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Closest I've Come to MDMA Without It
Piperazines - mCPP
Citation:   rainbow warrior. "Closest I've Come to MDMA Without It: An Experience with Piperazines - mCPP (exp44771)". Aug 5, 2005.

1 tablet oral mCPP
I had taken a 2 pills known as 'rainbows' a couple of months ago that was supposed to be either MDMA/MDA or something similar that nobody was just sure of, at that time I felt nice warmth euphoria and empathy although was definitely naseuous throughout the experience which my friend was too. At the end of the experience I concluded it was very similar to nice MDMA although with a slight psychedelic feeling also but was still unsure of what was in them exactly as my friend said they did not really do anything to him, although he had 1 and had just eaten beforehand maybe slowing down the breakdown of the drug inside him.

A few months later while looking through the internet I came across a page which had a picture of VERY similar pills that weighed a similar weight and were a similar size, they are also very individually pressed and every pill in the batch seems to be slightly different due to the different coloured speckles mixed in but I was sure it was the same pills. The pills according to the website were mCPP, which is meta-chlorophenylpiperazine, a member of the piperazine family. I have had previous experience with MDMA and BZP together in another lab verified tablet a few years ago which I didnt find to be amazing and with quite a harsh comedown, a few weeks after that I had tried BZP on its own and was not really impressed it seemed to be quite edgy with again a rough comedown so I chose not to do it again. After learning the pills were most likely mCPP I decided to give them another try this time in a more social setting, where a few friends and friends of friends were just relaxing and enjoying different substances while talking, listening to music, playing games and watching dvd's.

This time I took just 1 pill to assess the effects, to be honest I did not have too much faith in getting any effects at all as I had taken a large dose of MDMA and MDA combined a couple of days earlier. Within about half an hour I was sat down feeling very similar to the start of an MDMA come up, with slight tingles and cold feelings going through my body while I started to feel a chemical rush grow into my head. This grew and I started to feel slightly nauseaus but then that is not unusual for me on any drug which I take and generally with taking say an MDMA pill I feel nauseaus until I vomit at say the 60 minute or 90 minute point and from then on I am ok generally. The same happened and I started to feel more and more stimulated until I vomitted although after vomitting I still felt a slight stomach discomfort which I think partly affected the experience as I was concentrating too much on it.

After a couple of hours, I definitely felt as though I was on a substance that was quite similar to MDMA although perhaps not as intense in the headrush department but perhaps this was due to my serotonin levels. However most remarkably to me I felt very empathetical and very in love with the whole world, everything seemed to feel right or if I thought about it I could make it feel right and work through my thoughts well. Everything in my head seemed to flow in a nice direction although at one point I do believe I got rather paranoid although this was probably due to most of the people around me speaking a foreign language and my being slightly paranoid as person anyway. The paranoia passed quite quickly and then I began to feel even more empathetical, I was quite amazed at how nice everything seemed and how my thoughts flowed to beautifully.

This lasted quite a few hours and I had a few conversations with people that were really nice and postive for the future, through SMS I was also relaying the experience to friends and telling them I had found something that was so nice it reminded me of my early MDMA experiences. There was a sort of psychdelic twist that was very small but minor visual distortions were noted and I think with a higher dose this could definitely expand.

I also thought that maybe 3 or 4 hours into the experience it hits another level perhaps, I did not really keep track of time, although I was still very awake and functioning 8 hours into the experience, I felt I had comedown a bit from the nice high but I was still smiling and I found laughing very easy, everything seemed great and made a lot of sense, I felt good at a time when my brain should have been recovering from between 400-500mg MDMA/MDA and normally this might not have been so, I was also amazed at how good I felt on something which obviously works on serotonin when I had most likely drained my supplies a couple of days before.

I stayed up for a good few more hours after this well into the afternoon and still felt very stimulated, talking was easy and I was very relaxed and happy. I think the whole experience from when I took the mCPP until the time I went to sleep was maybe at least 15 hours, I think perhaps I could have slept earlier but I was still enjoying the experience and was very happy to stay awake, slightly tired but not necessarily ready to sleep.

Conclusion: The whole world needs rainbows.

Overview: I have taken quite a few different compounds and MDMA varients and I believe this experience to be the closest I have got to MDMA empathy and love without MDMA, the only problem is the slight stomach discomfort which I am however used to from other drugs although it is what I would describe as a more research chemical kind of discomfort rather than my body's natural approach to vomit as the drug begins to work. It is definitely slightly psychelic although I think if people take them expecting them to be an MDMA pill they might not totally get the experience although it was similar to how I remembered the first time as I was in love with the world then also and couldn't stop talking. I can be quite a quiet person on drugs sometimes but my head was full of thoughts I needed to share.

I will definitely repeat the mCPP experience and I am very interested in this substance now, as I have a particularly high tolerence to MDMA and other MDMA related substances it is very interesting for me how well it worked in such a short space of time after such a high dose of MD**. I also find it very amusing that one of my favourite things is actually rainbows so for taking something that is called a rainbow and it giving me such pleasure is incredible especially if it does appear to be a good MDMA substitute.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 44771
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 5, 2005Views: 58,673
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mCPP (102) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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