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Like a Light Shroom Trip
by Nirvana
Citation:   Nirvana. "Like a Light Shroom Trip: An Experience with Cannabis (exp44730)". Erowid.org. Jul 17, 2007. erowid.org/exp/44730

3.5 g oral Cannabis (plant material)


I have been smoking marijuana for about one and a half years now, a relatively short amount of time. Iíve smoked, good high quality bud, made blunts, joints, and smoked out of bongs, pipes, and about anything else you could name. But for some reason Iíve never really thought of eating marijuana as an effective way of getting high, and although I often had weed on me I never want to eat it because I thought it would be a waste so I would smoke it instead.

One particular day I was looking to buy an eight of a ounce of off the local dealer, but I ran into a friend of mine that was also selling weed, he pulled out a bag of low grade marijuana, over a quarter of an ounce and he asked me how much I wanted. I didnít actually want to buy this weed because I had smoked a joint of it before and had not cared for it that much, for one it tasted awful. And when I smoked a lot of it at one time, I was high for about half an hour then I burnt out hard for about an hour after. When he said that he would give me the whole bag for forty buck is was shocked, even if it was shitty weed at least I could just smoke on it till I got high because I had a good deal of weed I thought to myself. Well after about a week of smoking this weed I was tired of it, I wanted some good quality bud, and I was going to sell the shitty stuff for cheap, but I thought hey why not try and get high by eating it? So one night I planed to eat a decent amount of the weed and try to get high.

9:45 pm: I didnít have anytime to make anything special with the weed, like brownies or weed butter or shit like that, I just grabbed a sandwich and piled the weed on top, actually it tasted not bad, the sauce really cover up the taste of the weed and I was satisfied with the amount I had eaten, so I sat back and waited for the effects to kick in.

10:10 pm: Slight buzz noticed and audio perception begins to change, but I write some of these effects of as just my imagination.

10:30 pm: I notice a slight change in my senses, I am in my bedroom listening to music and that music becomes a lot deeper and I fell like I understand the way it was written and I was hearing it the way it was suppose to be heard. It amazed and astounded me. I am defiantly feeling the weed.

11:00 pm: I am slightly disappointed because the effects mentioned above do not increase what so ever, I know that when cannabis is eaten it can take a much longer time to actually take effect, but I thought it would be at least less then an hour. So I decided to turn of the light and go to sleep, I still retain the effects mentioned above, also my bed feels like itís the softest thing in the world, like Iím sleeping on a cloud. But this does not make it easier to get to sleep, I find myself constantly turning on and off the light but when the light is on I become tired so I try to go to sleep only to turn the light on again after ten minutes of sitting in the dark, I feel a surge of energy. I feel like I have no time for sleep and that I could do anything, but eventually I fall asleep.

1:00 am: I awake with a start; I barely even know were I am and then it occurs to me that Iím in my bedroom. I check my clock, but when I hit the light its like the light was as bright as the sun on a summer day. My eyes feel dry and they burn, my mouth is so dry it feels like I can hardly breath. I get up and head to the kitchen and grab a glass of water, I drink four glasses of water and my thirst it still not quenched, but I feel a little bloated so I stop, and thatís when I notice how high I really am.

I could feel the cold soothing water in my stomach and this cold feeling spreads through out my entire body, it felt so refreshing, like going to the pool on a really hot day. Then I noticed that my vision was really impaired. I havenít really hallucinated on marijuana before, but this is as close to hallucinating on marijuana that I have ever been; I have a sort of kaleidoscope vision when Iím in the dark, almost similar to a mild mushroom trip. I had this to an extreme, when I focused on an object I would see these little designs and patterns circling around the object I look at.

This is also when I noticed I had a very intense ďbody stoneĒÖ I could feel everything, the floor under my feet, the soft sheets of my bed, and the cool breeze blowing through my bedroom window, all of it was magical and frightening at the same time. I started to have fun with this body stone, when I moved my toes that sensation would travel throughout my whole body. I returned to my bedroom and decided that I would try to catch some sleep.

1:30 am: Now Iím scared. Sitting in the dark has a weird effect on my high, the above effects described were at least doubled, I try to remember when I ate the weed and it scares me more to realize that I might have a long way to go before I start to come down. Then I notice that my heart seems to be beating very fast, this cause me to breath more through my mouth, which in turn dries out my entire throat which scares me even more. I almost start to panic; I breathe so heavy it feels like I will pass out. What will happen if Mom and Dad see me freak out? Will the kick me out of the house? Can you OD on weed? No. No one ever has, thatís a dumb thought.

These thoughts and more race threw my head, then I have a realization that almost made me swear off marijuana forever. What if I stay this way forever? I can only think of my family standing around me, watching me freak out. I start to think Iím a waste of skin, useless, a disgrace. But suddenly something in my head snaps me back to reality; I realize that itís just the weed. I think back to all the time before this, when I felt ďtoo stonedĒ and I always got through it and in a couple days at the most I would be back to normal. These thoughts comforted me enough that I was able to get to sleep yet again.

3:00 am: I awake yet again, and this time I am even more stoned then I was before. I open my eyes and look around my dark bedroom and IĎm a stranger in my own house, I am disoriented and confused, my body is so relaxed but at the same time its so tense, I have the worst case of cotton mouth ever. My head feels very heavy, like it weighed a thousand pounds, when I lift it my head simple returns to the pillow. I hear people walking up and down my hallway, but everyone in the house is asleep. I decide to roll over and try to sleep this off. This is when I had the weirdest experience Iíve ever had on marijuana.

My kaleidoscope vision I spoke of earlier was back in full force, but this time these bright dots and patterns form shapes and all sorts of things, I saw people (from a side view) walking towards each other then they would step through each as if nothing was there. Then the outline of my window frame started to sway and move like a piece of grass in the morning breeze, it almost reminded me of a mild mushroom trip but more intense and with a sort of twist.

Emotionally it was also a very unusual feeling, before I got high I had a lot of stuff on my mind, but now I felt almost emptied of my emotions, but to replace that whole my senses seem so acute that I need every brain cell I could muster just to simply look around my room. I couldnít think of anything else, my brain was well, full. There was just enough ďroomĒ in my brain for my basic functions like breathing, never mind actually trying to speak. I though about how weird language actually is, all it is is just sounds arranged into a familiar fashion so we thing that you can communicate with someone. After some more pondering of life and staring off into nothing I must have fell asleep again.

7:25 am: I wake up five minutes before my alarm is to go off for school, and I realize that I am still fairly high. It is all I can do just to put words together and talk to my Mom. She knows something is wrong and I tell her in a very slow and tried voice that I feel really sick, so I stay home and she goes to work. After everyone leaves the house I sleep on my bed.

2:00 pm: After about six hours of sleep I am amazed that I am still somewhat impaired from the marijuana, although the effects are not as near as intense as previously recorded it feels like I am still ďall not there.Ē

6:00 pm: I sleep till supper time were I eat a massive amount of food, the worst case of the munchies Iíve ever had. I still feel very tired, despite having slept for most of the day. I donít return to what I would call normal till I wake up the next day at 7:30 when I wake up for school.

All and all I enjoyed my very intense high. Although I have learned a valuable lesson. I think I will continue to experiment with taking marijuana orally because it has shown me effects that I have never thought possible with weed, but next time I will plan it much better.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 44730
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 17, 2007Views: 51,226
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