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Just a Little Bump
by Milkstain
Citation:   Milkstain. "Just a Little Bump: An Experience with Cocaine (exp44921)". Erowid.org. Jun 3, 2020. erowid.org/exp/44921

  insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)


I was with my friend on my last night in town for a while. We had been drinking and smoking knowing that soon I would have no chance to do so.

A friend of mine (lets call him H) who I barely get along with invited me to his summerhouse up on some desolate lake community. My parents accepted and for one week I'd be packed into a small rotting house with 1 retard friend(H) and his 3 siblings and 2 terrible parents, and 1 friend(N) who was fairly straight.

My friend (lets call him J) who I spent my last night with had obtained a gram of coke. He had only insuffulated half the bag But with little to no time left in our night, he instructed me to hold onto the remaning half gram for a week. I figured I could leave it home without my parents searching me so I stuffed the .5+ bag into my pocket and got picked up by my parents.

I woke up the next morning for an early leave. without realising it, I put on my pants from the night before without cleaning the pockets. The car came, The ride up was a sample of the sober, piss boring, and awkward week ahead.

The first night there, after some swiming we were sitting by the TV (which is a miracle for this family). In my bordem I decided to clean my pockets out and suddenly I felt it. A small baggie full of dust, my eyes widened and I ran to the bathroom. I pulled the bag out and reveled in it's temptation. I decided why not just a little bump I've never touched the stuff before.

I flipped a tissue box up-side down. and dumped (what turend out to be a 1/3 of the bag line) onto the box. Using a straw from dinner, I insuffulated the whole thing, tilted my head back and snorted deeply. I entered the livining room not feeling anything but the horrid drip in my mouth. Suddenly everything went numb in my face, I became very happy and comfortable in my setting. I began to be very social telling storys to my friends family... the works. This stuff made me such a pleasent nice guy, and made me feel great about myself. I was so happy I found a way to feel fit-in and wanted I nearly cried.

That night it was hard for me to sleep. Im used to staying up later, and I'm sure coke didn't help. I rolled around for a few house but I eventually went to bed. No real side-effects besides that.

The next day we were hanging out at the club house(little house used for a pool table and such for the kids at the lake). Being the teenage hound-dogs we are, we decided to try to pick up some girls.

I knew I had a standing advantage, a grin came up and I said I can score with any girl here. Once we found 2 targets playing cards, I made my move. I entered the club-house bathroom, and dumped another 1/3 line onto the toilet seat. I snorted it up and tilted back, waited a minute for it to kick in.

I ran right over and began socializing. I was telling stories and jokes, getting into in-depth conversations with these strangers. The flirt continued and we all walked back to our tent in the back-yard of the house we were at. We all played some truth or dare (by this time the coke lost it's magic but it was to late... I was in). I scored all the way with one of the girls.

The next morning I decided we'd go on a nice nature walk. Me and the boys were not getting along at all. Apparently N had a thing for the girl I got lucky with. I knew I had the cure-all! I ran to take a piss and finished my bag right off a rock in the woods. I returned and entered a deep long and sudden apology to my friend. It was so wordy and felt so real to him, we both agreed to get along the rest of the trip.

At this point the trip kicked ass, but little did I know come-downs were in the works. Over the next few days I craved the Devil Dandriff more and more. I couldent sleep, I couldent eat, I just needed coke. The rest of the trip I fought with all my friends, The Girl I hooked up with, and H's brothers as well. I returned home bagless and my friend J was extremely mad at me.

all in all, coke is not really worth the repricussions.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 44921
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 3, 2020Views: 614
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Cocaine (13) : General (1), First Times (2), Glowing Experiences (4), Hangover / Days After (46), Multi-Day Experience (13), Relationships (44), Various (28)

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