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A Dark Carnival
Salvia divinorum (20x extract)
by Kaoskid
Citation:   Kaoskid. "A Dark Carnival: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (20x extract) (exp44575)". Oct 19, 2007.

1 hit smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


Herein I will attempt to describe my first experience with salvia.

It was my birthday and my salvia extract had arrived earlier that morning, it was taped to the inside of the shipping container, came in a small poly bag similar to those used by jewelers and had a very peculiar musty odor. I was very tempted to rush off to my room, take out my pipe and give it a try. I then remembered that a friend of mine who does not share my enthusiasm for psychedelics would be arriving shortly and he tends to feel some discomforture around people who have injested anything more than a glass of wine. I wanted him to feel completely comfortable in my home so I decided to wait.

Long after the celebrations had died down and everyone had gone home I decide to try the salvia. I went to my bedroom, pulled my pipe (a gift from my stepfather, a miniature round based bong) out of the almost impenetrable depths of my closet and prepared myself for the experience. Sitting in front of my altar with a mixture of excitement, curiosity and trepidation I placed a pinch of the extract in the bowl of the pipe, lifted it to my lips, place a lighter flame at the lip of the bowl and inhaled until I felt as though my lungs would burst and lay down upon my carpet. As I lay there writhing from the harshness of the smoke I opened my eyes and looked up towards the ceiling, which was not clearly visible as I had turned off the lights just after preparing the pipe, at the very moment the effects started to occur.

The effect was incredible, it was as though I was looking at a window through a kaleidoscope, hundreds of traditional four pane windows, three to a set, forming something akin to Euclid's 47th proposition around an equal sided triangle. The next vision was more disturbing, three people dressed in radiation/hazmat suits were doing something to a me that wasn't me but I could not be sure of exactly what they were doing until it dawned upon me that this was my metaphorical birthing into the world of salvia. I succeeded in standing but when I moved my arm it felt as though it was warping in the opposite direction. I turned on my stereo, it began to play something by some up and coming Mcrockband from some Mctown somewhere, I decided to keep listening and turned to crawl in to my bed, a very comfortable four-poster made by my uncle, but I could not, my bed had turned into a miniature cottage that resembled nothing so much as an overly large gingerbread house constructed of balsa wood and heart-shaped christmas decorations, complete with candycane filigree.

I did what any salvia influenced person would do, I opened the door. I was instantly transported to a world straight out of my childhood fantasies, which were nothing short of disturbing, even for an adult. A world of creatures too bizarre and detailed to describe and plants in all shades of red, purple and some color that doesn't even have a name. If fnords were animals it would be the color of their fur. the scene dropped away from my feet, giving me a view of the entire landscape. The sky was red and below me was the carnival, a sinister place that could have held amusement sometime in it's past. In one direction there was an evil looking ferris wheel, it's carriages swaying silently in the breeze, in another, a silent and frightening forest that must have once been vendors stalls. Running straight through the middle of the place was a sinister looking river, it's purple shimmering surface rippling with danger.

And then I was no longer myself in that dark and frightening place but a child of about twelve years old sitting on a tree branch, dangling his toes into a serene and comforting lake that stretched for as far as his eyes could see, a beautiful golden sky with splashes of blue filled with billowing white clouds overhead. Within a second of that last, heartwarming, scene it was over, I was in my bed and almost completely baseline. Though I still fell some after effects, similar to a mild cannabis high, I was completely exhausted and dropped off to sleep almost immediately.

In retrospect I would say that salvia is something that threw me high into the air and then pushed an enourmous goose down pillow underneath me to break the fall.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 44575
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 19, 2007Views: 5,971
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