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by Bryan
Citation:   Bryan. "Unexplainable: An Experience with DMT (exp44684)". May 7, 2021.

60 mg smoked DMT


After reading and learning about all psychoactives over the past 10 years and trying a few here and there I finally decided to get some DMT one way or another and try the stuff out. Only live once right? WRONG! I was always fascinated by reading of other peoples DMT experiences. I was finally able to procure some from the phalaris aquatica plant. Now I am not real big into drugs, I eat a few grams of mushrooms every now and then, inhale a few breaths of nitrous occasionally, and I've only done acid once. Smoked a few crack rocks in my day etc. Never done a line or injected anything though, only what I can smoke or eat. My favorite drug is and will always be good old Mary Jane and brother Anheusher Busch with the Simpsons on TV on a sunday night. I like getting high while watching COPS too ;-) But I always maintain sobriety. The way I look at it drugs are FUN, not a way of life. You play with the wires in your head, you might just start a fire I think.

DMT always fascinated me though. I always felt this pull towards it. Well, with a clear head (no drugs, just 2500 calories for 7 days) I was sitting in a room with a long known well trusted and sober friend to watch over me I took my first hit. In a way the flavor reminded me of smoking cocaine, but not quite. More 'plasticy' than cocaine.

I inhaled the 60mg's placed into the pipe within about 120 seconds. I would hit it, hold it in for 10 seconds, let it out, hit it right away again. The first minute or so afterwards consisted of this buzzing sound, kinda like nitrous does to me when I drink too much whiskey. Except that this buzzing sound didn't diminish, it kept getting LOUDER, so loud the walls began to shake with it. And GOOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!! KABAM!!!! Reading about DMT experiances does no justice to the sheer scope of being in that SPACE. It was so sudden. It was like being here in our reality, but with the drapery of consciousness removed at beyond the speed of light. The 10-12 minutes I was told it lasted felt like billions of years. There is no word sentence or phrase or even enough books in the world to write in that can ever explain that 'THERE'. That unexplainable FEELING. The language that is spoken is unfuckingexplainable. I felt like I was shown a brief glimpse of heaven for a moment, then I was snapped back to attention by those 'elves'. Wanting me to watch them work or something. I was never 'told' to pay attention I was 'TOLD!' The only thing that bothered me during the experience was that I felt like I could not move freely. I couldn't just explore like I wanted to, I had to be SHOWN, like a guided tour while being hog-tied.
I couldn't just explore like I wanted to, I had to be SHOWN, like a guided tour while being hog-tied.
It was like I was stuck under this tremendous pressure.

Afterwards I likened it to be stuck at the bottom of the ocean with all the associated weight of the ocean, yet unable to die from the pressure. It was the only uncomfortable feeling. There was this sense of something watching me, like God's CCTV on me to make sure I didn't break anything. I noticed that for weeks afterwards I kept dreaming of ceteacens quite often. Perhaps I should learn the language of dolphins I wonder? Listening to humpback whales sing makes the hair on my neck standup. I still get the chills when I look at the spot I was sitting while remembering the ride into the void.

Absolutely amazing does no justice. It's like driving down a mountain in a honda civic, then falling off the cliff tumbling down at 300mph hitting trees while the car is on fire, and you're completely amazed by it all and you're not able to die. You understand why its happening and you don't care, you're just simply fascinated that its happening, and even that analogy does no justice. Blew my fucking mind away. I remember reading about DMT 'load universe into cannon, aim at brain, FIRE!' That is correct. The universe in a .357 revolver, only you don't die. They just laugh at you when you wake up and have to clean up your mess splattered across the walls.

I may try it again someday, but I feel it's just not the right time. 'SOMETHING' is 'THERE'. I think next time I try it I will visit the redwood forests of N. California and inhale when the sky starts changing colors at night. With a string attached to my belt attached to the car.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 44684
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 7, 2021Views: 183
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DMT (18) : Entities / Beings (37), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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