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  insufflated Methamphetamine (powder / crystals)
I first tried crystal meth about two months ago, and have so far found it to be a wonderful drug with remarkably few negative side effects, despite all the bad press it receives. I believe in trying to find out as much as possible about a drug before doing it, so I had researched its effects pretty extensively before trying it. Here's a report on my first time.

I had purchased a small bag (a 1/4 gram) from a drug dealer friend who had suggested that I try it. It sat in a box on my dresser for a few weeks before I decided that it was the right time to do it - I knew from what my friends had told me and from what I had read that it was a long-lasting drug, and that I would need a full 'recovery day' afterwards to sleep and get back to normal. So I waited until I had a few days off in a row from work, and one night when some friends and I were going out to a club, I brought it (concealed in my bra, ha ha) with me. After having a drink, I decided to go the bathroom and try my first bump.

I started small. It *burned like hell*, just as I had been told, but did not numb my nostrils the way coke does at all. The burn was intense but only lasted a few seconds, and the drip seemed much less than with coke. I didn't notice any 'rush'- in fact, it was all very subtle and I didn't even realize that I was high until a good twenty minutes later - the effects had probably come on already, but I was dancing and talking and I think it just took me a while to notice it. When I did notice it - wow! The feeling was actually very similar to ecstasy - full of energy, confidence,euphoria, clarity. Unlike ecstasy, there was no strong 'come-up' - as I said, the high is subtle, and just sort of crept up on me, which is nice - it was never overwhelming. It's very 'smooth'. I felt talkative, sociable, and very much wanted to be with people. All of my conversations with my friends seemed intensely interesting - I felt closer to them, uninhibited, and very, very sexual. I understand why meth has a reputation as a sexual stimulant - my whole body felt sexually charged, and I felt I would be willing to do the *wildest* things.

My friends and I kept doing small bumps about every 1/2 hour, until the club closed. They went home, and I was planning on going home, too, but I somehow ended up talking to two strangers on the street outside the club and sharing a cab with them back to my house. Turns out they had been doing crystal too, and we just struck up a conversation and ended up deciding to hang out. See what I mean about the lowering of inhibitions? I normally wouldn't hop in a taxi with two strangers and bring them back to my apartment! We finished the rest of our bags (they had a 1/4 too) and just talked and enjoyed each other's company until almost noon. It was wonderful, I felt as if I had known these complete strangers forever! There was not, however, quite the same level of intense empathy as with ecstasy, and it was not quite as 'meaningful' - it came close, though. And instead of the rolling 'waves' effect of E, crystal is very stable feeling - the same level throughout. This should not be a huge surprise - MDMA and methamphetamine are actually very closely chemically related.

We all felt extremely horny, but didn't do anything about it - it just didn't feel right somehow, being that we'd only known each other a few hours (it was me, another girl and a guy). But we did make out a little and massage each other, and my god, I have never felt anything so amazing. The guy put his hand on my breast, and this wave of pleasure ran all the way down my body, I had butterflies in my stomach and felt about ready to have an orgasm - all this from one touch! We all stared at each other with this kind of animal lust, and lord knows how we didn't just rip each other's clothes off, but somehow we maintained our control. I'm glad we did, since to this day we have remained friends from this one wild night, and there's no 'weirdness' between us. I have still never actually had sex on crystal, but I can only imagine how intense it would be - although I do hear that it 'increases the desire and decreases the performance' - i.e., men can have trouble getting and maintaining erections, and both sexes can have trouble reaching orgasm. I have also heard the opposite, though - that it can lead to the most amazing orgasms of your life. My point is that whatever the case may be, my body feels so electric, and the sensation of touch is so heightened, that the physical aspect of crystal is *absolutley fucking incredible*- waaaaaaaaay better than ecstasy, which makes me feel extremely loving, but not at all sexual, actually.

So, around noon, we all started to 'crash', which I had always heard was a horrible experience, but turned out to be no big deal at all. I don't know what people are talking about with these suicidal feelings and so on that they report - I find even the comedown to be be sort of pleasant. It really is just like coming back down to earth - like I've been flying in a plane, and I'm slowly, slowly landing - the whole experience, the come up, the come down is very gradual. I do feel a little bored and antsy, and at this point it's just kind of annoying. Crystal lasts a *long* time, and I definitely reached a point where I wanted it to be over. But this is about the worst side effect - I want to sleep, but my body just won't let me yet. Oh, that and major dry mouth - as with any stimulant.

When it finally wore off completely - after my new friends had departed, I would say around 1:30 in the afternoon, I finally felt ready for sleep. During the whole experience, I had no appetite at all, but it returned, along with the desire for sleep, as soon it was over. I knew that my body needed nourishment, especially protein now, so I ate some tuna, a big salad, and drank more water, along with a multi-vitamin and an extra vitamin C. I then proceeded to fall into a deep sleep for about four hours, and woke up still feeling tired and out of it, but not bad or depressed at all. Just sort of pleasantly useless and spacey, actually. I sat and watched tv for a while, then went back to bed, slept the night through, and woke up feeling basically back to normal.

Since this first experience, I have done crystal probably 6 times, and have had similarly lovely experiences. Those I know who have had bad experiences seem to have had them mostly because of doing too much, or not taking care of themselves - for example, not drinking any water, not eating, going on benders for days at a time. In conclusion: I have found crystal to be a hell of a good time. But it is a *strong* drug. It is not what I would call a 'forgiving' drug. You have to do it right. I certainly have found that I like it so much that I must really curb my use - I can see the strong addictive potential. Despite being so demonized, I have so far only had great experiences.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 44691
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 25, 2008Views: 57,187
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