LSD Isn't the Greatest
by Bruno
Citation:   Bruno. "LSD Isn't the Greatest: An Experience with LSD (exp4472)". Dec 27, 2001.

  oral LSD


I have had a total of 3 LSD experiences in my life. I have mixed feelings about this synthetic psychedelic.

My first trip was enjoyable at first and then became irritating. I ate one blotter on a sunny saturday morning in December. I pretty much stayed in my room for the duration of the trip. I felt little paranoia even though I was tripping alone in my parents home while my mom was there. The peak was great, which is really the only part of the trip I enjoyed. I'll describe the 'peak' of the trip as follows:

Positive effects:

The visual hallucinations were moderate and interesting. Pretty much just the characteristic 'breathing' of inanimate objects. I saw random patterns that were usually pink in color. Music sounded amazing. I was very fascinated with my existence at that point in time. Time had little significance. My thoughts were extremely deep and meta-physical. I was definitely euphoric, elated. I smiled continuously, almost uncontrollably.

Negative effects:

The body high was intense, somewhat annoying and felt very synthetic. basically a tingly feeling in my nerves. It became irritating. At one point my thoughts were so random, fast and uncontrollable that I felt I had reached insanity. (not good, as this can lead to a bad trip) I had bad 'Gut Rot' as users call it. It felt like a stomach ache that would accompany an alcohol hangover, only more intense and more painful. I felt really dirty. I was sweating and I wasn't hot, kind of strange. My back hurt. I experienced lassitude, my body felt useless. (this was more noticable when the peak wore down, as when I was peaking I was too high to notice it)

After the intensity of the peak wore off, I started to gradually come down and the trip just became long and irritating as the negative side-effects became more noticable. I was sick of it and I just wanted it to end. It took about 12 hours after I dropped the hit until I was completely sober. I only really enjoyed the first 3 hours of the trip.

my second hit of acid didn't even cause me to 'trip'. I only felt a mild body high and all the uncomfortable side-effects. not cool. maybe I didn't take enough, but I'm a lightweight so I figured it wouldn't make a difference. This really turned me off to it.

My third trip was very similar to the first, with an exception to the visuals. This time I saw more trails, unlike my first trip. The rest of the visuals were more subtle. Later I found out this was because the LSD was clean and properly made and stored.

Overall I thought LSD felt like a very cheap and synthetic high. unlike psilocybin mushrooms, which feel completely pure and natural.
I really do not like the side-effects associated with acid and I may never take it again. Ever since I experimented with Psilocybin, I have had little desire in taking LSD again. Mushrooms produced a very comfortable, controllable, non-irritating trip in contrast to acid.

Exp Year: 1998ExpID: 4472
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 27, 2001Views: 4,049
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