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Puzzling Trip
by Bevers002
Citation:   Bevers002. "Puzzling Trip: An Experience with Hydrocodone (exp44503)". Oct 17, 2007.

15 mg oral Hydrocodone (pill / tablet)


15mg Vicodin (3 5mg tablets) taken at 11:39 PM on 6/29/05.

T + 00:00; It's a little cold in my room so I am currently wrapped in a fleece blanket. Other than that, everything is normal. I am talking with friends online via AIM. Conversation is easy and clear. My jaw still hurts a little from the surgery a week ago. Last thing to eat was 2 slices of pizza at about 6:30 PM, a little over 5 hrs ago.

T + 00:15; Same as above, really. Ironically a conversation over AIM has turned into more of a sexual exploration of a relationship. I did not steer it that way, I swear. Anyway, the room has ceased being cold. Typing and conversation is easy. Jaw pain has lessened somewhat. I will keep you posted on the convo, this should get interesting.

T + 00:25; Nothing much different. I'm beginning to wonder when the drug will take hold. Jaw pain relief being about the only discernable difference nearly a half an hour in. I'm thinking that maybe my lack of a big meal is effecting it somehow. *shrug* I did sip on a margarita around 8:00 PM, nothing to get me drunk, but alcohol nonetheless. Here are the facts: approx. 150mL of a 19.9 proof, 9.95% alcohol by volume 'Jose Cuervo Margarita Mini'. Oh and btw, the tease I was talking to about sex decided she was tired and went to bed.

T + 00:45; Still nothing! What's the deal?! I think I might run downstairs and grab some leftover pizza as I am starting to get hungry again. Even though I really doubt this is related to drugs, I don't have much else to write about. brb.

T + 01:00; My jaw feels bigger now. It feels as if my whole lower face has been shot with novicane. Eating is awkward, but necessary, as I am starving. I'm beginning to wonder if maybe I expected too much from this trip. I think I might go lie down and see if that has any effect.

T + 01:20; Wow. I can feel the Vicodin starting to work it's magic. My head is clear, but I'm not doing a lot of thinking. I feel comfortable and extremely relaxed. I can close my eyes and my head begins to slowly sink forward. My mouth has been hanging open for a while, complete relaxation has overcome me. Breathing is shallow, yet easy and slow. Listening to the computers hum beside me, my head slowly nods back and forth and my thoughts drift between ideas of computer security (a favorite topic of mine), gently floating on a small wooden boat in a sea of relaxation. Sun shines down and warms my shoulders as I slowly paddle on.

T + 01:40; Same as above. Glorious relaxing. It is taking me longer now to write these experiences, not because of miscordination or anything, but because I zone out looking at a particular thing and not realize it. I'm still talking on AIM to a single person but I don't check to see what has been said all that often. It's not that I don't care, it's just that I keep zoning out. I should point out that taste and smell senses, as well as sight are not effected majorly by the drug. This last paragraph took me approx. 10 mins to write.

T + 02:00; I have been experimenting with different types of music by a suggestion from a friend and have found out a few things. The only music that I liked and was comfortable listening to for a while was slow paced chillout music. Anything even semi-fast was definitely uncomfortable. Also the music had to be at a very low volume. I have noticed that I am very sensitive to louder noises and generally don't want this type of thing going on while I am spacing out. After listening for a while to this very quiet, slow, chillout music, I turned it off only to find that the sounds of a completely quiet house and an old desktop computer next to me humming away are very satisfying.

T + 02:20; Taking a walk over to my bed I lie down. I am extremely hard pressed to find an uncomfortable position. I end up lying on my back, feet straight and arms down at my sides. Easy breathing continues as I begin to fight to stay awake. I feel as though I have a warm fuzzy blanket touching every piece of my skin as I float in the euphoria. I lie their for what seems like an hour but was probably more like 10 mins, and then force myself back up to the computer. Their were probably 3-4 times in that 10 min period where I caught myself just before going to sleep and forced myself to open my eyes and try to stay awake. Lying down is easily one of the best things to do while on this drug.

T + 02:50; I still feel the effects of the Vicodin, but they are nowhere near as strong as they were before. I am zoning out less and have also noticed that the onset of nervous habit movement such as picking fingernails or tapping/wiggleing feet. I guess the lack of nervous energy while on the drug would have suppressed those. I have come to notice that it is actually quite hotter than I thought it was in this room. I closed the only vent prior to the actual ingestion of the tablets because I was cold. My face doesn't feel quite as numb anymore but my jaw pain is still being taken care of or it has gone away. My mouth is fairly dry, mainly from it hanging open for the past half an hour. My stomach is still happy with that pizza I threw down earlier. Thinking is clearer, more concise and coherent, not jumping from one topic to another. This is the come down.

T + 03:20; It is now 3:00 AM on the morning of 6/30/05. All of the effects of the Vicodin have now worn off. As of yet, I have not felt any sort of hangover type symptoms of using the drug other than the dry mouth I previously wrote about. I still don't know what caused the drug to come on so slowly. Maybe it was the lack of stomach activity, which seems odd, but I definitely can't deny that after I had that midnight snack, the drug seemed to take hold. Looking back over this trip, it seems as if the increase in dosage didn't have as much of an effect on the strength of the effects like I thought it would, but more on the length of time that they endured for. All in all, I like this drug and I would take it again at a higher dosage if I had the chance.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 44503
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 17, 2007Views: 92,097
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