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Country Lane in the Summer
Catnip & Cannabis
by Cat
Citation:   Cat. "Country Lane in the Summer: An Experience with Catnip & Cannabis (exp44888)". Nov 1, 2007.

1 cig. smoked Various (plant material)
This was all written while I was still affected, starting perhaps 15-30 mins after smoking a joint of equal catnip and good-quality London skunk in the early evening. I edited some of it right afterwards since it wasn't brilliantly typed and I missed out a few details.

About me: I'm a 20-year old male student, moderate stoner of about a year, and have had some experiences with mushrooms, salvia, and a few other things. I'd say I'm calm and prone to nice trips. When I realized how strong the effects were becoming, I thought I'd note down some things about it to show my friends - but it turned into a pretty long report. :)

* * *

This stuff is great! It's like walking down a warm country lane on a bright summer's midday, drowsy and idyllic, while my mind hangs in a technicolour waterfall of ions. And I'm having strong visions. Okay, I just spent 5 minutes staring at my hands, feeling some kind of weird energy coming out of them. I was thinking about chakra and Wilhelm Reich's orgone, and wondering if the right kind of person would be able to 'see' what I was feeling so strongly, as I've heard reports of. I'd started the feeling just by trying to see if I could make it happen - slowly turning my hands over, only to see that they had gone into a strange position, with the second and fourth fingers somewhat raised toward the palm above the other three. I couldn't tell whether they looked tensed and contorted, or loose and perfectly normal.

Typing this involves a lot of conscious focusing; things seem to shiver, and there are multiple shadows as if from many light sources. I'm definitely getting effects, like scattered, jumping thoughts and 'visual echoes' which convince me I'm tripping, and I've even had to make a few corrections in my typing dew [see?] to strange errors and repetitions.

Ahem - as I was saying, I've been having strong 'visions' in my imagination, not visual hallucinations, of cats especially. Several short scenes played out with me seeing through the eyes of cats, for instance - farm kitchens with wooden tables, country lanes, and catnip plants, all things I saw a lot of growing up. Very summery and yellow, even though it's grey and pouring with rain outside. I'm listening to Radio 104.4FM in London, currently hearing some sort of persian sounding harpsichord music, which is quite backgrounded but still very nice and seemingly deeply layered.

This stuff definitely has my strong recommendation. :P I bought 50g of dried shredded catnip leaves/buds from a pet-shop for roughly half the cost (for weight) of tobacco. I started off smoking a little bowl of catnip/skunk mix from my new snazzy-looking pipe, but it was quite harsh so I rolled a slim king-sized joint with roughly equal skunk to catnip, discarding the catnip stems. It felt basically like smoking pure ganje, a slightly more bonfire-smoke-like feel in the back of the throat rather than the lungs, not bad at all. As often happens, the 'trip' introduced itself merely as thoughts *about* tripping, which became more and more immersive until I found that I was, in fact, experiencing the effects I had been thinking about all this time - rather disconcerting.

As I said the act of typing makes it rather difficult to concentrate, but sitting still and listening to the music immediately clears my thoughts and puts me in a very pleasant, meditative state. I didn't note the time when I smoked, but I'd say I've been tripping for a good half an hour to an hour. It feels like longer, though. I feel like I've written half a novel already. I'd say I'm on a nice plateau now, with fewer visuals but a nice connected, very serene and meaningful atmosphere.

Well, typing is definitely taking up all my attention so I'm going to let myself trip for a while. Bye now. :)

***T +1h/1h30m

The effects have mostly worn off, though they're still pleasantly noticeable. I called my friend and told him I'd see him tomorrow. Here are some thoughts in retrospect: Although it was very fun, catnip was strong enough that there's an element of not wanting to do it again immediately, same as with psychedelics. The intensity is enough that I probably wouldn't want to use catnip in all of my reefers. I'll see, though. :)

The other thought is that I've always felt a strong connection with cats (it's a long story), and so it's always tickled me to think of getting high on catnip. The nature of the visions I had felt similar in a lot of ways to how mushrooms and salvia can impress their nature on me with visions of mushrooms/fungus and leaves/greenery respectively. That summery country lane was definitely the home of the catnip plant and 'entity'. I didn't get visions of whatever that looks like, as can happen with salvia and others, but the presence felt tangible. The atmosphere was very peaceful, sleepy even, and non-threatening, yet Old.

***T+ 1h30m/2h

Still kind of stoned, but not tripping any more as such, except for short instants. Overall: lovely! :)

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 44888
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 1, 2007Views: 19,261
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