallllllly hard can probably understand that. For much of the trip, I felt like we were in a roller coaster. Everything outside the car was just a blur. At one point I discovered closed eye visuals. I had read about them, but had never experienced them myself, and I didn't really know what they were like. Well, to make a big understatement, they were amazing. I kept my eyes closed for ~1/3 of the trip, and then we finally got to D's dads house. When we got inside D's dad said he was going to bed. He said we could have any food we wanted, but if we wanted alcohol we should only drink the Smirnoff in the freezer. He went upstairs to bed, and we didn't see him till next morning.

D was still very happy, and she showed us this big 12' wooden pipe that she got in Brazil. Oh yea, I forgot to mention this: we had about a half ounce of shitty weed, and a $50 bag of nice hydro for the night. We wanted some blunts, so we decided to walk a few blocks to the store. None of us were 18 at the time, and D was the only one who had an 18+ id, one of her friends'. She was doin ok at this point, so we figured it was safe to let her buy some blunts. She goes up to the register, asks for the blunts, and the guy looks at her id. 'This doesn't look like you,' he said. 'What?!?' she replied. 'It doesn't look like me? That's cause it's NOT me, BITCH!' She ran out of the store, without the blunts, of course. We were now in a bit of a dilemma. We decided to send J in to try, because he has a beard, and looks a bit older. He came out a minute later, successful. We walked back to D's house, all of us trippin balls, and happy as ever.

When we got back the first thing we did was roll a fat blunt. I was easily tripping the hardest, but I was also the best roller, so I decided to take the responsibility. They were reluctant to let me, thinking I was gonna fuck it up, but they gave in eventually. I surprised myself by not fucking it up, and rolling it just fine. We went down into the basement and smoked it. This is where things get a little hazy, I guess b/c of all the weed I was smoking after this point. On top of being stoned I was peaking, and much more fucked up than I had ever been in my life. J pulled out his leftover 1/2 tab, and I instantly wanted more. I thought that things couldn't get bad, only better. I asked him to give me half of that half, and being a nice guy, he did. Well, that 1/4 tab did much more than I expected it to, it totally sent me over the top. From here on, events might not be in chronological order, but I can't remember to well. I'll do my best, though.

D started getting weird again. She wasn't scared or anything, not right away at least. Just acting weird. Like making sexual advances on all of us, even R. We decided to make her smoke some more regs, in hopes that it would calm her down. We used her big wooden pipe this time, it was pretty cool. When it got passed to her, she didn't smoke it normally. She put the pipe to her lips, and started to lick it like, well, you know. We got her to stop servicing the pipe, and to start smoking it. As far as I can tell, smoking more regs made her neither better nor worse.

When we went back upstairs I decided to listen to some music. I put on headphones, and closed my eyes. Wow, I thought to myself. It was like I was in the dome at the planetarium again, except the visuals were different. It was really like being in a big dome, the entirety of which was covered with some kind of green superhero type pattern, moving to the beat of the music. I enjoyed myself like this for a while, then got up to get something to eat. Here's where that 1/4 tab hit me, and I started to freakout a bit. I opened up the fridge, but I couldn't seem to figure out what there was to eat.

I became very distressed, opening and closing the fridge every few seconds, but never taking any food out. For some reason, there was a big plate of pancakes on the counter, I guess they were from that morning. They seemed to be pretty fresh, so I decided to eat one of those. I ripped off a piece and put it in my mouth. I let it sit there for a while, then started swishing it around with my tongue. There was something I was supposed to be doing in order to eat it, I thought to myself. It turns out that I had forgotten about chewing. I didn't realize it then, only that I had some food in my mouth and I was unable to eat it.

Now I started really getting scared, I had no idea what was going on. Some pancake started to fall out of my mouth, and eventually I spit the whole thing into the garbage. It was ~12am at this point, and not having eaten since about noon the day before, I was pretty hungry. I started to think that it was very important that I get some food now, and opened up the fridge again. Still, I couldn't get anything out of there. I was getting more and more distressed, when finally A helped me to make one of those cups of noodles, and I was able to get that down.

I had another peach Snapple that I had gotten at the store when we bought blunts, and I was drinking it in the kitchen. I went to set it down on the counter, but somehow dropped it on the floor. The bottle didn't break, but there was liquid everywhere. I stood there, looking at the floor, and J and A told me to clean it up. I still stood there, looking at the floor, and they told me again. I informed them that I couldn't see the Snapple, even though it was brown and the floor was white. Try as I might, I couldn't distinguish between the Snapple and the floor, and I eventually unrolled a whole roll of paper towels, and covered the entire kitchen floor. I eventually got the floor all cleaned up, and then I realized I didn't have my cell phone on me.

I figured I must've dropped it in the couch while listening to music, but I couldn't find it. This put me into a really bad thought loop. I started to think that I had to get my life in order. The first step to doing that was finding my cell phone. I couldn't find the fone. Why can't I find the fone? Cuz I'm such a mess; I gotta get my life in order. Ok, I gotta find the fone. This went on for some time, finally I got out of it somehow. Then I started to think about how I had been tripping for hours, and it was still really strong. I started wondering when I was gonna stop. I didn't exactly get the classic 'OMG I'm never gonna come down', but I was worried that I would still be tripping when I went home the next day. I asked my friends if I would still be tripping at 12pm(~16 hours after dropping), and they assured me I would stop way before that. That calmed me down a bit.

I wanted to look at the closed eye visuals again, but I kept getting distracted. I decided that I needed solitude, and begged A and J to lock me in the basement by myself for an hour. No matter how much I begged and pleaded, they wouldn't do it. They decided they would come downstairs with me, and smoke some more weed. After doing that, they turned the lights off. I started to get scared, but they made me calm down, and then started making trails with their cigarettes for me to look at. This was really cool for a few minutes, then we smoked some more weed. After this point I was calmed down a lot, I guess smoking all that regs really smoothed things out. The rest of the night was good for me, but not for D.

During all this smoking/eating/tripping, D was staying by herself. She sat on the couch for a long time, with an expression of mild fear on her face, not talking or interacting with anyone. Then, sometime around 2, she announced that she was going to bed. We all thought this was kinda weird, but since she didn't seem to be freaking out, we let her go. My memory at this point is really bad, so I will skip to the next part I remember. At ~3am we still had a lot of weed, so we decided to pack a gotti. I did this, and we went downstairs to smoke it. In the middle of the siph, D comes downstairs. She was all bundled up in her coat, hat, boots, etc. The first thing she says is that we all have to leave. 'You guys have to get out of the house, now. I'm coming with you. Let's go to the park. The park is a much better place to smoke.' We inquired about this park, and she told us it was ~1 mile away. We told her that there was absolutely no way we were going to the park, and made her sit down and smoke the gotti with us.

After this, people started to go to sleep. I tried, but was not sleepy at all, and still trippin. I was still tripping lightly at 8 or 9 am when people started to wake up. D seemed to be all better, she was back to her normal self. I took a cab back to Manhattan with R and J, then traveled for another two hours to get home in Staten Island. On the way home, I did a lot of thinking about the night. It was without a doubt the most profound experience of my life, and at some points in the night I really felt like I was on the brink of insanity. To this day, I still feel like I know what it is to be insane. I was tired, and it felt like someone had a huge party inside my head and forgot to clean up. That night completely turned me on to acid, and I will never forget it.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 44450
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 9, 2007Views: 5,264
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LSD (2) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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