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Flower Extract
Leonotis leonorus
by User
Citation:   User. "Flower Extract: An Experience with Leonotis leonorus (exp44887)". Jun 5, 2007.

500 mg oral Leonotis leonurus (extract)

I bought a large amount of wild dagga flowers from an online vendor. I like sometimes to smoke some, and 2 cigarettes of pure flowers produce a nice buzz. But it is far too expensive, and the effects lack some intensity.

So as I had bought a large amount at a wholesale price, I decided to try an extraction using 90% alcohol. I used a jar stored in a dark place. I allowed the flowers to sip for 10 days. Then I separated the alcohol from the flowers. The alcohol had just turned a little yellow. the alcohol evaporated very slowly, especially at the end. The resulting 'tar' was looking like honey, and smelling a bit like honey. It didnt evaporate more and remained almost liquid, even weeks later. I tried to smoke some on dried flowers without a significant result (and it didnt burn well).

So, I tried to eat some mixed with honey (a rare nice african honey, a little bit psychoactive by itself). I figured that the taste would be the one of honey , with maybe a more vegetal quality. In fact it doesnt taste good at all, a bit bitter and 'greasy'. Maybe 10 minutes later I started to feel a nice buzz. the onset took 20 minutes. It was the dagga high as described in some reports. Very euphoric, intense. I was very high. A little bit more inebrieted than with cannabis, but without the deep waves that pot produces, and with less intellectual stimulation.

The mood lift was spectacular. I felt very happy, although the begining of the day was sad and depressing. Also, I was sexually excited. The peak lasted for 30 minutes +/- . After that I felt relaxed and mildly stimultaed, so I worked in the garden which was very cool, except that I was still a little bit inebrieted and had to be careful.

Though the most intense of the experience seemed relatively short, the nice state which succeeded lasted at least for 2 hours and the come down was very slow. I experienced some minor stomach discomfort during the end of the come down.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 44887
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 5, 2007Views: 23,623
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